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Rank and Role
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Rank and Role

Sets ARMA Rank and Roles

In CBA aka add on options, you will see a rank and a role selections

Put in a list of steam user ID's
example: "7656xxxxxxxxxxxxxx","7656xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" no comma at the end

In the ranks selection, try only to put each steam id in one field, ( i'm not really sure what will happen if you put an id in more than one rank, its somewhere between nothing and house cat with nuclear launch codes )

supports simplex services attributes but the mod is not required

Drongo's Artillery & Air Operations
Add the ability to whitelist users for Drongo's Artillery & Air Operations,
No dependency is added for these mods
For Drongo's Artillery you do need to enable Restrect Users in the Options (see Pic Above)

Air Operations, users are enabled as a JTAC, AIR boss has the full access.


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This work uses the license Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)[]
You can freely modify, copy, "cannibalize", to use in your projects.
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YonV  [author] Jul 27 @ 4:20pm 
@Longbeard friend me on steam and I'll send you what I have to put in the units init
Longbeard Jul 27 @ 3:43pm 
Know about setting up the standard stuff with achilles, but im having issue with resticting Drongo artillery, so that was why i was asking. Thinking that would work, going to mess around some more. But thanks for ansver.
YonV  [author] Jul 27 @ 1:53pm 
A Zeus can do all this with existing tools like Achilles and Zeus enhanced ,
This is designed to make sure a player had set rights regardless to the slot they log in to and the steam ID is the only option that is linked back to a player
Longbeard Jul 27 @ 1:33pm 
Seems like a great mod, but is it possible to make it use a Variable Name and not a steam ID? Since it's not always sure the zeus know beforhand who is going to take which role, but would like to limit stuff to spesific roles.
Drongo Apr 18 @ 5:44pm 
Good stuff man.