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TCGM Parachutes
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Apr 19, 2020 @ 5:05am
Apr 20, 2020 @ 7:23pm
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TCGM Parachutes


One of the few things I have never liked about ArmA 3 it is the parachute. For that reason I have decided to make this mod. This is NOT just a reskin mod. In this mod I add a parachute that shows your clan logo on it.
If you are lucky enough to be part of an ArmA3 Unit[] or you have a Custom Clan Logo[], then you may have noticed that when you board some vehicles your logo appears on the side, the same one that appears on the right shoulder of some uniforms. That same logo appears on one of the parachutes I made for this mod. Obviously it will only be visible in multiplayer games and if you have correctly configured your unit logo, otherwise you will only see a common black parachute. You will also find other parachutes with predefined artistic designs to use if you don't have your own unit logo or if you are bored like me of using the same parachute all the time.
You can access my parachutes from the Virtual Arsenal or from the ArmA 3 3D editor.

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This pack contains:
  • Steerable Parachute Clan Logo (Black) -----> This is the one with the logo of your clan

  • Steerable Parachute Dragon (Olive)

  • Steerable Parachute Pin Up (Arid)

  • Steerable Parachute Skull (Black)

  • Steerable Parachute Skull (Arid)

  • Steerable Parachute Skull (Red)

  • Steerable Parachute Skull (White)

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*Share it with your friends and leave me a thumbs up. (Thank you)
*The parachute model is originally designed by Bohemia Interactive for Arma2. All rights for them. (Thanks BI)
*Some images have been retouched by me.
*Soon I will add a new backpack model specially designed for this parachutes. (Thanks Frost for the idea)
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Taurus (TCGM)  [author] May 3 @ 8:50am 
@NoLimitz01 I used a template model from Arma2 that bohemia gave to the community.
NoLimitz01 May 3 @ 6:23am 
How did you manage to change the actual textures, I am struggling to change the base model
[𝓚𝓘𝓑𝓔𝓡] GlebPro07 Apr 25, 2022 @ 8:53pm 
Спосибо мод прикрастный !!!!

Taurus (TCGM)  [author] Apr 18, 2022 @ 5:48pm 
Пункт меню «открыть парашют» появится только тогда, когда вы находитесь в свободном падении на многометровой высоте. Например, при прыжке с самолета или вертолета. Вы никогда не увидите эту опцию, находясь на земле или низко над землей.
Taurus (TCGM)  [author] Apr 18, 2022 @ 5:41pm 
Все парашюты раскрываются, если потянуть за шнур.

Прыжок с самолета, не зная, как открыть парашют, может вызвать массу головных болей и даже смерть.

Просто шучу. Парашют открывается с помощью меню взаимодействия с колесиком мыши. Вы вращаете колесо и выбираете вариант открытия парашюта с помощью средней кнопки или пробела.
[𝓚𝓘𝓑𝓔𝓡] GlebPro07 Apr 18, 2022 @ 9:15am 
как раскрывать парашут ?
Taurus (TCGM)  [author] May 26, 2021 @ 2:37pm 
@Blackburn : Цвет парашюта здесь черный, а на этом есть больше вариантов с другими дизайнами.

ENG : The parachute color here is black and this one has more options with other designs.
Taurus (TCGM)  [author] May 26, 2021 @ 2:35pm 
@Blacky!! : Las mochilas las puedes encontrar en el arsenal virtual en la sección de mochilas junto al paracaídas original, ya que tienen un nombre similar. Te dejo una imagen de ejemplo aquí

ENG: The backpacks can be found in the virtual arsenal in the backpack section next to the original parachute, as they have a similar name. I leave a sample image here
Taurus (TCGM)  [author] May 26, 2021 @ 2:16pm 
@Blackburn : Цвет парашюта здесь черный, есть варианты с другим дизайном.
Blackburn Jan 16, 2021 @ 2:23pm 
я чет не понял в чем разница между этим модом (TCGM Clan Parachute) и TCGM Clan Parachute