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Brøndby IF 1v1 - aim_brondby - Official AIM Map
Game Mode: Classic
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Feb 24 @ 10:57am
May 6 @ 6:22am
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Brøndby IF 1v1 - aim_brondby - Official AIM Map

Official map created by BRNDMORE ( @brndmore on all platforms
Visit (Brøndby IF) at: (Danish Football Club)

(Brøndby IF)/(Brøndby eSport) and/or its partners have full rights from the creator (BRNDMORE) to use this map for any purposes. It is strictly forbidden for any other non-involved parties to copy and/or re-design this map for any purposes without the prior permission and consent from (Brøndby IF)/(Brøndby eSport) and the creator (BRNDMORE).

3D Model of the (Brøndby IF)/(Brøndby eSport) logo was created and used only for this map, do not re-use or copy the model without prior consent from (Brøndby IF)/(Brøndby eSport).

The (Brøndby IF)/(Brøndby eSport) logo and related brands are either trademarks or registered trademarks of (Brøndby IF)/(Brøndby eSport). The names of actual companies and products mentioned or shown in the map may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

Copyright © 2020 (Brøndby IF)/(Brøndby eSport). All rights reserved.

Guidelines for best visual experience
Set Shader Details to High / Very High to get the full visual experience + for the water to be seen properly.

Optimized for Esports
1. There are no unbalanced actions on the map, everything is mirrored perfectly + made sure that no side has any advantages / disadvantages. One of the most optimized maps on the workshop.

2. One of the only 1v1 maps on the workshop offering constant maximum FPS while playing.

3. Bulletproof glass under the bridge on the sides, allowing for ambush without being shot down, allowing for faster rotations around the map but beware, your enemy can shoot you *under* the glass windows and once you reach the corner exposing yourself!

Special thanks to
Kinsi, Squidski, ivaks & eLSerbiaN for their amazing support and assistance in creating this map.