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Cities: Skylines

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All Outdated Mods and Assets
These are mods and assets are outdated.

I am planning to add links in this description area to any known replacements. Until then, please check for possible replacement mods here.[]

I have configured this collection to allow users to "Unsubscribe All" for easy removal of their subscriptions to all these mods/assets.

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These are now part of the base game --
Sub-Buildings Enabler
Pause on Load
- No replacement necessary.

All of these --
Remove Road Props
Prop Remover
Chirpy Exterminator
No Seagulls
-- have been replaced by Hide It

These --
PostProcessFx v.1.9.0
PostProcessFx - Multi-Platform
-- have been replaced by Render It

These --
Emergency Light Changer
Emergency Lights Changer Plus
Emergency Lights Manager
-- have been replaced by Emergency Lights Manager V2

Network Skins (Parklife Compatible)
-- have been replaced by Network Skins (Sunset Harbor compatible)

Theme Mixer
- Replaced by Theme Mixer 2

Ploppable RICO
- Replaced by Ploppable RICO Revisited

Plop the Growable
- Replaced by Ploppable RICO Revisited
- Also needed is Advanced Building Level Control

Automatic Emptying
- Replaced by Empty It

Customized It
- Replaced by Customize It Extended

- Replaced by Repaint

- Replacement options are Purchase It or 81 Tiles

Control Building Level Up v0.5 (Industries)
- Replaced by Advanced Building Level Control

Building Panel Already Exists Icons Fix
- Replaced by Not So Unique Buildings

Unlimited Trees Mod v1.12
- Replaced by Tree Anarchy

Unlimited Trees Revisited
- Replaced by Unlimited Trees: Reboot
- The old one had several performance issues and was not compatible with Tree Snapping mod.
- The new one fixed performance and incorporated other mods' features, such as Tree Snapping.

Additive Shader
- Replaced by (TEST) Additive Shader

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Note: I did not create any of these items.
Items (20)
Sub-Buildings Enabler (DEPRECATED)
Created by boformer
This mod is now deprecated! The game developers added official support for sub buildings in the asset editor!

Sub-buildings are separate building assets which can be used to create assets which are larger than 16x8. For example, the feature is ...
Remove Road Props
Created by Simon Ryr
Remove Road Props mod
Made by Simon Royer from the #FrenchCityDesigners community.
Version 1.1 compatible with Cities:Skylines 1.11.1-f2 and all expansions.
No expansion required.

This mod allows you to remove many props under ...
Prop Remover
Created by BloodyPenguin
Removes most annoying and unrealistic props from all vanilla buildings (configurable)

Are you annoyed with your high-tech industrial zone looking like it came from XIX century? Or with steam on roof tops? Or maybe with scary clown heads? Or sil...
Extended InfoPanel
Created by ✅iinsnian
this mod replace the below info panel, and show more information.
when you building your city. you can look more city info & data in this mod's extended panel.

This mod doesn't support 4:3 screen aspect ratio, only for 16:9 & 16:10.
Chirpy Exterminator
Created by simssi
Gets rid of Chirpy, the bird we all love to hate.

Verified to be safe by /r/CSModAudits....
PostProcessFX v1.9.0
Created by MazK
Enable additional post processing effects such as bloom, lensflare, different anti aliasing options and ambient occlusion.

Bloom and lensflare

Can be fully controlled with the ingame UI with the following settings:

- Enable Bloom: E...
PostProcessFX - Multi-platform
Created by cor3ntin
This mod is a fork of PostProcessFX v1.7.2

It Enables additional post processing effects such as bloom, sun shafts, different anti aliasing options and ambient occlusion.

Theme Mixer [OBSOLETE (Use Theme Mixer 2)]
Mix elements from different Map Themes into your game!
Like the look of one theme but you would like the pavement from another? No problem, Theme Mixer's got your back.

What does this mod do?
This mod allows you to pick...
Ploppable RICO
Created by AJ3D
Updated for Industries DLC by Bloody Penguin.

This mod will allow you to plop buildings that function as:
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Commerical
  • Office

The Ploppable RICO mod will co...
Pause on load [Mod no longer needed]
Created by MrLawbreaker
As of 2020-03-26 This is now part of the main game and no longer needs a mod

Pauses the game when starting a new map or loading into one

Related mod
Pause on unfocus - Pauses/Stops the game when it loses focus (Alt-Tab)
Customize It!
Change "Customizable Property" values for *Service* buildings directly in-game.

When you create an asset, you can specify some 'customizable properties' options for your building.

This mod lets you change those inside the game, while also ex...
Lets you paint buildings directly in-game.

This mod adds a Color Field button to the Building Info Panel.

Click this button and use the Color Picker to change the building's color.

Buttons to Copy, Paste, or Erase are provid...
Local-Only Transport Stations (obsolete)
Created by boformer
The original functionality of this mod (local train stations) was added to the game in the Mass Transit update! You will only need this mod for local passenger harbours and airports

Adds a checkbox to passenger harbours and airports to make the...
Created by aivot-on
Allows player to purchase all the available tiles. Source code included...
Control Building Level Up v0.5 (Industries)
Created by boformer
This is a fixed version of DirtyDan's mod

Unsubscribe the old mod before you get this one!

This mod enables you to control your city development by preventing ...
Plop the Growables
Allows you to manually plop growable buildings with Find It! and having them remain where you put them.

In essence this mod removes the "Demolish me" signal growables normally send to the game when they are not in a zoned area or not in the cor...
Unlimited Trees Mod v1.12
Created by DRen72


Current code by BloodyPenguin and mod site hosted by DRen72
Latest Code Update: May 24, 2018 (Compatible and tested with v1.12.2 and Campus DLC)

This mod unlocks the games l...
Unlimited Trees: Revisited
Created by kjmci
Unlimited Trees: Revisited has been deprecated

This fork existed to fix a single issue: long save-times in cities with a high volume of trees, and a large number of fires. A fix for this (and much more) has been incorporated into the [url=https...
Additive Shader
Created by Ronyx69
Allows to use the soft additive particle shader (used for light effects) for props and vehicle sub meshes. It's also possible to use custom on/off time of day.

Required for assets using the additive shader.

Building, sub building, and sub mesh suppor...
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