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Genre: Simulation
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Dec 11, 2013 @ 11:26pm
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"Growsim" is a medical marijuana simulation game that puts you in the role of a licensed grower selling product to patients or compassion centers. There are hundreds of possible strains to discover, cultivate, and harvest. Each plant has its own unique growth plan with options for food type, feeding schedule, light intensity, day-night timers, climate control, water quality, and more. Keep plants alive by cloning and then saving it to your computer; exported clones can then be imported into any game of "Growsim" or shared.

Seeds are randomly-generated with several unique attributes; also, there's a seed designer to let you create a custom strain. Plants move through life stages and flower, producing buds as they mature. Growing plants can be cloned, pruned, and eventually tested to reveal their inherent attributes such as preferred climate, general size, and life-cycle.

The cliche simulation is at work here: boring, functional interface controlling a virtual botany lab... how exciting! Visual elements are there to represent something going on in the simulation and are far from pretty. The interface is clean; access to every part of the simulation is one click away. There is a soundtrack composed of ten songs and sound effects to cue actions.

"Growsim" is open-ended, but every year for the first twenty years players receive an achievement in the form of a code. Codes can be redeemed in-game for various awards or clones of unique strains. Other milestones offer similar rewards for harvesting plants, making products, sales thresholds, and more.
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[MB] illmodz May 27, 2014 @ 9:35pm 
Hey dude, i bought the cheat sheet off the blogsite, but the DL link never works. I bought it twice. If you can email me at, that would be awesome.
Eli_samurai26  [author] Jan 13, 2014 @ 11:04am 
Thanks for the interest guys. You can grab the full version here.

There's also a link to play online and other stuff over at the website. []
Booty & Drinks Jan 11, 2014 @ 9:49am 
awesome how do i download?
LaZ Jan 11, 2014 @ 12:12am 
This is an excellent game idea. I just downloaded the full version and am excited to play.
Eli_samurai26  [author] Jan 7, 2014 @ 9:59am 
thanks, Colossus!
Colossus Dec 29, 2013 @ 5:12pm