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What is Surf? - Everything Explained
By Dom
A VIDEO guide to Surf, the TF2 mod-gamemode. Surf's a mode about flying around really fast down massive structures.
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Surf is a popular Team fortress 2 non-conventional gamemode. It uses custom-made maps and requires a server specially set up to play.

Surf has a long a complicated story behind its origin. Hypothetically surfing as really existed for as long as it’s been possible to retain forward momentum on a slanted surface wile being affected by gravity in a 3 dimensional game. Surf as a concept and gameplay idea had existed for longer then TF2. It started in Counter Strike in roughly January 2005. Surf originally started off a something called ‘slide.’ Similar in execution and requiring knowledge of air strafing, slide’s main different is the maps themselves and the amount of acceleration gained through the air.

For all intents and purposes, TF2’s version of surf has existed since April 2008. It started to became popular in July 2009 and has peaked at its max popularity in July 2011. Today there are roughly 25 surf server running either full, or part-time.

So what is Surf?

Surf is gamemode where players exploit the source engine’s player physics, collision and ability to change direction in the air in order to slide along enormous slanted walls.

The goals and objectives of surf vary greatly from map to map. Some focus on combat wile some focus on making it to the end of the map. Maps can have standard goals like cap all the control points or they can have no objective at all.

Surf maps can contain secrets, hidden routes and passages. Access to the majority of secrets is usually granted to players who make it to the end of a course. When a player falls off, or otherwise fails to continue surfing they are usually teleported to an arena. These arenas serve as a location where both teams can deathmatch each other. Players more interested in surfing usually kill themselves to get back to the start of the course as soon as possible. These arenas are sometimes referred to as jails.

Surfing is fairly simple to learn but challenging to master. To surf, simply hold down the strafe button corresponding to the surface you wish to surf on. For example, to surf on a wall to the left, a player will hold down left-strafe or the A key by default. A big part of surf is the ability to change direction wile in the air (or air strafe.) To do this a player must hold left or right strafe wile gently pushing the mouse in the same direction. A common mistake made is players holding down their forward key. It’s challenging at first to remember to not hold forward as it’s natural to what to do so when your goal is to move forward. Air strafing is a useful technique to learn to do as it’s also applicable in regular Team Fortress 2 gameplay. Lastly players should aim to launch themselves off or ramps at an angle if they wish to travel further and land on new ramps.

And that’s basically surf in a nutshell. A fun challenging and strangely relaxing acrobatic based gamemode. A skilful exercise where players can learn to master air strafing and feed their inner need for speed.

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do we need sv_accelerate
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Any ip's?
Dlauck Dec 17, 2013 @ 1:05pm 
now i understand it's not that hard i was confused but guide really help thanks
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NICE one, man! I finally understand what those "weird fast thingies" were for!