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Shapeshifter (mass kinds of forms)
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Mar 18, 2020 @ 7:46am
Sep 26, 2020 @ 8:16am
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Shapeshifter (mass kinds of forms)

Want to shapeshift into various kinds of forms? Here's the mod for you. Now you can shapeshift into almost every creature in the game, from the small crab to the huge kraken, over 100+ forms for you to choose.

Update 1.2:
New Skill: Copy Form
Copy target's form, shapeshift into the target immediatly and get the skill to shapeshift into it. (Only works on creatures available for shapeshift in this mod.)

(Forgive me for my poor English)
I tried two mods related to shapeshift: "Feenex's Battle Pack: Shapeshifting" and "Druid Class", but none of them satisfied me. They either limit the skills you learned or mute you directly when shapeshifted. Not only the requirements of learning these skills are too high but also the amount of the creatures you can shapeshift into is too few, around 20 forms. So i decided to make a new mod with mass amount of forms.
There are over 100+ forms you can shapeshift into, most of them can be learned form skillbooks directly and other skills will be added when you shapeshift into similar forms. For instance, when shapeshifted into a wolf, you get skills to shapeshift into black wolf, grey wolf and white wolf automatically.
You are also allowed to use your own skills (even if some animation can be incomplete).
You can choose "shapeshifter" as your preset class.
You are able to go through small doors or small places with huge size as actual size of some giant forms is reduced.

1.It's necessary to turn back before heading to next map or before going into the hall of echo to learn "Bless" skill, or you may meet weird bugs.
2.Even if you shapeshift into many forms without turning back, after canceling shapeshift, your size and portrait will not be changed. If your potrait changes, try to enter the respec mirror to reset the portrait.
3.Some forms include size change, when shapeshift canceled, size is returned. But you are still allowed to change to another form which do not include size change with the size when you are already in the forms include size change.
4.This mod is compatible with other shapeshift mod like "Feenex's Battle Pack: Shapeshifting", "Druid Class","Dragon Knight" and so on, but do remember not to mix using the mods.

Void Woken Shapeshifter & Ancient Red Dragon Vendors Locations:
1.Fort Joy: Near the "Fort Joy beach" waypoint
2.Reaper Coast: Top floor of the Lady Vengeance (Behind the sergeant Zrilla)
3.The Nameless Isle: Near "The Beach" waypoint
4.Arx: Near "The Lady Vengeance" waypoint (Starting point of Arx)

The lists are generated by a program I wrote.
Basic 94 Forms
1.Abyssal Void Devourer
2.Abyssal Void Flayer
3.Abyssal Void Predator
5.Armoured Voidling
7.Black Wolf
8.Blue Drillworm
10.Bone Smasher
11.Bone Spider
12.Burning Slug
14.Charged Frog
18.Cursed Voidwoken Statue
21.Demonic Hound
22.Demonic Pincer
26.Dune Beetle
27.Enchanted Seawater
28.Eternal Guardian
29.Eternal Protector
30.Eternal Sentinel
31.Eternal Sentinel HUGE
32.Fire Beetle
33.Fire Salamander
34.Fire Slug
35.Flesh Slug
36.Fluorescent Voidling
38.Ghost Deer
39.Gore Tiger
40.Grey Cat
41.Grey Wolf
42.Harbingerof Doom
43.Hungry Flower
44.Jungle Frog
45.Kraken (include small Kraken)
46.Leaf Crawler
47.Lizards Rhino
48.Meat Abomination
49.Meat Golem
50.Meat Golem Thug
53.Noxious Void Salamander
55.Poison Slug
56.Poisonous Trunk
57.Raanaar Hound (include Huge Raanaar Hound)
58.Red Meat Golem
59.Red Vampire Bat
60.Rocky River Frog
62.Sand Spider
63.Shadow Tiger
65.Skeleton Cat
66.Slippery Voidling
67.Source Hound
68.Source Titan
70.Spider Boss
71.Swamp Turtle
72.Thorny Guardian
76.Vampire Bat
78.Void Salamander
79.Void Turtle
80.Void-touched Bear
81.Void-touched Beetle
82.Void-touched Boar
83.Void-touched Deer
86.Voidwoken Spider
87.Voidwoken Statue
89.Volatile Voidling
90.White Wolf
91.Wildwood Stag
93.Vulture Boss (Gift Bag #5 Content)
94.Contaminated Horror (Gift Bag #5 Content)
95.Clay Sentinel
97.Squirrel Knight

Additional Dragon Forms
1.Black Dragon
2.Blue Dragon
3.Brass Dragon
4.Bronze Dragon
5.Copper Dragon
6.(EvilUtopian) Dragon
7.Frost Dragon
8.Gold Dragon
9.Green Dragon
10.Light Green Dragon
11.Mithril Dragon
12.Purple Dragon
13.Red Dragon
14.Silver Dragon
15.White Dragon
16.The Devourer (Gift Bag #5 Content)

Hope every player who likes shapeshift likes the mod.
If you have had a good experience with this mod, don't forget to rate this.
Backup Download: www.med★iafire.com/folder/9u7arq0dx4b3i/Shapeshifter [Newest Version:]
中文版: pan.ba★idu.com/s/18_KuLsw15RrvDS0OAu6eOQ [提取码: e14f]
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jahgelle May 14 @ 2:18pm 
Dragon doesn't work for me
Element120  [author] Apr 29 @ 8:58am 
Someone else told me that troll blood is too powerful thus breaking the balance (you can find these comments in last pages).
Forktongue? Sorry, I said (in comments) before, I only make forms of nonhuman creatures.
Rubus Apr 28 @ 8:50pm 
Hello. Great mod! My friend and I play in different forms and have fun!

But I have two a question.

Why is the troll form without buff - Troll Blood?
(I would like to see for the original troll)

Is it possible to add a form - Forktongue?
(the fat man who stands on a nameless island)
thecommander630 Mar 29 @ 9:52am 
thx so much it worked
Element120  [author] Mar 29 @ 6:00am 
thecommander630 Mar 28 @ 8:18pm 
even without the kraken, this is an amazing mod
thecommander630 Mar 28 @ 8:18pm 
Yes but i cant find them
Element120  [author] Mar 24 @ 8:47am 
Try using other mods which you can make or obtain apotheosis scroll at fort joy.
thecommander630 Mar 23 @ 7:41pm 
I would like it so that you can shapeshift into the kraken at fort joy not when you go to reaper's coast
让我好好爆爆你 Mar 18 @ 5:28pm