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[LiveDJ] Virtual Stream Stage Gamemode
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[LiveDJ] Virtual Stream Stage Gamemode

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This is a brand-new gamemode for Garry's Mod allowing you to stream music in real-time to everyone on the server. Its primary intention is to be used in the creation of a virtual-club environment (with multiple visualizers around the room) for use in on-line DJ sets but works fine as a general internet radio / visualizer as well.


  • Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ controller (the one I use IRL!)
  • Audio visualizers for the music stream
  • Completely custom third-person view
  • Overlaid effects which pulse in time with the music


Curious how the mod looks? Check out these VODs of me using it!

Club Howler

If you would like to try see how this add-on works in practice, I run a periodic DJ sets at a a virtual GMod nightclub called Club Howler[]; we'd live if you came out to check it out.

Streaming Overview

The main entity is the stream_controller DJ controller. Simply walk up to it and press "E". Control the audio using the Audio URL parameter and add an optional video feed using Video URL.

You can test the stream capability by typing in any Internet radio URL in the Audio URL box (e.g. r/a/dio). This should populate the visualizers and you should hear the music being emitted from the DJ controller. To control your own stream, use a DJ software like Mixxx in combination with a streaming media server like Icecast and you can run your own shows!

There are two parameters you can tune via the GUI: Attenuation controls how much the music "falls off" as you move further away; smaller values make the audio falloff more drastic.

Volume controls the loudness of your set and the strength of the overlaid effects. Below 20% volume there will be no effects (this is provided for "lobby" music).

Adding DJs

By default, the only person who can control the stream is the admin. To allow other DJs to control your stream, simply add them to the DJ team by creating / editing the settings/users.txt file to look like this:

"Users" { // ... existing settings "DJ" { "DJR3" "STEAM_0:1:MYSTEAMID", "Bakesta" "STEAM_0:0:OTHERSTEAMID" // ... and so on... } }

You will know someone is on the DJ team because their name is prepended with [DJ] in the game and their name will be a different color, similar to the admin color and tag.

Contributing / Source Code

All development of this add-on is done on the Github page for this project[] so all issues / feature requests should be submitted there by creating a new issue. Pull requests are respected and are actually very helpful in developing / maintaining this project.