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What is Slender Fortress 2? - Everything Explained
By Dom
A VIDEO guide to Slender Fortress 2, the TF2 mod-gamemode. Slender Fortress 2's a mode that simulates recent horror games within TF2.
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Slender Fortress 2 is a popular Team fortress 2 mod-gamemode. It uses custom-made maps and requires a plugin to play.

Slender Fortress 2 is a plugin that’s currently still in development. It is in closed beta and isn’t available for public use. Because of this there are only roughly 6 servers in total running the mod. Slender Fortress 2 was crated in July 2012

So what is Slender Fortress 2?

Slender Fortress 2 is a mod-gamemodes in which a team 8 people search a map full of monsters and hazards for 8 collectables in order to win and escape.

Every round starts the same. 8 players on the server are selected from a points que. They are moved onto the red team wile everyone else is put on the blue team and into a lobby area to sit out the round. At this point everyone on the red team receives a voting dialog. The vote is to determine the difficulty of the round. The vote options are normal, hardcore and insane.

All the classes have small individual differences and perks, but they all pretty much play the same. Unlike the regular game, every class runs at the same speed. The only useable weapons are the melees and they all function identically apart from of few small exceptions.

The goal of Slender Fortress 2 is to collect all the collectables to either win the round or open up an exit area that can be entered to win the round. Some maps allow the red team to kill the blue team as a reward for winning a round. Wile collecting collectables, player must avoid monster from horror games, creepy pastas and scp articles. The most notable monster is slenderman, a teleporting tentacle monster that kills players who look at him for too longer. There are sometimes special round where guest monsters take center stage. For example one round can consist of only the angels statues from Doctor who as the antagonist.

Many Slender Fortress 2 maps have repeating and maze-like elements making them hard to navigate. Maps are generally large, dark and foggy. Most maps are ports of slenderman and horror game maps. A select few maps disregard slenderman in favour of unique monsters every round.

As stated earlier, collectables are needed to win. Collectables are usually pages themed after the pages from the game called Slenderman: the 8 pages. Collectables usually spawn at random predetermined locations. To collect a collectable, players much hit the collectable with their melee. Making progress towards collecting collectables increases the difficulty and likelihood of death. Once all 8 collectable are collected, the exit doors on the map will open up or the round will simply end in a victory.

Speaking of slenderman, Slender Fortress 2 was actually inspired by the indie freeware game: Slenderman: the 8 pages. Slender Fortress 2 retains many mechanics of Slenderman, including the page collection aspect, many of the maps from slenderman games and slenderman himself.

When a red player dies, they are moved to the blue team and into the lobby area. They can no longer play until the next round. Blue players are sometimes summoned to the play area. After a short grace period blue players are spawned as scouts, heavies or spies in the play space. Their goal is to kill red players. They have low health, deal low damage, are restricted to melee and automatically die once a timer displayed at the bottom of the screen runs out.

Slender Fortress 2 has several note-worthy mechanic. Displayed on the hud are 2 bars. One bar slowly descends and indicates the time between player blinks. Players can blink at any time and reset the bar by clicking reload. The other bar indicates the electricity left in the flashlight. Players can toggled flashlights on and off with the secondary fire key. Electricity slowly goes up when the flashlight’s not in use. A stamina and sprint mechanic was also added. To run significantly faster players must hold down their action key. A player’s stamina depletes over prolonged use of sprinting and by jumping.

Slender Fortress 2 tweaks various mechanics in order for a more immersive experience. Players can’t see their own health. Lobby players can only talk in team chat meaning active players can only see chat from their own team. Spectating players is disabled on some servers. Instead a chat command is used in order to walk invisibly alongside the active players outside the lobby.

The lobby, where blue players spend time has an arena area. This location grates player use of their secondary and primary weapons as well as allows player to deal friendly fire damage to each other. It’s intended use is to allow players to deathmatch each other until it’s their turn again to play.

And that’s basically Slender Fortress 2 in a nutshell. A horror game themed gamemode. A game of beating the clock wile things that go bump in the night chase you.

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