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TCGM Clan Parachute
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Apr 19, 2020 @ 5:52pm
Apr 20, 2020 @ 7:32pm
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TCGM Clan Parachute


One of the few things I have never liked about the ArmA 3 is parachutes. For that reason I have decided to make this mod. This is NOT a reskin mod. In this mode, your clan logo is added to the vanilla parachute. If you are lucky to be part of an ArmA 3 Unit[] or do you own a Custom Clan Logo[], Then you will have noticed that when you get in some vehicles your logo appears on the side, the same one that appears on the right shoulder of some uniforms.
That same logo will now appear on the game's vanilla parachute. Obviously it will only be visible in multiplayer games and if you have correctly configured your unit logo, otherwise you will continue to see the same parachute as always.

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*The parachute model is originally designed by Bohemia Interactive for Arma2. All rights for them. (Thanks BI)
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Over Feb 19, 2021 @ 5:48pm 
thank you! great job
GrayFox Apr 26, 2020 @ 1:45am 
stewfly92 Apr 20, 2020 @ 11:37am 
sweet! thanks for the painstaking work
Taurus (TCGM)  [author] Apr 19, 2020 @ 10:41pm 
As for the backpacks and vests with the clan logo. I tested it with backpacks, both the clan logo and the insignia patch and doesn't work. Apparently, the clan patch option is enabled only for vehicles and uniforms. And the insignia only for uniforms. I'm trying to find out how much I have to go up in the kinship tree to find the script that allows patches for backpacks and vests. I still don't know how to solve that. Luckily, parachutes are considered vehicles by the game.
Taurus (TCGM)  [author] Apr 19, 2020 @ 10:23pm 
@SPECFOR. You know? I was working on other ArmA 3 projects, with a lot of script information in my head and a lot of failed attempts. And suddenly one morning I woke up with this idea of ​​the clan logo parachute. The strange thing is that during the sleep, all the information was arranged and when I woke up I had everything solved. Maybe you send some of your ideas to The Matrix and I catch them. Thanks ;)
SPEC.F-04+77thCSAR Apr 19, 2020 @ 7:19pm 
@Taurus (TCGM) --- You are a fucking genius. I tried the same thing about 2 years ago but I couldn't do it. The idea back then was that you could also see the clan tag on vests and backpacks. I hope you continue to work on this mod because it would be downloaded a hundred thousand times, I can promise you.