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Element Seeds
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Element Seeds

Craft an Element Seed in your inventory, plant it in a crop plot and grow your own ElementDust.

-Large crop plot will make ~2800 Dust in 1h:30 with 300% Greenhouse effect with Vanilla server.
-Small chance to drop electronics in addition to Dust
-Clean and Stackable Mod

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Chief Keif 20 hours ago 
Does this work on Valguero? It's not working on my private dedicated server.
MjrMalfunkshn Sep 22 @ 1:20pm 
So any way to change the issues that people have been reporting? We just installed this on our server and loving the fact we can get dust now(we're on ragnarok), but the inventory is filling up with blueprints of seeds. Great mod, just need to be able to pull the BP's from inventory, or just not have the seed drop at all. At the default rates, it produces crazy amounts of dust!
Fragged A Cookie Sep 2 @ 2:20am 
+1 for some configuration options to customize the output rates. I've got it on a server alongside Ultrastacks and S+ crop plots, it seems production stops at 3000 dust meanwhile the plot is just filling with the seed engram/recipe and not the actual seeds. To me it *seems* almost like the plot is auto crafting the engram instead of seeds, I just don't have the patience to sit and watch it though.. :lunar2019grinningpig: Also just how small is the chance to get electronics? I don't think I've noticed any electronics in the week+ that I've had active small plots. Or are electronics limited to medium and large?
Metaloki Sep 1 @ 1:53pm 
Is there any configuration available with this mod? Really enjoying it but would like to tune down the amount of element it creates.
ton10p Jun 11 @ 9:07pm 
MyBlackMamba  [author] Jun 11 @ 6:25pm 
thanks for the info, ill look into this tomorrow and try and get a patch out ASAP :)
ton10p Jun 11 @ 6:22pm 
@MyBlackMamba, could you please patch the bluprint drops and make it drop seeds when the element plant is matured, instead of the tekgram
ton10p Jun 11 @ 6:20pm 
it would be best if a quick patch gets droped that switches the blueprint with the actual seed
The End Is Nyao UWU Jun 10 @ 11:57pm 
I've also been hit with the issue below of getting blueprints of the element seeds in my crop plot without being able to remove them.
rocksk8r2k9 Jun 2 @ 11:57am 
this is when used with S+ plots