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Genesis Grinder
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Feb 29 @ 7:52am
Mar 13 @ 6:21am
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Genesis Grinder


  • Can Grind all items that normaly can be grinded but are restricted on Genesis. Including the mission reward items and blueprints.
  • Runs on Power.
  • Is only half the size of a normal Grinder.

Gus.ini Settings:

GrinderSlots= ( 300 is default can be an integer from 1 to 1000 )
GrindGiveItemPercent= ( 0.25 is default can be a float from 0.01 to 1 )
DisableGrindingTek= ( can be True or False, if true Tek items cant be grinded. default is False )


admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/GenesisGrinder/ItemStructure_GenesisGrinder.ItemStructure_GenesisGrinder'" 1 1 0


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Mar 8 @ 10:49am
default ini options
Mar 17 @ 12:30am
Server not responding
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Gimilkhad 23 hours ago 
Where is it crafted? I checked my body, a smithy and a fabricator
collindock1 Mar 26 @ 6:31pm 
so this is working with auto engrams and s+ and wont mess up my game also where should i put this on my mod list?
Sherberto Mar 26 @ 6:23pm 
Does this grinder grind shell fragments into chitin like the non s+ grinder?
Wildboyz Mar 26 @ 12:34am 
yes, it works. thx.
GingerSnaps Mar 25 @ 3:56pm 
does this work with all the items that have the new non-grind symbol all them?
collindock1 Mar 24 @ 5:19pm 
is this working
Tsundere Prince Mar 24 @ 11:13am 
Broke my save on SP alongside with AutoEngrams, added mod then ran the Singleplayer and now all engrams are unlearnable. Literally black, can't learn them. Can't click or do anything. Fix this.
Ariana Hannah Mar 21 @ 11:13am 
@Grimtooth92 the engram reset and green ring are due to wildcard buggering up again but the green ring is usually a structures plus/super structures incompatibility with the new show range option on vanilla troughs
Grimtooth92 Mar 21 @ 5:38am 
So the grinder worked well. But the first time I logged into my single player since adding this mod for some reason it had reset all of my levels and engrams. There is also now a green ring over my base as in it is showing the range of something but I cant find what is at the centre of it. As it is quite irritating I have since removed the mod however, the ring is still there. Plz help ='(
Pikazzo Mar 20 @ 5:10pm 
Hey Dev :o) where can i build this?