Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Patch Loader Mod
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Mar 30, 2020 @ 12:10pm
Nov 30, 2021 @ 2:10pm
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Patch Loader Mod

Core dependency of FPS Booster

New in 2.1.2, 30/Nov/2021
  • bugfix: problem with detection of -noWorkshop and -disableMods command line flags,
  • improvement: local mods directory path detection on MacOS

v2.1.1, 6/Aug/2021
  • fixed config generation for MacOS (duplicate semicolon) - requires mod reenable

v2.1, 28/Jul/2021
  • fixed broken(not working) steam overlay when running mod on Linux
  • fixed bug in MacOS detection (caused loading issues when combined with FPS Booster)

v2.0, 1/Apr/2021
  • added support for MacOS
  • improved instalation guide message
  • improved detection of local mods directory on MacOS
  • support for testing if mod is enabled by searching for mod entry in userGameState.cgs config
  • support for non-modifying patches (null PatchTarget)
  • improved instalation guide message
  • supports FPS Booster v.0.6.0+ only

v1.2.2, 23/Nov/2020
  • improved config workshopPath update
  • implemented loading symbols if available,
  • added directory skip if name starts with underscore,
  • improved logging

v1.2.1, 16/Nov/2020
  • fixed probem with creating config file,
  • warning in the options if config file was not found upon loading

v1.2, 11/Nov/2020
  • multi-platform enhancements,
  • refactored loader management,
  • game version detection,
  • improved status information

v1.1, 15/Sep/2020
  • Multi-platform enhancements, Linux semi-automatic installation, MacOS not supported yet.
  • Error/Invalid state reporting improvements.
  • --noWorkshop, --disableMods commandline args support


If you see An critical error occured while patching game! warning after starting the game you need to close the game and Steam client completely then start Steam and the game in that order.

If you run the game before Steam client (e.g. using game shortcut) Steam client will interrupt patching and the mod won't work until you restart Steam.

Temporary solution: Always run Steam client first before you run the game.
If doesn't helped add a comment with a link to the logs zip archive you can create using button in FPS Booster options
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Aug 29, 2021 @ 4:02pm
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Sol_Rising Sep 27 @ 2:54pm 
This mod works as intended with FPS booster, despite a weird "green screen of death" that triggered on my windows 11 insider build after enabling the mod initially, but I've gotten it before with trash windows updates so yeah, thank microsoft for that one.

Anyways, thanks.
Bimg Player Sep 26 @ 7:03am 
Working fine for me with Linux.
hailongpham3012aa Sep 24 @ 3:44am 
can someone help me understand what this mod does? Too many mods nowadays just put a bunch of updates, not what the thing actually does
madsaint1849 Sep 18 @ 1:05am 
When I activate this mod, my buildings disappear when I zoom in. When I zoom out all is back. If deactivate the mod all runs normal. Is it conflicting with some other mod?
FPS booster and this mod are up date, so are all the other mods I use.
Krzychu1245  [author] Sep 16 @ 4:56pm 
@Arathaen did you enable the mod in-game before changing launcher config?
Arathaen Sep 16 @ 4:52pm 
I am having difficulties with this mod-- When I follow instructions (change path to ../../../, then I hit play from Steam, it does launch paradox game launcher and play/resume buttons are green. However when I hit play, the game simply does not load.
Krzychu1245  [author] Sep 15 @ 12:49pm 
@Spoderman you have to unsubscribe also other mods which use it, e.g.: FPS Booster and Load Order Mod otherwise they will download it again because they can't work correctly without this mod and most of the time users forget about a dependency mod.
Spoderman Sep 15 @ 12:40pm 
Yo I unsubbed this and now I cant run the game it literally says Patch loader mod was installed please re open the game again. And it just subs to the mod by itself. I dont know what to doo man help
Krzychu1245  [author] Sep 13 @ 11:27am 
@boowilkes could you share an ouput_log.txt(Windows) or Player.log(linux/MacOs)? I can handle that, but there must be something that confused compatibility report tool.
boowilkes Sep 12 @ 2:22am 

Hi, Just to say that I found this in my Compatibility Report report;
[Note the recommendation to unsubscribe- yet I use FPS Booster and Load Order Mod (from your 23 Aug @ 7:23pm comment) and maybe more that depend on this]
You may want to notify them of this?

Anyway, thanks! :)

"Patch Loader Mod by Krzychu1245 [Steam ID 2041457644]

Unsubscribe this. It is only needed for mods you don't have, and it doesn't provide any functionality on its own.
This is compatible with the current game version.
Always run the Steam client before you run the game.
On Linux and MacOS some user action is required, see the installation guide:"