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Starguard's World of Anime

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Amidst both war and peace, the brave new world of anime stands united

Starguard's World of Anime seeks to be yet another prominent player in the anime modding community by not only replacing every portraits with their own anime counterparts, but also their names as well, leaving up to you, the player, to create your own narrative of their war, their story, their countries.

This mod features anime portraits for every single nation in Hearts of Iron IV, anime focus tree backgrounds, anime UI, and much more! We seek to apply anime graphics to the best workable interfaces in the game to ensure an immersive anime experience!

Amongst the large collection of anime mods on the workshop, both large and small, we have been, still are, and will be committed to bringing you the best anime content for Hearts of Iron IV.

Links and Sister Mod

Be sure to check out SWoA's Ironman compatible onee-chan/sister mod as well: Anime no Sekai

We have a friendly Discord[discord.gg] community where you can chat with the developers of this mod! You can also get a more direct response there if you have any more questions not yet answered below and meet many other players who love our mods!

Check out our full mod collection!

Featured Updates

3.0 is here! Enjoy the new anime voice lines for the rest of the countries which have them!

2.0 is here! Featuring new report event pictures Now you can enjoy animefied reports as you play the mod, some of which are easter eggs and memes!

Current version: Starguard's World of Anime 3.0.0 "Voices of Anime"

"All the world under one anime" - again, totally not me

> Portraits for all countries!
> Beautiful and consistent portrait selection and editing.
> Named anime characters, you can now fantasize about your favorite waifu winning the Second World War!
> Custom and immersive main theme from Owari no Seraph. A separate music mod can be found here!
> More than 15 wallpapers carefully picked for the mod.
> Anime event pictures!
> Anime report pictures!
> Custom focus tree backgrounds for the 7 main countries!
> Custom voices for all countries which have them!
> Custom ace GFXes!
> Custom UI!

Anime colored events can be found here!

Using DLCs are recommended but we also added more waifus in certain countries in place of generics! Yay!

Also check out SWoA's awesome expansion mod: Sengoku Stars!

Current Focus

Our current work focus is to find any bugs, missing portraits, and names we may have missed during the early stages of development.


> More named waifus replacing the generics
> Named minister portraits
> More division voices for the other countries Done!
> Custom 3D model waifus replacing the soldiers (Modellers are all invited!)
> Official mod wikia

Is this mod compatible for multiplayer?
No sadly. All friends have to have it on when playing MP. In addition to that, we are not Ironman compatible due to the name changes. Check out SWoA's Ironman sibling though!

Is this mod save game compatible?
Yes but if loading in from an old save game, the portrait names will be that of the original leader but the portrait itself will change to it's anime counterpart.

What if HOI4 gets updated?
We'll get to work as soon as possible and roll out updates.

When 'till the next update?
When it's ready. We make sure they are in a finished state first.

Will there be animated portraits?
Is this even trendy anymore?

Who is the girl/source for x? (plus loading screen source)
You can ask for the girl/source in our Discord server. The questions committee will handle such matters.

I have discovered a bug/missing portrait/missing name/etc.!
Check on our Discord and submit your issue to the questions committee or just lodge it in the comments below.

Can I help?
You can help us by giving feedback and suggestions. Do so in our Discord.

Again here's the server link if you didn't pick it up in the beginning: https://discord.gg/hH5Spbd

Do note that we cannot address any issues related to pirated copies of Hearts of Iron IV

Starguard - Lead Developer
Aurora - Vice Developer
Hiyajo Maho and MrDuckFIN.

...and all the artists who made this mod (and pretty much other anime mods) possible!

Note: Please do not use the Wilhelmina portrait for your own purposes, especially for your own mod(s). I commissioned this particular art of her and do not wish for it to be used elsewhere.
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Degenerate Weeb Dec 3 @ 6:05am 
I see
Starguard  [author] Dec 3 @ 5:53am 
@Degenerate Weeb, this one changes names but is not Ironman compatible while the other doesn't haev names but is Ironman compatible and has different portraits.
Degenerate Weeb Dec 2 @ 4:18pm 
What's the difference between this mod and you previous mod that does the same thing?
Starguard  [author] Dec 2 @ 8:05am 
@Ellinakias, yeah that usually happens on the 25-26th of December unfortunately. The only option to go around this is to use console, turn off AI for a day, switch to another country, wait for a day or two, then switch back. This is most likely because of some special scripting in the special Christmas news event file which we're considering simplifying or not since it only happens to one country.
Ellinakias Dec 2 @ 5:47am 
@Starguard yes
Starguard  [author] Nov 30 @ 9:20pm 
@Ellinakias, were you playing as the USA?
Ellinakias Nov 30 @ 5:26pm 
my game crashes with absolutely no reason when I use this mod after some time , and I used only this mod , while I play other mods and it doesnt crash. Version 1.10.3
my now friends
can you change to nicer pictures of Erika
for a leader please or Neptune
thanks cool mod :LilyHeart::LilyHeart::zuzume:
Starguard  [author] Nov 29 @ 2:01am 
@Whyups3t?, Canada.