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Nightmare Harvest
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Dec 19, 2013 @ 7:42pm
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Nightmare Harvest

The Shambles is a slum with a secret. A secret the local Yakuza and Comanche Mafia are willing to go to war for. A secret that a lone Shadowrunner who's just trying to lay low and nurse a hangover will unwittingly uncover.


The new quicksave system does seem to cause some problems. I'll try and iron out what I can in the near future, but because of the way persistence works in the SRR editor (awkwardly), there's a good chance I won't get it all. You're probably safe to use it in the hub area, but everything else is at your own risk.


Hub-based design. Inspired by classic cRPGs, Nightmare Harvest is open for you to explore at your own pace.

No golden-breadcrumb trail. Nightmare Harvest isn't about getting to the next waypoint so you can click the next conversation so you can get to the next fight. You'll have to think about things, read descriptions and figure stuff out on your own.

Not just one way to do things. Nightmare Harvest wants you to role-play. There are different ways to solve every problem depending on your class, stats and personal style.

Dialogue is gameplay. Characters don't talk to you to dump exposition in your lap. The choices you make in your interactions with others affect the game.

Content-complete. Nightmare Harvest is finished. You don't have to wait six months for chapter 2. You can play the whole thing now.

Different outcomes. Everyone in the Shambles has their own agenda, so why shouldn't you? The story adapts to your choices and mistakes.

Repeatable runs. Stuck? Want to grind up some Karma? Go to an area you've already conquered and see if there's something new.

Inspired by pulp classics. Do you like books? So does Nightmare Harvest. The story is influenced by everything from Hammett to Chandler to Gibson.


Made for new characters. But the story is about an experienced Shadowrunner, so it wouldn't be weird if you imported one. Maybe just a bit too easy.

Made for adults. 'Thar be swearing, violence and jokes about butts and stuff. If you aren't a grownup, get permission from one before you play.

Bugs? Remember when I said Nightmare Harvest is finished? That's true, but it's big enough and complex enough (and I'm just one dude enough) that I probably-maybe-definitely left a few glitches in there. If you find a bug, post it here, or send me a PM on twitter (@KyleFrancis).

Do you just have general feedback for me? Maybe some scathing invective? Ditto the above.


Then upvote me, silly. Also think about voting for me in this contest thing:
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gmo.gonzo Oct 27 @ 10:23am 
This was pretty amazing! The writing is top notch and a few laugh out loud moments.... one had me spitting coffee at my computer...

The way it's structured is kind of hard to tell what to do next but if you let yourself get drawn in to the story (ie - read the journal) you'll be taken along for a wild ride. Only one fight was too difficult early on for my character but it got easier.
MC Jungle Japes Aug 1 @ 5:17pm 
Fellas, ya gotta help me.
The (I'm assuming) final fight is damn near impossible for me.

I'm running a human adept with maxed strength, chi, and like 80% quickness/dodge, but I just keep getting dealt a bad hand for this fight. Is there any way to get your allies to use their revives on you?
As it stands, there's literally no other reason for giving revives to them, since they permadie due to not technically being in your party.

If there's one critique I can put up for this otherwise fantastic campaign, it's to let your two allies be controlled by the player, or at least let the player control them for 1 AP out of however many they have.
ADEC Inc Jul 19 @ 3:00am 
Is it possible to keep your allies alive in the penultimate fight? They both got destroyed no matter what I did, and I don't fancy their chances in the final battle even if they made it that far.
Survivor "Cyborg" Kane Jul 17 @ 2:19pm 
That. Was a really awesome mod you made there.
Explored every corner of the map. Checked every option but one question remained.

What on earth was that dark figure who looks like me inside the black glass?
Seriously. Creeped me out and saw the ending if not fought back.
Darayavaush Kambujiya Jul 10 @ 8:49am 
There are a lot of good ideas INCLUDING the way the quests are set : you have to find a way to advance, a way doesn't find you.
The only problem I see is that sometimes, game help is lacking and you find yourself trying to understand where you are ane what you have to do, even when the instructions are clear.
Here, I have to steal intel for one group, which is difficult and that is normal.
But, I also have to establish a meeting between the two gangs and I have absolutely no clue how to do so, even though both leaders agreed to meet.
Maybe I missread something, or I missed a word in a sentense, but now I am just lost and and can't know what to do.
A simple "quest item" with clear instructions from both parts (which were given in RP !!!) should be here to remind me what to do if, let's say, I stop playing this game for 2 days, have a short attention span and can't come back to the npc to confirm dialogs.
That is the only true problem I see to this.
Pariahus Jul 1 @ 3:25pm 
@akhv try importing a character from another run, i brought my elf decker over from back to seattle ugc and rofl stomped throuh this, tempted to replay on v hard
Trash Mammal Jun 30 @ 3:55am 
Great job! It was a very enjoyable campaign! Combat kept me on my toes at first but I could feel getting much stronger as I reached the end, making the conclusion feel very... fitting. ;3
᠌ ᠌ Jun 13 @ 9:56am 
Nailed the worldbuilding and narrative. Good job!
akhv Apr 2 @ 7:16am 
This started so good, great story, dialogue etc
But combat design is extremely bad. Second major fight is essentially non-interactive, you get swarmed by lots of enemies who get to move first and just kill you right away. The only thing you can do is restart again and again to watch painfully slow animation and pray that RNG smiles on you. You can't talk your way out or just leave go somewhere else to prepare for this. Several restarts later you just stop bothering.
Such a waste, this could be a great story.
lawrence.jewell Mar 30 @ 2:15pm 
One of the BEST Shadowrun adventures ever. Well done!!