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1.37 Detroit Series 60 Engine Pack
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1.37 Detroit Series 60 Engine Pack

Important - do not try to hot swap FMOD mods in and out by going to profile from a running game; to swap out FMOD mods you must restart the game and make changes at profile manager at start up.

This mod will allow all the stock SCS trucks and the mod trucks listed to use the new Series 60 engine sounds in the 1.37 Beta when using the engines below. Any other engines in those trucks will use the stock SCS sounds. This is not compatible with older game versions.

Just a note on compatibility and load order; with FMOD, you can run as many sound packs as you want. Load order for any of my FMOD engines should be below any mod trucks or they will default to the "missing engine" default SCS sounds if they included any of the same engine names/ratings. This may change once all the mod trucks supported get updated FMOD engines included.

Eventually I will add an option to combine all my engine mods in one pack just so there are less mods for you to manage but want the sounds fully tweaked individually first.

This is the first engine bank I created using FMOD and it will be tweaked over time to fine tune the sound.

Mod trucks supported:

BigDaddyT150's W900A & 379x
Blades 388 Wrecker
Harven's FLB
GTM 567, T800 & W900B
Lucasi's 9800
Overfloater's K100E
Viper2's 379/389
XBS' Autocar AT & DC

Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7L

400 (1650 lb-ft)
450 (1650 lb-ft)
500 (1650 lb-ft)
525 (1750 lb-ft)

Detroit Diesel Series 60 14.0L

550 (1850 lb-ft)
565 (1850 lb-ft)
600 (2050 lb-ft)
650 (2250 lb-ft) Heavy Haul Spec
735 (2450 lb-ft) Offroad Haul Spec

Info about working with FMOD can be found on my forum thread

Credits to Kriechbaum for the original samples I converted to use in making this mod and to SCS for original control files.

Feedback is very important to me on this as it is a WIP; please share any thoughts in the comments below and if you would like additional trucks added just let me know.
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Robinicus  [author] Apr 1 @ 9:14am 
Thanks, I may drop the turbo volume a little more....testing again now
RGH Apr 1 @ 9:13am 
All is good, sounds better than ever!
Robinicus  [author] Apr 1 @ 4:59am 
Thanks @RGH - that's a weird one, I never made a change that would impact it but fixed it this AM...can't even figure out why that happened but it is resolved now
RGH Apr 1 @ 2:14am 
After the update it now sounds like I have a continious jake brake on.
kostial.k Mar 31 @ 11:15pm 
@Robinicus - no worries, I done it myself for mysef and it works as should. Thank you anyway.
Einharjar Mar 31 @ 7:55am 
cool man. I may try again to make one, the first one was my very first and I didn't know all the little tricks then so maybe I can make something out of it now , lol.
Robinicus  [author] Mar 31 @ 5:54am 
@Einhar - I may look at i down the road, the list of projects is pretty long right now :)

@kostial - I will only add support for paid mods if the author contacts me, I would suggest reaching out to Jon if you want me to add it
Einharjar Mar 31 @ 5:40am 
Personally I prefer Oddfellows DD60 sounds from the 9800 and FLD, any chance of remaking that one?
kostial.k Mar 25 @ 6:11am 
Hi, any chance please to add Jon Rudas trucks? For me just freightliner xl. I found some made around 2008 has this 14l engines.
Phoenix1988 Mar 24 @ 3:44pm 
Great sound mod Robinicus.