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Project Zomboid

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Toxic Fog (build 41, Hardmode only)
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Mar 14, 2020 @ 2:08pm
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Toxic Fog (build 41, Hardmode only)

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Now Toxic Fog will contaminate the air inside rooms that have openings such as open or smashed doors or windows, or smashed walls, to the outside toxic atmosphere. You will need to find a full enclosed room to proect yourself.

Unfortunately this improvement does come with a performance hit in larger, complex buildings when it is foggy.

Compatible with the Swat Gas Mask from the Swat & Riot Pack, the gas masks from Paw Low's Loot, the Rebreather from Scrap Armor, and the Brita's gas masks.
Also, the Hydrocraft Gas Masks and Hazmat Suits do work with this mod as well.

NOTE - Requires G.E.A.R!!!.:

Finally! A reason to use the gasmasks in Project Zomboid!

Sometimes clouds of toxic, bilious vapour rise out of the cursed soil.

You can protect yourself from it's effects with protective breathing gear, which can be found in the expected locations.

Maybe there is some way you can fashion a rudimentary respirator? And maybe there is some way to treat yourself when sickened by this pestilent miasma?

Also, this mod comes with an alternative, even more hardcore version, in which both the fog and rain are toxic, necessitating full-body protection to fully avoid the effects of toxic rain.

Special thanks to aSFIRE [RU] for their excellent Toxic Rain mod that both inspired, and served as a template for this mod.

Thanks and enjoy!

Workshop ID: 2022545424
Mod ID: toxicfog
Mod ID: toxicfogandrain