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What is Trading? (the custom gamemode) - Everything Explained
By Dom
A VIDEO guide to Trading the TF2 custom-gamemode. Trading: An April fools episode.
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Trade is a popular Team fortress 2 non-conventional gamemode. It’s played on custom-made maps.

Trading in Team Fortress 2 started September 30, 2010 as this was the day of the mann-conomy update and introduced trading. This date marks the beginning of the trade gamemode and the creation of trade maps. Trading as a concept and gameplay idea has existing for longer then tf2. Trade started in roughly in 35,000 BC in the mediterranean region where early ♥♥♥♥ sapiens bartered goods between one another. Trade in tf2 hit maximum popularity August 2012. Today there are roughly 310 Trade servers running either full-time, or part-time making trade the number one most popular custom gamemode in tf2.

So what is Trade?

Trade is a gamemodes in witch every individual players attempts to trade items in their inventures.

Trade is a custom gamemodes in which players travel from server to server to post what they wish to trade and hear about what other are willing to trade. Trade is a social gamemode. Rudimentary conversation takes place on Trade servers. Communication is key to the gamemode as it’s required to complete successful trades.

Trade’s gameplay, similar to the gamemodes duel, achivements, idle, Mario cart, pokemon and capture the flag consists entirely of deathmatching. There are a few maps that break this rule and have minigame elements, but for the most-part trade’s gameplay outside of actually trading is simply killing opponents.

The goals of trade vary from person to person. Within the trading aspect of trade there many common goals. Some players wish to trade their items and steam games in order to make profit. Other players trade because they want a specific item, either for a collection or cosmetic reasons or they trade to get rid of unwanted items.

And that’s basically Trade in a nutshell. A time-sink and social experience. A chance to take part in a tradition almost as old as the human race and produce imaginary profit off of eachother. #yoloswagtradingnoobs2013

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