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Move It User Guide
By Quboid
User Guide for Move It
Welcome to the Move It User Guide
When you have subscribed to Move It and enabled it in the Content Manager, Move It will be available in-game. Use the M key to toggle the tool or click the button (draggable with right click) next to the bulldoze tool.

This tool doesn't provide any limitations for maximum power. Use at your own risk.

To install Move It:
  • Quit your game to the desktop.
  • Go to the Move It workshop page and click on Subscribe.
  • Load your game and at the main menu go to Content Manager.
  • Go to Mods, find Move It on the list and click on the Enable checkbox.
  • Move It should now be installed! If it's not on the mod list; quit the game, restart Steam and load the game again.
Recommended Mods
Required to fully manipulate props:

Either both of:
Prop Precision - Required to position props with fine detail.

Prop Snapping - Required to fully move props. Turn on both options (Don't update prop Y coordinate and Allow prop to submerge).

Prop Anarchy - Features a huge number of prop-related features including both the above mods. Please note, Prop Anarchy requires Extended Managers Library

Optional Mods:

Traffic Manager: President Edition (TMPE) - Set advanced junction controls, traffic rules and so much more! (Coming soon:) In a future TMPE update, TMPE settings will be copied when you clone or export nodes or segments.

Intersection Marking Tool - Make beautiful intersections. Move It will copy intersection markings if you clone or export decorated nodes and segments.

Node Controller Renewal - Fix glitches when you make intersections with extreme angles by making the junction node larger. Also has other advanced node controls. Move It will keep Node Controller settings if you clone or export a customised node. Also consider Node Controller 2, a more complicated but more powerful alternative.

Plop the Growables, Disable Zone Check or Ploppable RICO Revisited - So growable buildings can be moved anywhere without despawning.

Find It 2 - Control+Click on entries in Find It 2 to open Move It with the asset as a clone selection, ready to paste like any other copy.

Prop & Tree Anarchy - Place and move props and trees anywhere without them disappearing.

Tree Anarchy (Unlimited Trees Reboot) - Includes tree snapping, so trees can be moved up or down.

Procedural Objects - Create and manipulate advanced objects, made from buildings, props or from scratch. Can be moved with Move It.
Moving Objects
Click and hold the left mouse button on a selected object and move the mouse to move selected objects. Click and hold the right mouse button and move the mouse left and right to rotate the selection.

Includes undo (Ctrl+Z) and redo (Ctrl+Y) feature for all actions.

Mouse Controls
When moving objects with the left mouse button:
- Hold Alt to switch snapping (objects snap to the roadside grid).
- Hold Shift to move objects in low-detail mode (to improve the framerate). This can be enabled all the time in the options menu.
- Hold Control for precision mode, where movement is lower sensitivity and the selection overlays are hidden.

When rotating objects with the right mouse button:
- Hold Alt to rotate the selection in 45 degrees increments
- Hold Shift to rotate objects in low-detail mode (to improve the framerate). This can be enabled all the time in the options menu.
- Hold Control for precision mode, where rotation is lower sensitivity and the selection overlays are hidden.

Tip: Hold control and the middle mouse button to move objects even if you don't click on a selected object - handy for those ultra detailed places.

Keyboard Controls
Use the Arrow Keys to move selected objects. Hold Control and press the Left or Right arrow key to rotate. To scale the selection (move selected objects inwards or outwards from the selection centre), press the - (minus) and = (equals) keys. Hold the Shift key for bigger steps, Alt key for finer movements and both Shift and Alt for ultra fine movements.

Use Page Up and Page Down to move objects up and down. For Mac keyboards without Page Up/Down buttons, use Fn + Up/Down Arrow. Prop Snapping is required to move props vertically. If this does not work, please press Number-Lock and try again. To raise or lower roads and other networks, you need to select the nodes.

Note: trees can not be rotated, and can only be moved up or down if you have Tree Snapping or Tree Anarchy (Unlimited Trees Reboot) enabled. Some props (ones that conform to the shape of terrain) can not reliably be moved up or down.

Each arrow-button presses moves objects 2 metres. Each page up/down is exactly 0.125 metres (1/8m). Shift increases the distance by 8 times, Alt decreases distance by 1/8th - so Shift+Page Up/Down is exactly 1 metre.

If you hold Shift and Alt objects move by 1/64th of their normal speed, to help avoid surface clashing. Note: This is unreliable with props as even with Prop Precision their detail isn't precise enough.
Advanced Selection Features
As well as letting you drag out a selection box, the marquee tool has filters to help you select objects in detailed areas. You can still click on a single object to select it in marquee mode.

Toggle all marquee selection filters on and off by double-clicking on the Marquee Selection button. Double-click on a filter in the marquee filter list to select only it.

Step over objects at current mouse position - press Control+Tab (key is configurable) to step over the object currently highlighted by the mouse to highlight the item below. This can be repeated to select overlapped objects. Moving the mouse will reset the list of ignored objects.

Network Filters can be selected by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the marquee filter list. These give you fine control over what type of networks are selected when using Marquee Selection. Remember to have the Node and/or Segment filter enabled. Note: when open Network Filters can affect performance while selecting a large area, so close it when it is not needed

Picker Filter - filter for objects of one type. Click on the eye dropper and choose an object to set the filter. Double-click on the eyedropper to clear it.
The Toolbox menu is located to the right of Move It's Bulldoze tool. Each of these tools manipulate the select objects with some great time-saving functions. You can manually set shortcuts for all tools in the Options menu.

Unless otherwise stated, these tools work as follows:
  • Select the object or objects you want to alter.
  • Click on the desired tool's icon.
  • Click on an object to act as the reference (e.g. the object that you want selected objects' height to be set to).

Height Tools:

To Object Height (Control+H) - Click on an object to move all selected objects up or down to the same height as the chosen object.

To Terrain Height - Immediately move all selected objects up or down to the terrain height.

Slope Objects - This aligns the height of all selected objects including roads and other networks based on the heights of the 2 furthest apart selected objects. To define the top/bottom positions manually, Shift+Click on the tool icon. It is not suitable for roads that are very curved or spiral, consider using Network Multitool for this. (Remember, to alter roads' height or position, you must select the nodes.)

Rotation Tools:

Note: some props will align 90 or 180 degrees off. Rotate in 45 degree increments (hold Alt while right-clicking and moving the mouse) to quickly and neatly correct these objects.

Rotate In-Place - Click on an object to turn each object to face the same direction as it, without moving them.

Rotate At-Centre - Click on an object to turn the selected objects to face the direction, moving them around a central point. Note: works best when all selected objects are facing the same direction.

Rotate Randomly - Immediately rotates all selected objects so they face a random direction. Note: if you Redo this action, the selected objects will rotate to a new random direction.

Other Tools:

Line Up Objects - All selected objects are moved to be evenly spaced out in a straight line. Shift+Click on the icon to move the objects into a straight line without changing their spacing. If Follow Terrain is disabled, the objects will also be vertically aligned so they will be neatly sloped.

Mirror Objects - Creates a mirrored copy of the selection. You must choose a network segment to define the mirror plane; the position and angle of reflection.

Reset Objects - Selected objects will be reset, repairing all damage and setting a new random colour and size where applicable.

Set Position - Displays a dialog box where you can enter coordinates to move the selected objects to, based on the selection's centre-point.

Convert to PO - If Procedural Objects is enabled, this will attempt to convert selected buildings and props to PO, keeping their existing location. If any selected objects fail to convert, press undo (Control+Z) and deselect the objects that can't be converted, then try again.

Import & Export - Move It selections can be exported to XML files and later imported as a selection, or restored to their previous location. These XML files are stored in the MoveItExports folder off the Cities Skylines userdata folder (see Resetting Move It below for this location).
Alt-key Shortcuts
Hold Alt to select nodes or segments that belong to a building (e.g. a harbour's shipping path). This can be combined with holding Shift to add to the existing selection. In the options menu, you can also make this apply to buildings that belong to a node (e.g. pylons and pillars) so you don't accidentally select these objects.

Alt-Click on a segment to select the closer node, or if it is already selected the further node. Combines with Shift to add/remove from selection.

Hold Alt while dragging objects to toggle snapping to the grid.

Hold Alt while dragging only a single segment to snap to a straight line or, if the segment is connected to further segments, to a curve.

Hold Alt while dragging only a single node to snap node, re-curving segments as required. Snaps to a straight line or, if the segments are connected to further segments, to a curve.

Alt-Click on the Clone button to duplicate the selection, pasting a copy in the same location.

If only a single node is selected and that node has exactly 2 segments (i.e. is not a junction or dead-end), Alt-Click on the Slope Align button to immediately slope align the selected node using the 2 attached nodes as A/B positions.
Resetting Move It
If the Move It icon is missing, click on "Reset Button Position" in Options.

If Move It causes problems or you want to reset the keyboard shortcuts, exit the game and delete the file MoveItTool.cgs.

File location:
Windows: %localappdata%\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Colossal Order/Cities_Skylines/
Linux: $XDG_DATA_HOME/Colossal Order/Cities_Skylines/

Note: This folder might be hidden. Use the search engine of your choice to find how to unhide the folder on your operating system.
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bsbrdv Sep 19 @ 8:28am 
Yeah, I am pretty much toast myself. I went back to my previous batch of mods and now I am getting a major setback. "Simulation Error...". ..........Wipeout. I've been wanting to start all over again, anyway. Besides, by the time I get back, the problems will all be fixed. Right?
toast Sep 18 @ 10:48am 
Hi - currently unable to move roads vertically, and prop snapping appears to no longer work. Any ideas? I have prop anarchy 0.7.5
bsbrdv Sep 18 @ 10:42am 
So I dumped Prop Snapping and PLT because EML said they were unusable with EML. I did get the Prop Anarchy fix. BTW, I removed the first 2 from content manager and rebooted the game. Went back into Content Manager enabled PA Fix and then enabled EML. When I got the game going again, I expected to go back to work on the sign but instead of my sign, I found 7 billboard signs and also found I was not able to raise or lower the billboards that replaced my sign.

Each time I give in to UUI or EML, I have these problems. I don't know why. Whiloe it has been a long time I had UUI, I just got rid of EML again. I resubbed to PLT and Prop Snapping. I'll get logs and take a break.

I truly do appreciate your help.
bsbrdv Sep 18 @ 9:37am 
Thanks a lot. I have Prop Snapping. When I checked it out again, it says it also requires Prop and Tree anarchy. I tried that before but I quit it after having some problems with it. So checking out Prop Anarchy fix, I see it requires EML. When I once tried that, I got errors regarding conflicts with EML so I quit it too. Thats when I went back to my corner and huddled with knees buried into my eye sockets to plug the teardrops streaming down my legs.

Thanks for bringing out those scary memories. I enjoy pretending I am a distant relative of Ernest Hemingway.

But I really am still wanting to get this sign done. I just got to get past this built in fear of proceeding when I start to remember what I have read in Mod Conflicts or seen happen when I make bad decisions.
I like Procedural Objects but in this case, I want to try finishing this with Move it. So I am open to trying Prop Snapping.

Thanks again.
Quboid  [author] Sep 17 @ 6:55pm 
@bsbrdv - Move It can do this, but you will need some sort of prop snapping mod. Either Prop Snapping, or Prop Anarchy Fix.
bsbrdv Sep 17 @ 6:02pm 
After spelling out a word using find it and move it, following it up to group the letters so they were the same size, spaced equally and laid out horizontally, I find that I don't know how to set the letters up so they are vertical(I want to make a sign without a background). Do I need to go to PO to do this or can Move It(or anything else) do this?
Deeheks Jul 3 @ 1:47pm 
Have you figured out how to read the guide on that same device?
roozis Jul 3 @ 10:07am 
would it be possible to get some information on how to use this mod on a macbook please?
GamerMooseNC May 13 @ 6:54pm 
@Quboid - That did the trick! Amazing, thank you! Was tearing my hair out over here.
Quboid  [author] May 13 @ 8:17am 
@GamerMooseNC - You need to upgrade the road. I recommend using Fine Road Tools 2 to change the mode to make them elevated.