Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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0815 CS:GO Training
Collection of trainings-maps in CS:GO.
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Yprac Recoil Trainer
Created by Yesber

Spray and Recoil Training 2021
This map is the best way to measure exactly how well you control your recoil, which makes i...
Created by pizza
INTERNAL NAME: training_aim_csgo2

A versatile and powerful map for training your aim, based on kataS' original training_aim_csgo.

Jumps Training by whiskeyo
Created by whiskeyo

What's the main purpose of the map?
  • Get to know the most useful jumps from competitive maps.
  • Learn how to bunnyhop in the KreedZ area.
  • Learn how to do LongJumps.
Aim Challenge 2.0
Created by Mr. uLLeticaL™-S
Share your best time screenshots with #AimChallenge[url=ht...