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Rumble Rally
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Apr 1, 2020 @ 8:33pm
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Rumble Rally

Complete three laps before the other racers, but beware, they will try to kill you.

Before the Great War, many of the world’s nations were locked in seemingly endless power struggles. Small countries tried to shake off the influence of larger ones and large countries would use their economic might or a good old fashioned bombing to get their way. It was unstable, but manageable. Then the Great War broke out. Over half of the world’s population was lost and those that survived were left to pick up the pieces.

But all hope was not lost.

While the horrors of the Great War were very real, they brought about the formation of The Grand Circuit. All hail The Grand Circuit! Out of chaos came the single greatest race for world power. No longer would countries try to bomb their foes, or use political force to get their way. A single race for the right to sit atop the World Government would settle all claims.

Every year those nations that made it through the rubble submit their greatest racing warriors for the competition. Clear three laps before your opponents or kill them all and your nation could rule the world.

Simple. Perfect. A Rumble Rally.

Rumble Rally is a racing game where players control one of nine different racers around customized tracks. Each character has different abilities and different home courses that play to their abilities. The eight courses from the Grand Circuit are provided, but courses are modular so they can be customized or randomized any way you'd like. Oh and did I mention that you get to use a laundry list of weapons and power ups to attack the other racers or try to slingshot past them to victory.

Rumble Rally plays up to 8 players and even has a 3-level-of-difficulty solo play built in.

See you on the circuit.