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Arkaley Musicbox
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Arkaley Musicbox


Time to Dance in this rough World of Ark
The Arkaley Musicbox provides some fancy Tunes and decorative Elements for your Ark home.

It comes with 10 Musicgenres, each with its own Playlist.
Or just make a Shuffle Play of all the Songs in the Box.

Originally posted by ModID::
Admin Spawncode:
cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/Musicbox/PrimalItemStructure_Musicbox.PrimalItemStructure_Musicbox" 1 0 0 false
Engram Entry:

On our 2Do List:
  • Add new Songs
  • Sync Songs between Players
  • Some "fancy" Disco Deco
  • Ini Options for the Range and for Volume Multipliers


Q: How can i add my own Music?
A: You cant, there is no way for us Modders to give you a Way to Import you own Music files.

Q: Can it play streaming Services like Spotify?
A: Same as above, technicaly not possible in the current Ark Version.

Q: The Model and the Music changed?
A: Yes, we had Issues with the Licence of the Model and to be sure in terms of the Music we made the decission to only use Music published under the CC0 License.

If you like our Work and want to give a Donation, feel free to Support and Contact me on Discord

If you like the Mod, consider giving it a Thumbs up

Feel free to report Feedback and Bugs to our Discord

The basic model was Provided by Jake.Hatt on Sketchfab[] under CC4[]

All Music is from Ark/Atlas or published under CC0[] and from
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Creator of the original asset
Jake Hatt
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69 Comments Jul 30 @ 3:44am 
Hi bro. Do you have the source code for the transmitter? If so, please reply to me. thank you
TheS1X Jul 30 @ 12:12am 
I like that those are not pop songs but all are tracks that fit in ark. Good job.
Siret Jul 29 @ 1:36pm 
very good mod.
WDNMD Jul 14 @ 12:32am 
SilentKore Jul 1 @ 2:29am 
What songs are included, I don't see a list linked.
Knevilo  [author] Jun 14 @ 2:08pm 
No problem, have fun with it :)
LoadingMeerkat Jun 14 @ 12:05pm 
My fault I should've read it more thoroughly. Thanks.
Knevilo  [author] Jun 14 @ 6:04am 
and btw The links to the Copyright where always there and you could have checked it yourself ;)
Knevilo  [author] Jun 14 @ 6:02am 
@Loading Meerkat just Scroll a little bit up and you will see we added Links to the License and the Website we got it from so all of you can see it is real CC0. And no there will never be Copyrighted Music in it.
LoadingMeerkat Jun 13 @ 8:14pm 
Also is there anyway you could show proof that the music used is royalty free and have proper licensing? Might be a good idea to add that to the description just so people know it's 100% safe to use rather than just trusting you that the music is royalty free. I'm just genuinely concerned this could get me or my friends banned on Twitch. Other than those concerns this looks great!