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Aim Training (V4.5 UPDATE)
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Apr 18, 2020 @ 12:58pm
Apr 20 @ 4:25am
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Aim Training (V4.5 UPDATE)

-------------------- THIS MODE IS ONLY FOR SINGLEPLAYER ------------------

-To enter type adminChangeLayer AimTrainingMod any in-game training map

-All factions at 1 place with all of their weapons

-800 meters range with moving bots. (2 sections from west to east represents jogging and sprinting)

- 2 AI-driven CQB site, one of them is custom made. (fair warning bots are as deadly as players check your corners, don't rush)

**Unique thing about this mod is AI "can" be spawned random amount at fixed places. So your training experience will not be the same until you learn all possible corners. You can spawn all bots or some of them choice is yours.

-2 different pop-up clearing sites features in-game buildings. (some of them mixed with AI)

-Flick range

-2 unreleased weapons Shotgun (British) and suppressed M110 SASS(USA)

-Anti-tank range

-Granade range

Note from modder

For people having problems regarding to mods,
here all known genereal solution steps:

1- download mod and close steam wait, around 2-3 minutes

2-"Clear Cache" this option resets your settings such as mouse sens and graphics settings
(my personal advice is clearing the cache until it is fixed even though that means multiple restarts <- this always worked for me)

3- Unsub from mod check if folder is there steamapps\workshop\content\393380\2065975972 and delete 2065975972 (which is a Aim Training mod folder) or desired mod folder, then resub

4- Sub another squad mod. here another mod (about 20mb https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2555494251)

5- Verify files or Download the game again


Thanks for playing my mod

Stay safe.
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ERENEJ  [author] May 27 @ 8:13am 
@Taz AI shoots. This mode is designed to played from local server not suitable for multiplayer. To enter type adminChangeLayer AimTrainingMod any in-game training map (NOT from custom servers). For further information please read the description from the first line
Taz May 26 @ 11:21am 
ai no shoot help?
Bishop May 7 @ 7:04am 
The shotgun with the british isn't a KS-23.
TacticalBanana Apr 24 @ 2:43pm 
Just FYI that issue is fixed for me. Didn't do anything so not sure why it's working now. <Shrug>
ERENEJ  [author] Apr 20 @ 1:20pm 
@TacticalBanana I was not able to recreate the crash from the steps you mentioned below. So possible solution could be clearing the cache. Other than that general solution steps could be helpful as well (in the description). Until the next patch/hotfix players can experience weird bugs or crashes regarding mods more than usual
TacticalBanana Apr 20 @ 1:06pm 
Got an issue with Squad crashing when I hit infantry. Using Russian AK74M + 1P78. I can load in, spawn, select a faction. I can select all the weapons on the faction as usual. I can fire multiple times without hitting anyone. But as soon as I place a shot that hits the moving infantryman Squad crashes and I get the Unreal engine bug report screen. I love the map as it definitely improves my aim, especially moving targets.
[ACT] rice cooker Mar 15 @ 1:33am 
Can you also make the bot to have more health like real player? now they die after taking one round in the arm.
[ACT] rice cooker Mar 14 @ 11:50pm 
Hi, thanks for all the work! it's awesome. can we have a version which replace all the pop up target to AI? or at least let them dropped after shot? Because it's confusing during training when you shot a target, run into a room, and when you are back to the hall way you see the same target standing again. But anyway, good work!
Dicey Jan 29 @ 4:19am 
need unlimited ammo
ERENEJ  [author] Jan 28 @ 2:15am 
@Tyguy9133 yes, you can join public matches. For squad you dont have to worry about that for other mods as well. Mods will not affect vanilla game