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How To Be A Good Team Player.
By Azami
How to be a Good Teamate and not a Burden
(Also Includes a Guide!)
Ahhh! So you have stumbled apon my humble guide yes?
Well no matter because i will teach you the Basics to becoming a Good Teammate
And Not some Heartless Bast*** like some people.

So With Out further A-do, Lets jump in to Chapter 1: Basics!
Chapter 1 Basics
In order to be a good teammate you must ACT like one.
And to help you do so i've arranged a list of Do's and Don'ts

  • DO- Help your teammates recover from incapitations. Remember a dead teammate is of no use to you or your team.

  • DON'T- Hog Health items. When you do so, you are not only cutting off the teams fitness, but your making yourself look like an a** while doing it.

  • DO - Share Health items. Unlike the one you just *probably just read, sharing health items will help your team speed wise and keep them away from death as well.

  • DON'T- Leave behind your teammates behind. Leaving a teammate not only handicaps you, but it gives the infected a higher percent of killing you all off.

  • DO- Wait for injuired players. This means anyone below the orange health bar, or anyone who just got back from being down.

  • DON'T Teamkill your teammates. Every so often a bullet miss fires and hits a teammate which is ok, since you can just say sorry. HOWEVER Team Killing is VERY DIFFIRENT Team Killing not only marks you as a TK, but as a troller that should be kicked from the server immediately.

  • DO- Save Teammates from Sp.Infected. This includes Smokers, Hunters, Chargers, And Jockeys.

  • DON'T- Run from the tank. Everyones effort is needed if you are to take down the tank, so don't run from it.

  • DO- Avoid the witch unless told otherwise. On harder difficultes, Witches can take down an entire member in one swipe so you'd best avoid her.

  • DON"T- Run ahead of the group. One thing in every horror movie is that YOU ARE GOING TO DIE IF YOU GO ALONE. So don't.

  • DO- Stick with the group. You are more protected from the infected as a team so stick together.

  • DON'T- Take Health Kits from teammates that have low health. This includes on the field or in the saferoom. So don't take it, other people need it more then you.

  • And finally DO- Try to be an overall good person. As it reflects on your rep and anyone else in your game.
Chapter 2 The In's and Outs of A Player and AI.
Now that we have the basics down, we (actually you.) need to find out the up's and down's of you and your teammates AND your AI's.
[Please Read The Following.]

+ Can actually comunicate unlike AI

+ May know of techniques that the AI might not know

+/- Their skill level, depending on which variable you were expecting.

+ Doesn't have preset weapons and has a broad amount of choises.

+ They actually use Throwables (Pipe Bombs, Mollys, etc)

+/- Trust Level- Others might leave you while some might help you.

+/- Health Hoggers- Depends on type of person

- Might be a troller that will TK you and your entire team

- Rushers- In other words, They will ditch the weak.

- New Players- Not that they are bad, its just that they won't know what to do like everyone else does. *Very Rare Case.

-Finale Camping- Meaning once they are in the extraction, the will not move from the extraction.

+/- Etc.

We Then Have,

+ Has Aimbot abillity

+ Will always follow one of the players

+ Will Help players regard less

+ Will heal players in critical states.

- AI can't pickup Throwables

- Ai have a preset of weapons that they will look for.

- Slow- This is more shown in gaves of 10 v 10

- Horrible Jockey Killers.

- if you are in a specific location while incapped, AI will just stare at you.

+/- Etc.

Chapter 3 Sp.Infected and You.
Let's face it. Sp.Infected are the MAIN problems as a team and should be taken down accordingly.

  • Hunters- They are the main predators to thoses who travel alone or rush *See Chapter 2 Capable of killing of a teammate that has rushed far enough into the map. Stick together to dispatch of him quickly.

  • Boomers- Quite the easy ones, they don't hurt you as much and have low health. However they make up for this with their bile that can attract all the infected toward you. Engage at long range. if in Close Quarters, Shove then shoot.

  • Smokers-Smokers like to play it easy and hide on the rooftops while dragging your team to god knows where. Should be Eliminated on sight. Use Sniper Rifles to dispatch of him at long range or SMG's or AR's in Close range. Shotguns are also a good choise.
    *Edit: If the smoker is strangling you in particular locations. The AI will simply watch the life drain from your eyes until your neck eventually snaps -ChronicLag

  • Chargers- Capable of knocking you entire team down like bowling pins, these guys are no joke, unless the miss the charge. Use heavy weaponry on the charger and avoid death zones (Clifts, Rivers, Windows in the hotel, etc)

  • Spitters- Just like the boomer the spitter does little dmg to you with the melee and has low health, but she makes up for that with her acid spit, making her besties with the hunter, smoker, charger, and witch. She can also blow up finale gas cans on the ground delaying your escape.
    Quite easy to dispatch, however DO NOT LET HER ESCAPE as she might help the other infected.

  • Jockeys- Probably the most annoy one of them all, the jockey has the abillity to lead you anywhere, AI's are also dumbfonded by the jockey letting it ride on you until your incapped.
    Rules of Engagement differ for this one.
    If in a Single Player Game This Sp.Infected is your top priority
    If its in a Co-Op Game This Sp.Infected can be taken down by shoving the player or by shooting the jockey.

  • Witches-This weeper is actually quite easy to take down if you know how to kill her, however messing up will result in an incapp or even a death in higher difficulties. Shooting her in the back with a shotgun is the most effective while the most risky way. This is also known as Cr0wning.

  • Tank-The tank is capable of wiping your entire team out if you don't know what to do.
    Consider lighting him on fire with mollys and shoot him using shotguns or assault rifles.
    Snipers are also a choise.
Chapter 4 Team Loadouts!
Team Loadouts are basiclly optional.
You don't need them, however having them will help you and your team survive
Examples include:

Crowd Control- Mostly equipped with shotguns, these guys can tear down common and Sp.infected like flash paper. Loadout is mostly made up of:

- A Shotgun *Auto is the best one for this class
- A Melee *A baton for that max damage
- Throwables *depending on the situation.
- A Health Pack
- And a Adren.Shot *for that fast heal

Pointman- Pointmen are usually the ones that lead the team through the entire level or event.
Mostly uses Assault Rifles. Loadout is mostly made up of:

- A Assault Rifle *Rifle depends on the players choise.
- A Deagle or a magmum pistol
- A Pipe Bomb
- Health Kit
- And Pills

Marksman- Rarely found on the battlefield, these players tend to stick to long range by using their sniper rifles to pick off enemies at a distance. Loadout is mostly made up of:

- A Millitary Sniper Rifle
- Duel Pistols for that encounter
- Bile *Mainly to attract infected
- Health Kit
- None *Unless in a critical state

Scouts- Mainly eqiupped with SMG's or the hunting rifle, These guys like to stick to the run and gun tactic. Loadout is mostly made up of

- Mac 10 or Hunting Rifle
- Melee *like a katana or another sharp weapon
- A Pipe Bomb
- A Health Kit
- And a Adren Shot.

You don't have to use these, but instead find your own loadout and stick to that.
Chapter 5 Defibs and Dead Teammates.
Defibs or a Defibrillator is a tool that can be used to revive dead teammate.
However defibrillators are mostly skipped mostly because of the hero closet being in the game.
Defibs are very usefull in specific maps however and should be taken with care.
Chapter 6 Finales and You.
The finale is in my opinion, the ultimate test of your teammwork capability.
How you play during the finale will either improve your reputation as a good player or will mark you as a bad player. A list fo what a good and a bad player does can be found below.

Good Players do:
- Follow the leaders orders

- Contibute to Tank Killing

- Contibute to Gas Finding *on specific maps

- Leaves no one behind

- Communicates with teammates

- Does not "Solo" the finale
*refers to helping no one but him self.

- Plans locations of propain tanks and gas cans
*Works on maps like No Mercy and Dark Carnival

- Does not lead the team astray
*Meaning Stick Together

- Does not waste random items
*Such as Health kits to throwables

- Overall saves everyone

While Bad Players:
- Do not listen to orders

- Runs from the tank instead of contributing to kill it

- Shooting Finale Gas Cans
*Note: if its on accident, its an accident. Not on purpose.

- Ignores incapped teammates

- Does things on his own before consulting others
*Such as throwing a moltov at a tank near a survivor

- "Solos" the finale
*Rushing the finale, Mostly seen in The Parish

- Leaves temates behind

- Waste Health packs on himself instead of others

- Overall Screws the team over

And while these might be my opinion on some players during the finale, Please take note that not everyone is a bad player and if they are ask them to stop or vote kick them.
BONUS CHAPTER: The Workshop!
Game getting a little bit boring, tired of seeing the same old charcters, weapons or songs?
Well then be sure to check out the workshop and subscribe to some of the stuff thats on there, that way you'll be able to increase the replayability of the game itself!

  • Note- No one but you will see your skins and such.
Now Using you new found knowleadge, Go forth in to the world and use my teachings to help you become a better player!

Until The Next Guide, See yea!

Please Rate This Guide so i can improve in the future!
Edit: 11/3/14 Special Thanks
As we come up to 15,000 views, I'd like to thank the left 4 dead community for taking the time to read my guide, as well as give it a rating. I couldn't have done it without you guys (and girls) support, so I give me thanks, to you as a reader, and as a community.

Keep Strong and Fight on, Zombie Hunters!
-Mrthespyman, Creator of the Guide.
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Vol't Aug 27, 2021 @ 11:26pm 
L4D4All approved guide.
fudge_.. Jul 2, 2018 @ 9:15pm 
I'm not a player that likes to lead my teammates to the safe room throughout the campainge because they will just slow me down cause they always search walk slowly and search again after they walk. But I like ARs and I guess I'll have to be a Crowd control because it can destroy anything. :/
XIAOtheLIAO Jul 25, 2017 @ 1:42pm 
so no one has to take the defibrillator with him huh? well i guess well go die then :D all toghether
Fruittymcnutty Aug 28, 2016 @ 10:09pm 
The Bot Tank always goes after whoever is manning the machine gun! If someone is being cornered by the Tank, get on the gun! it'll stop and come toward you! when it starts climbing up, or gets close, get off, and run/shoot, then someone else can get on the gun, and distract it! Repeat, and the bot Tank dies easily! If he throws a rock at the person manning the gun, quickly get off the gun, and back up slightly. Once the rock hits the gun, get back on it, and keep drawing his attention, otherwise you'll be stunned by the rock if you're manning the gun!
Fruittymcnutty Aug 28, 2016 @ 10:05pm 
People should be fine running from Tanks if they have the thing's complete attention. If one person runs from it, and the rest of the team shoots at it, until someone else draws it, then that person can run, and the Tank will eventually die. If you've got a flaming Tank chasing you, you may want to run away from it, instead of shooting it for the slight speed boost. It's on a timer, and will die eventually. So if you can just lead it away, while teammates revive others, or heal up, then you're contributing a great deal. A good way to draw it to you, is to shove it, or melee it, and run! If a teammate is being slammed by a bot tank, you're probably too close to them! Bot tanks don't usually slam a single survivor, unless you're close, and it's seeing them first while going after you!
Fruittymcnutty Aug 28, 2016 @ 9:58pm 
If your team is in a cramped space, and a spitter gets near, plz shove her away, and then pop her, so that the death puddle doesn't hit everybody.
If you have a bot jockey on you, you can spin around really fast, and it won't be able to compensate as well. You'll essentially be in the same spot if you keep it up, but then you can't steer away from hazards well once you stop, or you may get disoriented. Good for when your teammates are near, but you're near a corner, or something, and don't wanna get too separated.
Fruittymcnutty Aug 28, 2016 @ 9:57pm 
You can't shove Smokers back in the short window after the initial tongue grab while you have a melee out! If you get smoked with a melee out, but it's within shove range, spin your mouse wheel, or swap weapons, and right click! You *can* cut the smoker tongue with the right angle, aiming like half to a quarter his height below him, and swiping just as or before his tongue comes at you (at least that's what the smoker tongue cutting training map experiences tell me). It MUST be a bladed melee. The crowbar counts as a bladed melee fyi.
Fruittymcnutty Aug 28, 2016 @ 9:49pm 
Boomers- Quite the easy ones, they don't hurt you as much and have low health. However they make up for this with their bile that can attract all the infected toward you. Engage at long range. if in Close Quarters, Shove then shoot.

You should shove, back away more, and then shoot if nobody else is near enough.
IF you're forced to pop it near you, be in mid-air when it explodes on you to avoid the stumble!
Same goes for a Charger impacting near you, and possibly jockey, and hunter getting someone next to you. If you're in mid-air when the stumble arrives, then it is negated (negated means skipped, or disabled), and you can retaliate faster!
Idk if it works for pipes, or propane tanks...
Wolverine54239 Jun 21, 2016 @ 5:51pm 
I had a guy incapitate me because i tried to kick him of his offensive name. After a while he threw a moltov at me. That was not a good teamate
Zabrein May 24, 2016 @ 5:19am 
Hey look its me, im a scout, execpt I dont leave my team like a dumbass...
Just to say, I didnt waste all the ammo, I was just entertaining myself...