Life is Feudal: Your Own

Life is Feudal: Your Own

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Life is Feudal Your Own MySQL Ftp accesses on a Nitrado hosted server / Link your server to Feudal Tools for modding
By Warden26
Here i will share with you the informations given to me by German players (o/) and write the walkthrough i made. Soon you will be able to use Feudal Tools with your Nitrado Server:
- How register to Feudal Tools (Basic account, free services, account restricted in downloads and services, Donators account)
- How find your logins informations (server ID, address, port, database) for your Nitrado Server
- How add your Nitrado server in the Board Panel of Feudal Tools to mod it. :)
- Miscellanous : How to access to your database with HeidiSQL
Thanks you very much to German Friends, who take the time to explain me and share their experience o/
Later, i will edit with and add :
(- How custom your map with Feudal Tools:
- French Version on an other guide)
Register on Feudal Tools - Free Account Like

Here for registration:
Basic Account Untrusted:
As you could see an account in Feudal Tools registered with a young Steam account lead to an account with restrictions, you can't download the maps on your computer but you could deploy maps on your hosted server accross their site :) (we will see how later)

Donator Account:

I did'nt test it yet. Probably more times of downloads and operations on the server.
You're really not obliged to donate to have a modded map and your livemap, but it could help the volunteers for the maintenance and support this team of course.
Find your logins informations (server ID, address, port, database) for your Nitrado Server :)
Here the IP adress and the Port of your server on the DASH BOARD of your Nitrado Server.

Here your TOOL "FILE BROWSER" to get your logins for the database

Follow the paths of the files above : home---> lifeisfeudal --> config_local.cs

Here your DATABASE NAME server, your USERNAME and your PASSWORD for it and again your server IP.


Follow the paths of the files above : home---> lifeisfeudal --> config :)
Here your IDserver (number under my red mark)

Add your Nitrado server in the Board Panel of Feudal Tool to mod it :)

Here the German Tutorial for moded maps on Feudal Tools delivered by Nitradowiki o/

Here mine :)

Go to your DASHBOARD in Feudal Tools, click on ADD SERVER

Connection Info:

Gameserver Address: Ipoftheserver:port (Nitrado Dashboard)

Database Address: DatabaseAddress:3306 (3306 is the default port for this db)(The address of the database server you have found in the file config_local.cs)

Database Name: lif_IDserver (See in the Files Browser Tools files ID is a number)

Database User: Database Username

Database Password: Database User Password

And here you go :)
Miscellanous : Access to your database with HeidiSQL
Download Freeware HeidiSQL here :
Donate if you want to contribute. :)

Install and launch it.

IP or name of the host: Database Name
User name: ni........ you have found
User Password: XXXXXXXX you have found
Port: 3306 (port by default for the db)

Save your server, then OPEN it with HeidiSQL :)

I don't advice you to change something if you don't know what you're doing or you will be sometimes obliged to wipe the server to reset this database o/

I recommand to use the Feudal Tools Panels if you wanna custom your server, will be more safe :)
Others Guides and Useful Links
Will be updated.

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