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Token Terrors Battlegrounds Ultimate Edition
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Apr 1, 2020 @ 7:28am
Jun 3, 2020 @ 1:44pm
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Token Terrors Battlegrounds Ultimate Edition

Choose your Ranks! Mix Them Up! Storm the Battleground! Command your forces and battle to the death!

Token Terrors have power in numbers! Keep Tokens of the same faction close to one another and maximize their Threat as you try to outwit and outfight your opponent. Use faction-specific Token Talents' to gain strategic advantages and reign victorious! ​

Token Terrors: Battlegrounds is a deceptively simple game that has strategic depth yet to be fully discovered. This semi-abstract battle game will get your brain going, is fast-paced, fun and flavored with the sword and sorcery aesthetic gamers love. Token Terrors: Battlegrounds is a 1 VS 1, sets up in minutes, is quick to learn, rated for ages 12+ and has a duration of 20 to 40 minutes.

See you on the Battlegrounds!!


With a limit of no more than 6 of any one faction, grab Tokens and drop them into the Cemetery Bag on your side of the Battleground board, once you have 10 total hit the setup button - the game will automatically dole out your faction cards and split up your army among the cards allocating your Reserve forces. Then deal the remaining tokens out of the bag and begin the "Place Tokens" portion of the setup.


The teal-colored die with numerical values is our SURGE die. This die is used to track the number of Surge points a player has at any given time. To add and subtract Surge points while playing, use the plus and minus buttons below the die.

***About Token Terrors Battlegrounds Ultimate Edition***

This mod includes the models and Talent cards for the yet to be released introductory season of Token Terrors miniatures "PRIMEVAL" as well as Season 2 - "TERROR RISING" as well as some under development Token Tyrants and Token Titans each of which is part of a planned expansion.

Season 1 has been tirelessly playtested and balanced, while Season 2 and the token Tyrants and Titans are still currently under development. We decided to add Season 2 and the Tyrants and Titans so that the Terrible Games staff could playtest remotely during the quarantine.

If you elect to play factions, Tyrants or the Titans that are still in the dev phase, please be warned they are not final.

Season 2 TERROR RISING features a new mech with the key phrase "REACT" - here is how the React Talents work.

REACT!- React Token Talents can be issued during your turn and during your opponent’s turn. In order to issue a React Token Talent during an opponent’s turn, the token with the React Talent must be on the Battleground, it must be in the FRESH state and you must have the required number of Surge points needed in order to issue the React Talent. Most React Talents cost 1 command/surge point to issue and interrupt attacks and resolve before damage is exchanged.

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tokenterrors  [author] Apr 5, 2020 @ 8:31am 
Hey Jiggly - its been updated and then some!!!
Jiggy007 Apr 1, 2020 @ 8:34am 
i think it is your mod's background (the room's background). the custoim background link is linked to your hard drive, thus no one can get/download/access it, unless you reupload your custom room background on a website and replace the link.
tokenterrors  [author] Apr 1, 2020 @ 8:25am 
Hey Jiggly, not sure what issue it is presenting - do we need to upload the image for the background onto a cloud server? what is the issue exactly?
Jiggy007 Apr 1, 2020 @ 8:15am 
thanks for this mod!
is it maybe possible to fix the sky? i tihnk you accidently linked it to a file on your hard drive instead of to a link. (i censored your username for privacy, but it is usually visible in the link)

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