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Spread your rule across the Rimworld with self governing colonies that are loyal to you and you alone. Command them to fight in your name, and destroy your enemies. But politics is always a deadly game.

Events will periodically influence your colonies, or your faction as a whole. You must decide how best to respond to these situations. And beware, a poor guiding hand will have consequences, your faction may lose faith in your leadership entirely, and take their destiny into their own hands.

Your colonists will pay taxes, be it in silver, or goods. You can tell them where you want your taxes, and they will dutifully pay them. A fully customizable faction name and title allows you to put your own spin on your subjects. They can be feudal vassals, a megacorporation’s branch offices, or even a shining beacon of truth and liberty. It is all part of the greater story.

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Come join our community on the Discord. Discuss the mod, ask questions, suggest new features or improvements, and follow the active development!

Need help figuring things out? Visit the discord or watch the youtube video above which can also be found in the link in the section below!

Having issues? Report them in #Bug-Reports in the discord!

Want to buy me a coffee for the hundreds of hours I've worked on this? Visit my patreon down below and help me stay away to continue programming! (I drink a minimum of three cups a day. Help)

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Compatible With:

Combat Extended
Alpha Animals
Genetic Rim
Witcher Monster Hunt

Incompatible With:
Save Our Ship 2 (This will be worked on in the future)

========== ==========

ROADMAP - https://trello.com/b/XavnD7kr/empire

DISCORD - https://discord.gg/f3zFQqA

PATREON - https://www.patreon.com/Saakra

YOUTUBE - https://youtu.be/FrVFMjC2RJc

========== ==========


- Shalax - Wrote the top description as well as the settlement's in-game descriptions

- Oskar Potocki - Made all of the building art, new production icons, stat icons! Completely overhauled the Empire UI!
- Helixien - Made the awesome Banner and Art! - https://steamcommunity.com/id/Helixien/myworkshopfiles/?appid=294100
- MaoDetector - Has made a bunch of art for future icons!
- Mitz - Helped make some of the early development art!


- Erdnussbrot

Simplified Chinese
- YangHgRi
- Hplous

- Blitzel

Spanish (Latin)
- Krasnoye

- Blake

- Bolibo
- LillaYoda

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10 hours ago
Bugs Or Glitches
Hagen Nutz
Sep 12 @ 4:07pm
Colonies not founding
Aug 10 @ 4:44pm
daniel plainview
< >
Burrito_Brad 12 hours ago 
I heard a rumor that this might be compatible with save our ship 2 now, is this true?
steel.chicken 15 hours ago 
Is there any way to fix the save file once the bug of "Negative Time Remaining" on events happens? Once this bug appears its game-breaking.
Forsyth Sep 17 @ 6:23pm 
Would love a way to set default work load of prisoners, or a way to change all prisoners at once
Vaeringjar Sep 17 @ 12:20am 
Yeah, clicking the info button on a prisoner makes them bug out. Sending prisoners is basically a one-way trip it seems lol
bearhiderug Sep 16 @ 9:13pm 
Maybe it added them, then couldnt for some reason, so they then "vansished" when not being able to load.
Had it happen on missions and caravans a few times for various reasons or mods.
Planetfall Sep 16 @ 1:11pm 
Is there a time limit on being able to return prisoners? I sent some prisoners to one of my bases and had them return the next day. but I tried to return some prisoners i had at my outpost for a little less then a quadrum and the button doesnt work. It also makes their portrait vanish. I had the prisoners set to light labor the whole time.
Whale ♥♥♥♥ Sep 15 @ 9:10pm 
The blacksmith event crashes my game. Not right when you get it, but later down the road when it is supposed to be resolved. The one where you throw silver at the random dude who wants to make you a weapon.
Tucureborn Sep 15 @ 6:31pm 
Having a weird bug where I get the faction capital set notification endlessly. No error logs or anything that I can see, so not even sure how to fix it. I suspect it has something to do with the recent patch update, since it was working fine prior to that.
Whale ♥♥♥♥ Sep 15 @ 3:47pm 
Oh... Oh my. I overlooked that incompatibility. Oooff. Is there anything game crashing about the incompatibility with Save Our Ship? I have a crash that I have a hunch is related to the blacksmith event were you give silver to a random blacksmith in your faction that wants to make you a weapon. I don't know what is causing the crash, and it might not be this mod (But I think it is.)
GAMING ARAB Sep 15 @ 1:26pm 
for some reason the drug trade quest keeps repeating itself and i am losing 10% base tax