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Final Fantasy VIII 2013 Steam Release - Essential mods
By LeonhartGR and 11 collaborators
SweetFX GFX Enhancement for FFVIII by EternalCore
SweetFX Shader Enhancement for FFVIII by Lital
GeDoSaTo Resolution Config[] by Mcindus[] UPDATED! NEW!
Project Eden - (dramatically improved pre-rendered backgrounds for ff8!)[] by Omzy![]
Project AngelWing v1.0 - Field Upscale[] by FatedCourage[]
[REL] Tripod - FF8 Triple Triad HQ[] by Mcindus[]
[REL] SeeD Reborn (v3.5) - FF8 text/menu overhaul for Steam[] by Mcindus[]
[FF8-steam] Character texture replacement[] by Shunsq[]
[FF8PC-Steam] HorizonPack v3.0 - World Texture replacements[] by Mcindus[]
[FF8PC-Steam] Lunar Cry v1.2 - Full Enemy Upscale[] by Mcindus[] UPDATED! NEW!
Rebirth Flame v1.3 - Character Texture Replacement[] by FatedCourage[]
[FF8PC-Steam] Apocalypse v1.2 - Boss Upscale[] by FatedCourage[] AWESOME! NEW! NEW! NEW!
BattleField Upscale v2.0 for FF8 Steam version[] by Mcindus[] AWESOME! NEW! NEW! NEW!

***Tonberry and SweetFX are currently NOT COMPATIBLE***

[FF8PC-Steam] BerryMapper- texture replacement for Tonberry mod (2014-12-15)[] by Shunsq[]
[REL] Tonberry v1.5 - External Texture Support for FF8[] A huge shoutout to Omzy![]
Tonberry: Enhanced v2.04[] by JeMaCheHi[] (aka Jay C) and mavirick[] UPDATED! NEW VERSION
[REL] PuPu v2.0 - FF8 Field Importer/Exporter[] by Omzy![]
[REL] [FF8PC/PSX][FF8PC-Steam] Omega Trainer (v1.0.10)[] by ZoDDeL
[FF8] Battle Stage to OBJ converter [1.1][] by MaKiPL[]
Rinoa's Toolset - BS, WMSET, WMX, GF, RAIL - Ripping, editing, analyzing[] by MaKiPL[] NEW!

***Turn OFF the Steam Overlay while using Tonberry to prevent crashes!

[Fix] FMV replacement pack by Kayael
Final Fantasy VIII "Dubbed/Undubbed" 1080p Replacement FMVs by Replicators and LeonhartGR

Better Music Mod by Osaka
DLPB's [Original Soundtrack Mod] Roses And Wine 2013 by Assimi-final release of Raw.dll![] by DLPB[]
For Roses and Wine Audio Mod : Find Your Way Dissidia Version by T.Bogard
[ MOD]Custom OGG Music with " Roses and Wines - Steam Version " by Jacarado
[MODDING] Custom Songs with Roses and Wine mod. by Truder
[ModPack]Remixed/Reworked Music Pack! by NotAVillain
PlayStation to PC Converted Music by JunkyBiggs

[FF8PC-Steam] FF8 Controller Buttons for PSX and Xbox360[]by Mcindus[] AWESOME! NEW! NEW!

Hyne save editor updated! Version 1.8.2[] released! Fixes the save deletion issue.

T.Bogard's Mod presentation live streams[]

Guide pic found here[].

FFVIII Font widths[] progress made by a Russian guy!!!

I decided to include the mods link for the old pc release as well:
Final Fantasy VIII File List[]
[Auditions Open] Ingame FF8 Voiceover Project[]

Make sure to check out those links frequently for any updates. Do not forget to visit the qhimm forums[] for happy modding!!!

Look below for some basic instructions and Troubleshooting tips!
Let's keep it "Simple and Clean"!
Audio Modding
Audio Modding is a task that requires good ear and sometimes between trial and error you got a good loop.

First of all there things you need to know before you proceed or ask:
  • The Audio Mods I'm publishing are related to the Roses & Wine main Audio Mod. I have added my own modified tracks from other albums of Nobuo Uematsu in his 3 albums of the Black Mages discography, and other tracks are related to the universe of FF Dissidia.
  • There are especific audio mods related to background music or stage, such the battle in Dollet. The new samples replaces the old ones located in \FINAL FANTASY VIII\Data\Music\stream
  • At this point I don't know how to modify sound effects of the game. Probably in a near future with some research is possible to change the FX in the same way Roses and Wine did with the old pc midi soundtrack.

ok. Now I will put a list of the tracks I have modified. The original content belongs to their authors and the intention to put this audio mods is to enhance the playability of FF8, not to damage the game or Square Enix.

Tracks for Roses & Wine
Replace the content of the original files located in \FINAL FANTASY VIII\Data\OGG

Don't Be Affraid - Dissidia Edition: {LINK REMOVED}

Force your way - Dissidia Edition:

The Landing - Dissidia Edition:

The Landing - Dissidia Edition (No Intro):

The Man with the machine gun - Black Mages Edition:

Maybe I'm a Lion - Black Mages Edition:

Find your Way - Dissidia Edition:

Fisherman's Horizon - Enhanced Piano Version:

New Background samples
Replace the content of the files located in \FINAL FANTASY VIII\Data\Music\stream

Dollet Battle BG :

Tonberry - General Information and Troubleshooting
Hey everyone, it's MCINDUS from the forums!
I've decided to create this section to help those of you better understand the Tonberry troubleshooting process along with some general do-s and don't-s.

- Tonberry uses DirectX9 Injection, so any other mods
like SweetFX currently CAN'T BE USED at the same time!

- Turn OFF the Steam overlay.
In Steam/Settings/In-Game/ and un-check the box that says "Enable the Steam Overlay"
- ALL texture mods will go in the following folder:
/steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/textures/

READ this. Even if it's TL. :)

First things first:
*Get Tonberry and it's new hashmap from the link above and make sure you also follow the instructions very carefully. Or just watch the video:

1. Download Tonberry.
2. Download the latest hash1map.csv file from the Tonberry main download page.
3. Download VC++ 2010 (or newer); unless you have it already.
4. Install Tonberry into your FF8 Steam application folder.
(/steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/)<---*put Tonberry HERE*
5. Copy/Replace the new hash1map.csv file you downloaded into the "tonberry" folder.
(/steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/tonberry/)<---*put new hash1map.csv file HERE*

Now you should have Tonberry!
6. Let's double check. These are the files/folders and where they should be:

Two new folders should appear in your FINAL FANTASY VIII application folder:
/steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/textures/
/steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/tonberry/

The files that are necessary for Tonberry to function should be HERE:
/steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/d3d9.dll
/steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/d3d9Callback.dll
/steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/zlib1.dll

**The game will CRASH when you get an achievement UNLESS you disable the Steam Overlay!**

Thanks everyone from both Omzy and myself for using Tonberry and it's many great texture mods! Come check us out on for more FF8 and FF7 mods!
Not sure if you want to use mods? Check out the video:
< >
LeonhartGR  [author] Jul 15, 2014 @ 7:50am 
[quote author=Omzy link=topic=15291.msg215352#msg215352 date=1405385581]
Main post updated with hashmap_v1.3 . This version should be compatible with Mcindus' next SeeD release, which will be awesome, btw!
J2 Jun 27, 2014 @ 7:04am 
I installed tonberry in my folder, but when I hit play I get "An unknown exception has occured". No custom textures in the folder, have v1.2 + hash, tried with custom textures in the folder. Game was perfectly fine when I remove the Tonberry files + folders though. Help please?
LeonhartGR  [author] Jun 27, 2014 @ 5:37am 
Make sure you visit those threads for any fixes or updates! Happy modding! ;)
LeonhartGR  [author] Jun 27, 2014 @ 5:36am 
Thanks for any bug reporting! You are helping the community a lot! I'll forward those to the modders but you can also post any issues to the
corresponding thread.

Importing textures for the ff8 was impossible for the last 12 years The Steam release opened some backdoor for the use of DX9. I'm glad there is some progress and for a note I need to mention the people in qhimm forums are working really hard for free on their free time to fix any issues. All for the love of FF nostalgia folks ;)
EsperothVIII Jun 27, 2014 @ 1:40am 
(Part 2)

Upgrade a weapon for the first time: Crash
Draw 100 magic: Crash
Play a card game: Crash

Another option would be using Hyne to unlock all achievements so you don't have to deal with a crash every time you get one but I REALLY don't want to do that because that's really not any fun to me. I guess I could hold off on playing to see if the developer comes up with a fix.
EsperothVIII Jun 27, 2014 @ 1:40am 
Update: I wanted to clarify and give a bit more information on the crashing. When the crash happened, the steam message, "Achievements syncronized with the server" popped up in the upper right corner and then the title screen to name your GF comes up and is all blocky and glitched out. After you get the achievement, and go do the same sequence again, it loads fine and there is no crash or blocky glitch. The only thing I can think of doing is trying to save the game before you know an achievement is coming up since you will basically have to reload from the last save file and do everything over again up to that achievement. This means every time you draw a new GF from a boss you will have to do everything over again from the last save point. You can take a look at the achievement list and realize what a pain this will be in the begining if you don't yet have the achievements yet. =/

EsperothVIII Jun 27, 2014 @ 1:04am 
The game crashes when you get an achievment. I have Project Eden, Tripod, and SeeD Reborn installed. This really sucks because I do want to get the achievments as I play but unless there's a fix for this i'm going to have to uninstall the graphics mods. The mods are so awesome. I hope you guys find a fix for this. :(
ZeLucid Jun 26, 2014 @ 10:51pm 
Thanks for the Mod List, looks great. It goes without saying thanks to the modders also!
Enkanel Jun 26, 2014 @ 7:03pm 
*without ^^'
Enkanel Jun 26, 2014 @ 7:03pm 
Awesome news! I wouldn't have bought the game with all your work guys, thanks a lot! :)