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Garry's Mall (gm_gmall)
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Dec 23, 2013 @ 6:18am
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Garry's Mall (gm_gmall)

Garry's Mall is a collaborative mall map with 12 unique stores and an entire mall with secrets to explore!

Required Games: TF2 | EP2 | L4D2 - (Read the description for any problems)

-- Required Games --

The following games need to be installed on Steam AND mounted in Garry's Mod:

- Team Fortress 2
- Half Life 2: Episode 2
- Left 4 Dead 2

-- What is this? --

Garry's Mall is a collaborative shopping mall map created for Garry's Mod, where each store inside the mall has been contributed by a different person.
Making a total of 12 unique stores, and an entire mall with secrets to explore.

-- Credits --

Project Lead / The Mall Map - Elliott
Verizon Mobile Store - Blinxis
Crescent Hobbies Store - Callinstead
House of Ratings Store - The One Free-Man
Uncle Garry's Store - Skern
Black Factory Store - St33m
Khatru Store - TRLEChippers
Cereal Smooth Store - Elliott
Krispy Kreme Store - StarmanSuper
Starbucks Store - Kokoro
Eastern Bloc Store - EddieLTU
Clipps Classic Cuts Store - Nomad
Trebled Times Store - Simzboy

---- Troubleshooting:

IMPORTANT: If something isn't working in-game, chances are the fix for it is below.
If you have a problem, scroll down and try the fixes before starting a discussion.

-- Broken Cubemaps (Shiny purple reflections) --

This is the most common problem, but luckily it's quite easy to fix.

Open up the console, and enter the command "mat_specular 0" without quotations.

If you don't know how to open the console, here's how:

Then enter the command "reload", and wait for the map to load.

-- Mounting TF2 EP2 L4D2 Content --

Short answer is you click the little controller icon on the Gmod menu screen, and tick the required games.

The longer and more step-by-step answer is here:

Keep in mind you need legitimate copies of the games installed on Steam to mount them.

-- Missing Content (ERROR models everywhere) --

Purple textures and red error models everywhere mean the required games haven't been mounted correctly.

The only fix is to have legitimate copies of the required games installed on Steam and mounted in Gmod.
If missing content persists, the fault is on your end and out of my control.

-- Unlocking the door behind the boxes (spooky warning) --

Remove the planks with the E key. Breaking them with a crowbar won't do it, and will make it impossible to go through without noclipping. (This was my dumb fault, I need to update this map)

-- Future Plans --

Still working on it


-- Non Workshop download --

(Note: You still need the required games)

Download :!nNUzxYRL!YbQSUQjgTk_JKomChfM-7ypjgnRpBQHiuP8n3Mson2I

Just use your favourite extractor (7zip, WinRar) to open it, and read the included readme.txt for install directions.
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