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Shameless & Shy M&F
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Shameless & Shy M&F

Build 0.3.5 Compatibility patch 31 Oct 2020

There are many races in Exiled Lands, each race has their onw view about the world and about their own bodies. Is it a God's bless or curse, feature of kings or slaves, source of true pleasure or reminder about ancestor's sins?
Unfortunately, all outfits in the game are made with just one perception in mind, "dominating" IRL, you know which one.

This mod aims to bring back the diversity of lifestyles.

Darfari have ho shyness, they just decorate their bodies with beads and necklaces.
Derceto acolytes wear very seductive outfit.
Setite priests wear topfree clothing.
Zamorian dancers wear "half of skirt" and some skimpy bolero.
All dancers wear attractive outfits. The less clothing, the more attraction!

Contrary to them:

Mitra priests and worshippers wear modest clothing.
Shemite people live in sands and cover entire bodies including faces.
Northern people wear warm and (usually) non-skimpy clothing.

Some exiles around the lands may be more shameless or shy.
Some exiles just go naked!

NSFW examples and discussion


You can unlock special feats. "Shameless" and "Shy".
Some NPC's wear skimpy clothing or nothing, but for you, exile, they will make shy versions only.
But you can carve these clothes by yourself using "Shameless" feats.
Except for darfari - they make their shameless belts and necklaces.
You can turn them into shy versions by adding pieces of leather with "Shy" feat.

As a result, players can craft shameless or shy versions of all modded outfits!

No mesh replaced. All changes done with data tabls.
This mod does not change Character Assemble Library anymore.

Fix for Siptah update
Fixed gap in Lemurian Gown
Random NPC's nudity is back (now I will ckeck it)

Older changes:

Added Lemurian Queen Shameless outfit
Lemurian Gown is sepatated to top and bottom, each in Shameless and Shy version
Craftable similar to vanilla - the way that was intended for every shameless armor
Added craftable Bra M&F, Loincloth with and without panties
Added craftable Apron Bottom

New "Exile" worker thralls wear shameless outfit. Unfortunately this change does affect to thralls that are already converted.

Feature of nudity settings dropped.

Added Vanir Light and Medium outfits. Some NPC's wear them.
Increased NPC's nudity.
Ligth and medium wraps have "shameless" and "pantyless" version
Fixed bug with some recipes missing...

Added zamorian and hyperborean outfits, including simple belts without panties!
Lemurian warriors wear lemurian armor.
Experimental body modification for named NPS's!

Derketo Princess wears derketo outfit.
Muriela's worshippers wear modest clothing.
Setite priests may be topless but not naked.
Changed chances of spawning clothed/halfnaked/naked NPC's slightly and randomly.

Open test version.
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Jul 17 @ 4:25pm
Servers running this mod
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dominicslivers Nov 4 @ 1:50pm 
is this compatible with wonderbody?
TerrIncognito  [author] Oct 30 @ 11:12am 
Romby Oct 29 @ 6:32pm 
C модом не работаеткрафт нового патча. а мод классный допилите обнову на мод, плиз
Accept3 Oct 29 @ 2:48pm 
Спасибо, когда ждать обновы?
TerrIncognito  [author] Oct 29 @ 2:12pm 
Не работает. Поменяли важные вещи в игре. Надо поправить мод.
С другой стороны, разрабы упростили добавление костюмчиков (хочется надеяться на это)
Accept3 Oct 29 @ 2:01pm 
Кто знает, после сегодняшней обновы работает, не глючит?
dango Oct 21 @ 2:45am 
I know if allow player unlock skill free. Player can craft powerful shameless armor when the game begin,it is not good for game balance.
But this will return the first question. Why this mod make player can craft shameless armor?
I think all armor making should be in the topfreedom mod. Or craft a new mod to do it.
dango Oct 21 @ 2:37am 
Why this mod make player can craft a lot of shameless armor? The topfreedom mod already do it. Now there are too many clothes in the list.
And this mod use skill to control the NPC's clothes,that is fine. But why this mod skill need skill point and prerequisite skills? I think this mod skill should unlock by free.
dango Oct 20 @ 1:28am 
Now the exile can not be nude?
Foehammer Oct 9 @ 5:04pm 
Loving this mod, I did find a possible omission: there are no High grade Flawless versions of the shameless heavy pauldron or the heavy tasset would love to dress my hot fighter thrall in those. PS any way to apply the change to the delving bench armors that use the vanilla models?