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Civilisation 5: Brave New World Guide: Songhai
By snowman1989
Pious and ferocious, the Songhai dominate the Renaissance battlefields and can quickly accumulate great wealth through conquest, becoming one of the richest civilisations in the game.
This guide is not meant to be definitive, as every game is different and thus the player must be prepared to make appropriate changes to adapt to the conditions. That said, this guide, written from the point of view of one person’s gameplay experiences, is merely here to point new and inexperienced players in the right direction. Eager readers should look to other guides as well to come to a more informed gameplay strategy.

NOTE: This guide assumes you have the Gods and Kings, Brave New World, Wonders of the Ancient World and updated Civ packs.
Introduction: The Songhai
Sometimes history fails us. The most glaring example of this is the current state of historical research into Africa's past, popularly known as a land before time, where jungle people live in mud huts, where the ancestors of modern African Americans were captured and enslaved, and where Ancient Egypt seems to be the one shining example of civilisation on an otherwise dark, backwards and ignorant continent.

Such a view is not just incredibly offensive, but also ridiculously out of touch with the reality of Africa's colourful past. The Songhai were just one of several great civilisations to have emerged in western Africa alone, and built the largest indigenous empire in Africa at their apogee. However, their origins were much more humble, and they are not one ethnic group, but several sharing the name of the Empire's former ruling caste.

Having settled around their capital Gao around 800 AD, the Songhai were a small vassal state under the older and more powerful Mali Empire, itself claiming descendence from the even older Ghana Empire. In the 14th Century Malinese power declined due to infighting and allowed the Songhai to claim their independence and start carving out their own sphere of influence at Mali's expense.

Under the warlord Sunni Ali Ber, the Songhai would put a violent end to the Mali Empire and take their place as West Africa's dominant regional power. Under his successor Askia the Great (who curiously was not of Songhai descent himself) the Songhai reinvigorated the region's trade and encouraged Islamic scholars from Egypt and Morocco to travel to the Empire to spread their knowledge and train the next generation of African scholars. Timbuktu, languishing during the Malinese infighting, regained its sterling reputation as a great centre of learning, and the Songhai were the centre of a roaring trade in gold, salt and copper that made the Empire spectacularly rich.

Unfortunately, the good times would not last long after Askia's death. The Moroccan Saadi Dynasty, near bankrupt from their previous war with Portugal, invaded from across the Sahara in an effort to control the Songhai's lucrative trade routes. Although outnumbering the invaders and fighting valiantly, the spear-wielding Songhai were no match for the Moroccan's musket fire and the Empire burned as fabled Timbuktu, rich Djenne and proud Gao were set alight. But as the Moroccans lacked appropriate knowledge of the local peoples and found themselves stretched thin over a wide territory, they soon retreated back across the desert, leaving behind them dozens of new kingdoms arising from the ashes of the last great West African Empire.

However, the Songhai themselves were not vanquished, and founded the small Dendi Kingdom in modern Niger in an attempt to start over. But despite many efforts over the next several hundred years they would never again become a great power. By the beginning of the 20th Century their weakened kingdom was easily absorbed by France. Today the Songhai peoples live scattered throughout West Africa, most notably in modern Niger and Mali, a remnant of a glorious past that even now remains obscure to most of us because of history's failings.
Unique Ability: River Warlord
Receive triple Gold from Barbarian Encampments and pillaging cities. Land units gain the War Canoe and Amphibious promotions, strengthening them while embarked.

The Songhai are consummate barbarian killers, gaining three times the amount of Gold from Barbarian Encampments that any other civilisation would normally get. This is especially helpful during the early game when you are trying to build up some savings to purchase units and buildings. This also extends to taking rival cities, and thus encourages you to be aggressive. Especially towards those oh-so-proud Egyptians: if they have Burial Tombs in their cities (which double their sacking value), you'll have it made!

Historically a riparian civilisation, the Songhai find rivers and oceans to be no barrier to their expansion. In fact, they even thrive in this arena. Enemy units will find no safety being on the opposite side of the river to you; the Amphibious promotion granted instantly to all your units eliminates the traditional attack penalty of attacking across a river or from a lake or the coast. Your embarked units have the War Canoe bonus that doubles their embarked defence, enabling them to hold their own against sea-borne attackers so you don't need an overly large escort navy to guard them.
Unique Building: Mud Pyramid Mosque
Replaces the Temple. Gives +2 Faith and +2 Culture, and has no maintenance cost. Requires a Shrine.

The Mud Pyramid Mosque is a superior version of the Temple, that grants Culture on top of the Faith a Temple usually provides, so it's good to help you spread your borders and work towards another Social Policy. Best of all, it costs nothing to maintain, which is a relief on your wallet. With such a building, it is apparent that you should work towards founding a religion sooner rather than later.
Unique Unit: Mandekalu Cavalry
Replaces the Knight. Suffers no penalty attacking cities unlike the Knight and is slightly quicker to produce. Requires Horses.

Anyone who's ever tried to attack cities with Knights knows that they tend to get pulverised. Not the Mandekalu. Provided you have enough Horses, you could stage a lightning strike on your rival's cities and capture them before he/she has time to figure out what the hell just happened. And once again, cities with rivers to act as a natural moat will find them useless against this cavalry charge, as they automatically have the Amphibious promotion thanks to River Warlord. Sadly, it once again becomes weak against cities upon upgrading into Cavalry, so use it while you can!
Recommended Strategy
The Songhai are geared for a Domination victory, and should focus especially on coastal and river-bound cities to take full advantage of River Warlord. Your conquests will literally pay for themselves as you gain triple the amount of Gold from pillaging cities, which can either go to buying more units and buildings, or it could be a useful bribe to curry favour with some city-states, thereby giving you an option for a Diplomatic victory.

As always, Honour is a priority policy tree. Piety will also help you found and strengthen your religion. To really gain the full pillaging potential of your armies, you'll need Commerce to obtain Landsknechts. But you do have two paths you can take here: Patronage if you wish to put more focus on gaining city state allies and a Diplomatic victory, or Exploration to boost your naval power and dominate the coastline. Autocracy is the ideology you want to go for as the Songhai as it will take your armies to the next level and make you the scourge of the coast and rivers.

The late Medieval Era is when you'll really want to start making substantial conquests with your blitzing Mandekalu Cavalry, but starting earlier against weaker civs is a viable option to get the cash flowing in. Take full advantage of River Warlord by sticking to rivers and the coast; try to avoid rough terrain where possible like forests and hills as these will slow you down.
High Priority Wonders

Stonehenge: Provides +5 Faith.

Stonehenge is a great way to kick-start your Faith production in the early game and found a religion that much faster.

Statue of Zeus: All units gain +15% strength when attacking cities. Requires Honour.

Cities are formidable targets, so any way to make them easier to conquer is welcome. Your Mandekalu Cavalry will be glad you built it.


Great Lighthouse: All military naval units gain +1 movement and +1 sight, and a free Lighthouse is provided in the city it is built in. Must be built on coast.

If you start out on the coast, it may be worth building this wonder. Extra sight and manoeuvrability go a long way for a naval power.

Petra: +1 Production, +1 Food for each desert tile worked by this city (except flood plains). Provides an additional trade route and a free Caravan unit. +6 Culture when Archaeology is discovered. Must be built on or next to desert.

This is a very powerful wonder, and since the Songhai often spawn nearby desert tiles, it is highly desirable for you to build it as quick as you can. Conquest is only half the Songhai's success story; they also relied heavily on trade. If someone nearby has built it, feel free to... relieve them of their burden.

Colossus: +5 Gold. Gain an additional trade route and a free Cargo Ship. Trade routes other players make to this city generates an extra +2 Gold for the city owner and the trade route owner gains +1 Gold for the trade route. Must be built on coast.

Again, if you have a solid base on the coast, build it. And again, if someone else has built it nearby, be a responsible neighbour and take over management of the place for them. Your neighbour most likely doesn't even know what to do with it.


Hagia Sophia: Generates a free Great Prophet and a free Mud Pyramid Mosque in the city where it is built.

Great for Faith production, and good for either founding or enhancing your religion with the Great Prophet.

Great Mosque of Djenne: All Missionaries from this city may spread their religion three times instead of twice. Provides a free Mosque. Requires Piety.

A powerful Faith producing building and a symbol of the sophistication of Medieval West Africa, the Great Mosque is a huge incentive for you to take the Piety social tree so that you can spread your religion across the world.

Borobudur: Three Missionaries appear in the city it is built. Must be built in the holy city.

On top of the Faith it produces, Borobudur gives you three Missionaries to spread your religion. A favoured tactic is to build it in the same city as the Great Mosque of Djenne, to create "super" missionaries.

Machu Picchu: +2 Faith, +5 Gold. Gain +25% Gold from city connections. Must be built within two tiles of a mountain.

Useful for a large, growing empire, but it's unlikely that you'll be the one to build it. Instead, you're going to conquer the city containing it. War most likely is going to be the main means of you obtaining Wonders.

Alhambra: Provides all units in this city the Drill I promotion. Provides a free Castle in addition to the +20% Culture bonus to the city where it is built.

Handy for shock troops to train in this city to take on enemies in hard to reach places like hills and jungles.

Notre Dame: +10 Happiness and +4 Faith.

As fun as running rampant across the plains and desert is, you can't afford to forget about your empire's happiness either. Having Notre Dame will help keep your people happy, either by building it or snatching it from your tactically inept neighbour.


Forbidden Palace: Unhappiness from number of citizens decreased by 10%. Also provides two extra delegates for the World Congress. Requires Patronage.

By now your Mandekalu Cavalry should be dominating the battlefield and your bigger conquests are beginning. You should also be jockeying for the support of friendly city-states with the help of all that Gold you've been liberating from your neigbours, if Diplomacy is a route you wish to take. If so, then this Wonder will be a big help.


Brandenburg Gate: A Great General appears and +15 experience points for all units built in this city.

By now your Mandekalu Cavalry are obsolete, but that doesn't mean you should slouch. Keep up the pressure on your enemies with another Great General and more experienced units.


Prora: +2 Happiness and +1 Happiness for every two Social Policies adopted. Provides a free Social Policy. Requires Autocracy. Must be built on coast.

Nothing like a sea-side resort full of bikini-clad women to make everyone forget their leaders are militaristic religious fundamentalists and that the populace lives in an Orwellian nightmare. Have a free Social Policy!


Pentagon: Gold cost of upgrading military units reduced by 33%.

The Songhai got rich from their conquests, why make them paupers when it comes time for their army to upgrade?

Ancestor Worship: +1 Culture from Shrines.

Your Temple replacements give you Culture, why not your Shrines too? It may be a better strategy to focus on religious buildings for Culture in the early game rather than your traditional Monuments and Amphitheatres and such so you can get more focus on military units.

Desert Folklore: +1 Faith from desert tiles.

The Songhai quite often spawn near or in a desert, so this Pantheon will be ideal for you to quickly work your way towards a religion.

God of the Open Sky: +1 Culture form Pastures.

Horses are the backbone of the Songhai military, so it would be natural for them to build up a cultural mystique around them. Also more incentive for you to go out and claim as many Horse resources as you can.

Sacred Waters: +1 Happiness from cities on rivers.

The Songhai are also highly likely to spawn next to a river, and their Unique Ability puts a great emphasis on rivers. It's a good way to cut down on resentment from captured river cities.


Initiation Rites: Provides +100 Gold with each city that convert to this religion for the first time.

The Songhai are masters in the art of making a quick buck, from converting other cities to their religion or just flat-out pillaging them.

Tithe: +1 Gold for every four followers of this religion.

Or... if you're feeling a mite more patient than the historical Songhai, Tithe will make every city conversion add up over the long haul.

Papal Primacy: +15 to influence resting point with city states following this religion.

Everybody needs friends! Hook up with some like-minded city states for support in your quest for world domination.


Choral Music: Mud Pyramid Mosques provide +2 Culture in cities with five followers.

With big enough cities, this will double the Culture value of your Mud Pyramid Mosques.

Holy Warriors: Use Faith to purchase pre-Industrial Era land units.

Up for a Crusade? With Holy Warriors, you will be! Very good for getting Mandekalu Cavalry in a hurry.

Mosques: Use Faith to build Mosques (+3 Faith, +2 Culture, +1 Happiness).

The Mosque produces more Faith than any other non-wonder religious building, along with a tidy amount of Culture. I generally go with it because the Songhai were an Islamic civilisation.

Pagodas: Use Faith to build Pagodas (+2 Faith, Culture, Happiness).

Most players seem to prefer the Pagoda though, as it does quite handily cover Faith, Culture and Happiness equally well.

Peace Gardens: Gardens provide +2 Happiness in each city.

Even the Songhai need to relax and unwind. They couldn't all be hacking limbs off of people 24/7.
As many of your cities will be along rivers, you'll have plenty of opportunities to make Gardens.

Religious Centre: Mud Pyramid Mosques provide +2 Happiness in cities with five followers.

A more flexible alternative to Peace Gardens.


Just War: +20% combat strength near enemy cities following this religion.

Oh dear, your rivals are in trouble. Not only are their rivers useless at halting your advance, now their own cities are sabotaging their own defences!

Missionary Zeal: Missionary conversion strength increased by +25%.

All must hear the words of the one true faith! The more people that follow your religion, the more money you can rake in with Tithe.

Religious Unity: Religion spreads to friendly city states at double rate.

Paired with Papal Primacy this belief will help sway city states to your cause even quicker.


Charitable Missions: Influence boosts from Gold gifts to city states are increased by 30%.

A nice cheap way of gaining friends using the Gold you've relieved your neighbours of. Now who says blood money is all bad?

Heathen Conversion: Missionaries convert adjacent Barbarian units to your civilisation.

Need more cannon fodder? Just send Missionaries off to convert those smelly barbarians. Heck, for the fun of it, why not use the converted to destroy their own barbarian camp and get you the extra Gold?

Religious Fervour: Use Faith to purchase Industrial (and later) land units.

A continuation of Holy Warriors if you will.
Social Policies: Honour and Piety

Available from the Ancient Era. Adopting Honour grants a 33% combat bonus against barbarian units and notifications will be given when a Barbarian Encampment spawns in revealed territory. Gain Culture for evey barbarian unit killed. Unlocks the Statue of Zeus.

Adopting all Honour policies will grant Gold for every enemy unit killed. Allows purchase of Great Generals with Faith from the Industrial Era onwards.

The Songhai were and still remain an honourable people; in fact telling a lie is the height of dishonour for them. So naturally they are made for the Honour tree and stand the most to gain from it financially. It makes it easier for them to ransack Barbarian camps, and even turns a profit for each barbarian they kill. It turns River Warlord into Turbo River Warlord... I admit, I'm lost as to how this relates to social ethics.

Warrior Code: +15% Production when training melee units and a Great General appears outside the capital. Great Generals are earned 50% faster.

I know something that is ethical... having your troops lead by someone who knows what he's doing so you can rule over the rivers. Seriously, you don't want an idiot in charge of your primary source of income.

Discipline: +15% combat strength for military units with another military unit in an adjacent tile.

You have to admire the industriousness of your troops in action sometimes. Ruthlessly pillaging a whole city like the Songhai do takes a degree of co-ordination and methodical diligence that is inspiring.

Military Caste: Each city with a garrison increases empire Happiness by +1 and Culture by +2. Requires Discipline.

You don't want to build an army at the cost of Culture and Happiness. Is it too much to ask for all three things? No. No it isn't.

Military Tradition: Military Units gain 50% more experience from combat. Requires Warrior Code.

It pays to have your army build up lots of experience quickly to make it an even more effective money making machine.

Professional Army: Gold cost of upgrading military units reduced by 33% and Baracks, Armouries and Military Academies are built 50% faster.

We can make our soldiers better, faster, stronger... but we also don't want to spend too much money on 'em.


Available from the Ancient Era. Adopting Piety reduces the time needed to make Shrines and Mud Pyramid Mosques by 50%. Unlocks the Great Mosque of Djenne.

Adopting all Piety policies will cause a Great Prophet to appear and Holy Sites provide +3 Culture.

The Songhai at their height were one of the pre-eminent Islamic powers in the world, and like Mansa Musa of the old Mali Empire the Songhai elite also spent extavagant sums of gold on their trips to Mecca. This pious attitude is reflected in the game with their Mud Pyramid Mosque, which is a strong indication that you should also focus on building up a religion.

Organised Religion: +1 Faith from Shrines and Mud Pyramid Mosques.

Boosts the speed at which you can found a religion.

Mandate of Heaven: 20% discount on all purchases of religious units and buildings with Faith.

It's a good idea to save some of that Faith; you may need it for military units.

Theocracy: Mud Pyramid Mosques increase a city's Gold output by 25%. Holy Sites provide +3 Gold. Requires Organised Religion.

Your Mud Pyramid Mosques have no maintenance cost, so adding this policy effectively gives you another Market in your city! Well, not quite, but pretty close. Also, any Holy Sites you create also give you Gold.

Religious Tolerance: Cities with a majority religion also get the Pantheon belief bonus of the second most popular religion. Requires Organised Religion.

The historical Songhai were actually fairly tolerant of other religious beliefs in their empire. Indeed, many aspects of West Africa's brand of Islam come from the indigenous religions and cultures of the region and are found nowhere else. You too can reap the benefits of cross-religious interaction with this policy.

Reformation: If you founded a religion, gain a bonus Reformation belief.

Now comes the star attraction of the Piety policy tree. Reformation beliefs have the potential to be game-changers for religious civs, and I've listed the ones in the Religion section that I've felt are most beneficial to the Songhai.
Social Policies: Commerce, Patronage and Exploration

Available from the Medieval Era. Adopting Commerce boosts Gold output in the capital by 25%. Unlocks Big Ben.

Adopting all Commerce policies grants +1 Gold from every Trading Post and allows the purchase of Great Merchants from the Industrial Era.

The Songhai are geared toward making money in the most aggressive way possible: via beating the living daylights out of your neighbours. You can also help sate the Songhai's insatiable thirst for Gold with Commerce... pfha, who am I kidding? You're going to want more. Conquering states always want more.

Wagon Trains: +2 Gold from all your land trade routes (with foreign nations). Maintenance on Roads and Railroads reduced by 50%.

You want a good transport network to move goods and troops around, but again, you don't want to spend too much on it. And hey, your Caravans will bring in more cash too, which is great. Caravans are just one of the many things that made the real Songhai rich.

Mercenary Army: Allows purchasing of Landsknechts.

Oh yes.

I'm sorry, I'm salivating all over my keyboard here. This is a Songhai player's favourite policy. Remember how River Warlord triples the amount of Gold you pillage from cities? The Landsknecht gains double again the amount of Gold from cities that other units would get. On top of that, it pays no movement cost to pillage tiles and is a great support unit for your Mandekalu Cavalry.

Now, imagine using a Songhai Landsknecht on an Egyptian city with a Burial Tomb.... I'm sorry, I need to change my shirt...

Entrepeneurship: Great Merchants are earned 25% faster. Recieve double Gold from Trade Missions. Requires Wagon Trains.

From a high note down to a low note. This policy doesn't really do much unless you have a Great Merchant, which are fairly hard to get.

Mercantilism: Purchasing items in cities costs 25% less Gold. +1 Science from each Mint, Market, Bank and Stock Exchange. Requires Mercenary Army.

Good for rushing any buildings you may need in your cities, or military units. A little bit of Science is a welcome bonus.

Protectionism: +2 Happiness from each Luxury Resource. Requires Entrepeneurship and Mercantilism.

A little Happiness can go a long way on the road to success.


Available from the Classical Era. Adopting Patronage makes your influence with city states degrade 25% slower. Unlocks the Forbidden Palace.

Adopting all Patronage Policies will cause city state allies to occaisionally gift you Great People.

If you want a diplomatic solution as a backup plan, then heading into Patronage is a good idea. Besides, maintaining influence with lots of city states won't be much of a problem after a nice little war with your neighbour. You'll have Gold aplenty to buy them off.

Philanthropy: Gifts of Gold to a city state generate 25% more influence.

You'll be able to bribe even more city states over to your way of thinking with this policy.

Consulates: Resting point of influence with all city states is increased by 20.

This further cheapens the cost of maintaining relations.

Scholasticism: All allied city states provide a Science bonus equal to 25% of what they produce for themselves. Requires Philanthropy.

The Songhai may find it difficult to keep up in the technology department (a weakness that cost them in real life) so this policy will help ameliorate the trouble this may cause.

Cultural Diplomacy: Quantity of Resources gifted by city states increased by 100%. Happiness from gifted luxuries increased by 50%. Requires Scholasticism.

A growing empire always needs more resources to maintain itself, and boosted Happiness is great for progress towards a Golden Age, or just keeping away from internal uprisings.

Merchant Confederacy: +2 Gold from trade routes with city states. Requires Scholasticism and Consulates.

It's more beneficial for you to have trade with other civilisations (you'll get more Science for one), but in the event that no one wants anything to do with you, this is a viable plan B should that happen.


Available from the Medieval Era. Adopting Exploration gives +1 movement for naval units and +1 sight for naval combat units. Unlocks the Louvre.

Adopting all Exploration policies allows you to see Hidden Antiquity Sites. It also allows the purchase of Great Admirals with Faith from the Industrial Era.

It's a bit easy to forget that the Songhai can also become a naval power, with River Warlord strengthening embarked units' defence and ability to attack from the seas and rivers with the Amphibious promotion. Why not exploit this further? You'll even get some more profit out of it.

Maritime Infrastructure: +3 Production in all Coastal cities.

Great for cranking out more units and aiding the development of your coastline.

Naval Tradition: +1 Happiness from each Harbour, Seaport and Lighthouse.

Can't go wrong with more Happiness.

Navigation School: A Great Admiral Appears. +2 movement for all Great Admirals. Great Admirals are earned 50% faster. Requires Naval Tradition.

A Great Admiral is key to having an effective navy. By the way, remember River Warlord's Gold bonus extends to melee warships capturing cities as well, not just land units.

Merchant Navy: +1 Gold for each Harbour, Seaport and Lighthouse. Requires Maritime Infrastructure and Naval Tradition.

Money money money! Mwa mwa mwa!

Treasure Fleets: +4 Gold from all your sea trade routes. Requires Merchant Navy.

At this point Scrooge McDuck is just a lowly peasant compared to your wealth.
Ideology: Autocracy

Elite Forces: Wounded military units inflict 25% more damage than usual.

The Songhai are very good at rushing the enemy from the Renaissance onwards. Don't let your wounded slow you down! The key with rushing tactics is to keep going, keep up the pressure.

Mobilisation: Gold cost of purchasing units reduced by 33%.

Makes buying death machines cheaper, not much else to say here.

United Front: Militaristic city states gift you units twice as often when at war against a common foe.

Still short of troopers? Have your city state allies help you out!

Industrial Espionage: Spies steal technologies twice as fast.

Let's face it. The Songhai are no good at creating things; they're here to take.


Lightning Warfare: Great Generals recieve +3 movement. Armoured units gain +1 movement and +15% attack bonus, and ignore enemy zone of control (ZOC).

With River Warlord, the Songhai are in a great position to take advantage of this tenet. If the enemy though your Amphibious promotions were bad, let's see how they like having your tanks completely ignore their ZOC and flank them and their cities.

Nationalism: Unit maintenance reduced by 33%.

Songhai are always looking to make a buck somehow. This also frees you up to invest in an even bigger army.

Third Alternative: Strategic resources provide double quantity. +5 food and Science in capital.

A must for any imperialist, this tenet will allow you to build even more powerful units like Jet Fighters, Modern Armour and nuclear weapons.

Total War: +25% Production towards military units. New units recieve +15 experience points.

Late game is the time to pour on the iron and stamp out the last vestiges of resistance to your rule of the world.


Gunboat Diplomacy: Gain 6 more influence per turn with city states you could demand tribute from. Military units are 50% more effective at intimidating city states.

For the Songhai, diplomacy is always an option, and it always works. Because if it fails, bad things tend to happen to those who buck the trend...kapeesh?

Clausewitz's Legacy: +25% attack bonus to all military units for the next 50 turns after this tenet is adopted.

The final tenet for the final push and final victory.
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