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Team Fortress 2

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festive wishlist
i hope they add a festive construction PDA, a festive chargin targe, and these items
Items (8)
Unsilent Night
Created by Flat Penguin
Who needs Christmas carols? LETS ROCK!!!

- 3 LODs
- Glowing Christmas lights
- Shiny surface

Credit to Jesterado who came up with the awesome name :)...
Texan Tradition
Created by FiveEyes
"Nothing says "Holiday Spirit" like leaving your lights up all year round!"

alt description

"Nothing says "Holiday Spirit" like heavy duty industrial 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium christmas lights!"

Holiday Headlights Fixed
Created by Tantibus
My first submission to Workshop. The hat functions like the Trophy Belt and it is modeled to be a festive version of the snipers default hat.

Programs used:
-3ds Max 2012
-3ds plugins SMD import/export
-GCF Scape
-MDL Compiler
Holiday Headlights [Re-released]
Created by Tantibus
Old Christmas hat I made back in July.
Check my workshop creations to find the original posting.

Festive gunboats?!
Created by Pumkin
The lack of unfitting festive 'weapons' is underwhelming.

UPDATE: New skin, added 2 LODs and more light colors:

Santa Soldier SFM poster by

Broken on some animations ...
The Bright Eye-dea
Created by Berry
Because there's no better festivity than burning-your-face-with-smissmas-lights-festivity.

2 LODs
Self illuminated

No clipping with most Pyro hats....
Festive Fuzzy Face Fur
Created by Pogo
"Handsome beard? Check. Smissmas lights? Check. Thousands of volts running through your body that will cook you from inside out? Check."

Because calling it the "Beardustrial Beardivizer" sounded silly.

Self illum!
Bright Bulbs
Created by Psyke
We're not too sure how pyro manages to power these things...

Festive and Paintable!
Flickering/pattern lights!
Comes with lods!
Team coloured!

Texture by Psyke
Model by MrTinder
Concept by RetroCitrus.
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KaiSmashUniverse  [author] Nov 14, 2014 @ 10:09pm 
I know, this was made last year before the festive jarate came
Alfonze Ratio Dec 22, 2013 @ 2:17pm 
Theres all ready a festive jarate