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Aerodynamic Control Surfaces
Created by DraygoKorvan
Aerodynamic Control Surfaces

Fly planes through the atmosphere with no gyroscopes.

Strongly recommend use of the Aerodynamic Physics mod in conjunction with this one:

Mod introdu...
Aerodynamic Physics
Created by DraygoKorvan
Adds lift profiles to all grids in the game.
Adds deadly reentry to the game.
Adds wind to the game.

Physics simulation includes, drag forces, deflection forces, lift, differential lift, ground effect.

Ground effect will calculate based on altit...
Aerodynamic Wings - blocks for planet atmosphere
Created by Digi
This mod adds 3 wing blocks for small ships.

They're all slightly different wing variations, a straight, a slightly angled and a more angled one, all of which are 5 blocks wide, 1 block tall and 1 to 3 blocks in length.

These blocks apply lift when m...
Automatic LCDs 2
Created by MMaster
Everything you will ever need to know about your ship and station displayed in real time on LCD panels in any vanilla games. modded games and servers! Now with cockpit panels support!

Thank all of you for making amazing creations with this sc
Camera Panning - rotate camera view (+reset 1st person character view)
Created by Digi
This mod enables players to change the direction camera while viewing it.
Works for any camera block, modded or vanilla.

How to use in game
When you view a camera the mod will tell you the controls as a HUD notification.

Simply hold the Lo...
Carbon Fibre Blocks Mod Pack~(DX-11 Ready)
Created by SEModder4
Carbon Armor Blocks and Connectors Mod Pack For(DX9/DX11 Modes)
=>All Credit goes to Lionel for making t
Isy's Solar Alignment Script
Created by Isy
This is a solar panel alignment script that uses rotors or gyroscopes to align solar panels for maximum efficiency. The key feature of this script is, that it can virtually align as many towers as you like with just one programmable block and is able to fi...
Midspace's Configurable Max Ship Speed Mod [EOL]
Created by Screaming Angels
End Of Life - not receiving any more updates.

This is the ship speed mod to end all ship speed mods.

A fully configurable Max Ship Speed mod, that allows you the player (or server administrator) to set the maximum ship speed for both small and large ...
Space Just Got Real (1.188 Update 4)
Created by Dr. Novikov
Mod ID for easier copy/paste: 1136188499

Update 4 for 1.188
1. Thanks to Darian Stephens, <ShadowCascadeZOffset> is now set to the default value of 40000 as a temporary to fix the shadow problem. I hope, though, that the developers will fix t...
Offset Buttons + Large Grid Single Button

Got Tired of having a place I wanted some buttons, but other things were in the way for one reason or ...
VCZ Multifloor Elevator
Created by Vicizlat
Here is what the VCZ Multifloor Elevator includes:
+ Up to 9 floors per elevator (of course can be as little as 2).
+ Up to 200 blocks total height of the elevator (including th...
Created by DonCall
Beautiful (feat Wildsilences and Karstenholymoly) by Platinum Butterfly (c) copyright 2015 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: Wildsilences, Karstenholymoly
What Comes ...
BuildInfo (extra block+terminal info, air leak finder)
Created by Digi
Displays more information about the block you're holding or aiming at, along with other features listed below.

Highlight features
  • Config/ModMenu - Player customizable and toggleable features
    Most of this mods' featu
Huge Wind Turbine
Created by Chipstix213

Ever wanted a little more from the wind turbines? now you can build your own wind power plant!

AQD - Conveyor Expansion
Created by enenra
Current version: 2.1a
Please refer to the changelog for patch notes.

This mod adds several ne
Created by TwitchingPsycho
Adds angle struts and a special connection strut for catwalks to make them more appealing without the need to place blocks or other "substitute" blocks to connect them in a way so they truly seem self-standing.
Note, LOD's, builds stages and custom [s...
Build Vision 3.0
Created by Dark Helmet
This is a quick access context menu, based on the original Build Vision by Jimmacle, designed to supplement the game's terminal. Most of the time, the terminal works just fine for ...
Avarga - Gas Giant (+ Moons)
Created by shard
Avarga is an Ice Giant notable for its vivid blue-green bands of clouds, and its decent mass has allowed it to have a unique and modest system of moons. With a surface gravity of 1.9g, any ship found caught in its gravity well must escape ...
FHQ - TierMod
Created by DonCall
geänderte Version des originalen Tiered Tech Blocks von Sadragos

Es wurden für den FHQ-Server U137 einige Blöcke entfernt....
Paragon Industries - Countermeasures
Created by Wortho
"Countermeasures deployed, missiles took the bait!"


Join the Paragon Industries discord to help me discuss new weapon ideas, see new tech, and more!

Support me on Patreon durin...
WeaponCore - 2.3(1)
Created by DarkStar
Version: CoreSystems - 2.3(1)

Weapon Core is a complete rewrite of Space Engineers combat system. The way combat works in this system is very different from Vanilla and many conventions that you are familiar with will be different.

This "mo...
[Mexpex] MWI - Homing Weaponry (23)
Created by Mexpex
[Mexpex] MWI - Homing Weaponry


This mod was made using Darkstars WeaponCore (required mod)

Blocks Included:

AE NPC Dummies - Interactable NPC Blocks v. 0.6
Created by Æ
Tired of being lonely? Looking for someone to talk to? Want to make your bases feel more alive? Then this mod is for you! Introducing NPC dummies!

This mod contains over 20 blocks modelled as characters that you can interact with. All blocks ...
No Transaction or Listing Fees
Created by lizelive
This is very simple mod that removes fees from economy and allows player trading. It does nothing else.
Please don't reupload without changing the title + icon. Contact me on the keen discord as Liz....
WeaponCore - Replace Vanilla Weapons
Created by nukeguard
This mod replaces all keen weapons so they function with Weapon Core by DarkStar. You must have WeaponCore in your world as this mod depends on WeaponCore

A big thanks to Ash Like Snow for the work on the new warfare 2 additions!

FHQ - Hangar Doors
Created by DonCall
Diesmal mit offizieller Erlaubnis von Sektan.

Wir haben seine großartige Mod dahingehend verändert, dass wir nur die Hangardoors 1-5 benötigen.
Alle anderen wurden entfernt.

Alles Lob und aller Fame geht an Sektan!
Link zum Originalen Mod: https://...
Whip's Camera Overlay
Created by Whiplash141
Don't steal my shit. Thanks.

Designed for 16:9 aspect ratio
This is my camera overlay. It has been redesigned from the ground up to be unobtrusive yet helpful for long range weapon targeti...
Octo Beam Lasers
Created by nukeguard
Ntech brings in conjunction with DarkStar Industries a new weapon based on the new weapon core which improves the weapons in SE, Octobeam, full energy based weapons compatible with defense shields and new targeting AI, with target selection and tracking.
MA WeaponCore Weapons
Created by AutoMcDonough
A variety of energy and ballistic weapons

This mod runs on the Weaponcore framework, as such it is a required item. Since this mod has it linked as required, your game will load weaponcore automatically (no need to add it separately).
This als...
[MCRN] PDC Turret with retractable versions -Weapon Core
Created by nukeguard
Now includes RETRACTABLE Left, Right, and Top turrets!

Ntech Mods presents the PDC Turret: In production several months and then subsequently mothballed for a few months. This Point Defense Cannon is now rebuilt with better components and deta...
Defense Shields - v2.0(38)
Created by DarkStar
Version: DefenseShields - v2.0(37)

If you appreciate DefenseShields or WeaponCore please consider contributing:

These shields are designed to work with my combat framewor...
MA PocketGear
Created by AutoMcDonough
This is a folding landing gear (based on rotor block).

Large grid and small grid.
"L" Variant is 2x the size, better for larger ships.

UPDATED 7.31.18
  • Added a magnet (ranged locking gear)
  • Re-added the locking pads!
  • Pads
Small Ship Jump Drive
Created by Slimbo
DX11 Small Ship Jump Drive

Size: 3x3x2 Small Ship Grid

Survival Ready: Yes

Max Power Input: 3.2 MW

Max Stored Power: 0.85 MWh

Max Jump Distance: 100 Km

Max Jump Mass:: 12500 tons

Capacitors Mod (Pulse Energy Blocks)
Created by Tau
This block awnsers your cry's about ships that overload for small annoying spikes and exits you out of your camera's, programable blocks, timers, remotecontrol blocks, ect.

Max output: 250MW
Max input: 230MW
Max Stored Power: 40KWh

Akiad Development - Heavy Ship Tools
Created by Akiad

I have now created a Discord for my current and upcoming mods! If you would like to stay up to date with new content, ask a question, or send a recommendation, you are more likely to get a response there!

I will also be regularly str...
[Killer] Null Point Jump Disruptor [REDONE]
Created by Killerbee77
Adds a jump disruptor energy weapon into the game that disables jump drives on hit and ignore defense shields. This is a rework I have done of my old Jump disruptor mod.
- - - - - - - - - -...
MCRN RailGun VX-12 Foehammer - MP!!!
Created by nukeguard
VX-12 Foehammer Turreted Ultra-Heavy railgun.

Though powerful, railguns are used almost exclusively in CQB (close quarter battles) because while the round is quite fast, it is unguided and can be dodged fairly easily at longer ranges.

Paragon Industries - Beam Cannon
Created by Wortho
"Big chungus. Ship deleter. Fleet evaporator. Planet remover."

For a version you can use in creative without waiting 10 minutes to charge it, go here:

Join the Paragon Industries disc...
Block Restrictions
Created by jTurp
Last updated March 25, 2022

Hello! Have you ever wanted to restrict the use of certain blocks for certain player types? Now you can! This mod enables server owners and admins to customize the availability settings for all terminal blocks...
Sci Fi Button Images
Created by Netherspark
Images for Sci Fi Button Panels

This mod contains more than 90 LCD images specifically designed for the Sci-Fi Button Panel block. Included are buttons for many common blocks, such as Batteries, Air Vents and Pistons, and also a selection of g...
Server Gates
Created by SwagYoloThe3rd
if anyone didn't know the stargate model is from the stargate mod i didn't think that had to be said but apparently it wasn't obvious

i should clarify somebody who wasn't the stargate mod guy was complaining

also stargate is a tv show...
Perpetually Perturbed Pirates
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod will force all players reputation with the Space Pirate Faction (SPRT) to always be hostile. If at any time a player's reputation with the pirates is higher than -600, it will be kicked back down to -600 after 5 seconds. Th...
Created by Crunch
Adds a hydrogen item that can be sold in player stores, it does nothing but can be used by other plugins/mods...
Created by DraygoKorvan
Allows modders to add text to the players screen. This mod must be loaded along side any other mod that uses it.

Graphics update note: Post-Processing causes all HUD API text to be dark and blurry unless it uses the PostPP blendtype.

Common Issue: ...
Rich HUD Master
Created by Dark Helmet
This is not a mod. This is the master module of the Rich HUD Framework: a set of shared tools made to help modders create custom GUI. It's not strictly necessary for you to subscribe to this. If you have a mod that uses this, then it should be loaded autom...
Water Mod
Created by Jakaria

The mod adds water that you can build boats with. There is audio, splashing, bubbles, waves, fish, and much better simulation performance compared to older water mods.

This mod has official support for [url=https://steamcom...
Modular Encounters Systems
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas
What is Modular Encounters Systems?

This mod was designed to be a flexible framework that will handle nearly all spawning of NPC grids in your game world. It also includes a behavior system that NPCs can use to engage with players and the envir...
[Obsolete] RivalAI
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas
This mod is now Obsolete. Please use Modular Encounters Systems instead.
[Broken] Marine Pirate Encounters
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas
Marine Pirate Encounters


This mod adds a handful of hostile NPC marine encounters to the game. These encounters require the Water Mod by Jakaria to functio...
MES The Xenvakian Empire
Created by TheFinalEvent97
6/2/2022 Updated with Warfare 2 weapons.
This mod utilises MES and Rival AI to create a hostile NPC faction (The Xenvakian Empire-TXVE)
Leave them alone and they will leave you alone. Antagonise them and they will up their aggressiveness in resp...
Corruption PvE Combat
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod adds several new pirate drones to provide a more challenging Player vs Environment (PvE) experience. Many of the drones included make use of custom behaviors, making them a bit more unpredictable when compared to vanilla p...
Planet Crait less trees for MP
Created by CaptainArthur
If you are playing multiplayer, trees have a tendency to be invisible / pop up out of nowhere. So less trees, is better for mutiplayer.

Have fun

You can replace this mod with the original

However make sure to back up your save
Kimi & Qun
Created by Major Jon
Two small rock moons of the gas giant Luma.

v1.2: Updated Ore Map
v1.1: General update
v1.0: Initial Release

Planet Creature Spawner
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod is an add-on for the Modular Encounters Spawner that expands its spawning ability to be able to handle Creatures/Bots such as Spiders and Wolves. Using the features in the Spawner, bots can be spawned based on additional c...
Spiders on crait submod v0.6
Created by CaptainArthur
- Spiders will spawn everywhere on the planet.
- Near the ores (pt and U) different spiders and more will spawn there.

Tutorial on how to change frequency of the spiders

First go to your save folder. C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngin...
S - Moon Project - Moon Sentinels - (2 part of Moon Project)
Created by Sektan
S - Moon Project - Moon Sentinels - (2 part of Moon Project)

This is Second part of WIP mod Moon Project

What's included:

Moon Sentinels - this sentinels replace all spiders
(for future question about animations - now is...