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Feb 16, 2020 @ 1:45am
Nov 3, 2020 @ 11:16pm
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Just bringing back a missed feature that was available in an earlier version of the game. I started working on this in 1.06 as a proof of concept and a neat idea to bring back to the community, and had my own full system worked out. In 1.07 the developers at Bohemia Interactive started introducing a new back bones for notes in vanilla, so I dumped the majority of what I worked on for Notes, and picked up the new vanilla implementation and made it better, so instability could possibly happen as official updates go on, but I'll try my best on staying on top and bringing a pleasing looking UI and unique features to this mod.

I'm so excited to see how such a simple feature can spark ideas and interactability, post your ideas and experiences with notes below if you feel like sharing! Treasure hunts, trolling, stories, lore, you name it!

- The ability to place notes or paper
- Can read notes from hand or by targeting
- Can write on paper while in inventory (crafting) or by targeting
- Pen colors are now localized and descriptive to their color
- Pen colors show up while writting and reading a note
- Notes are logged server side in the server profile (name, steam64ID, and message)
- When writting on paper, it is transformed into a WrittenNote (for persistency configuration)

Planned Features
- Journal/Notebook to store multiple notes in.
- Pens will lose their durability when used.
- Server configurability and admin permissions.
- More pen colors?
- Drawing (a big maybe, performance will have to be tested).
- Admin notes, that can be spawned via init.c (static props, cannot be picked up).
- Admin menu and options for ingame abuse control (blacklisting players, deleting notes, cords).

Known Issues
- Not fully localized (contact me if you'd like to help).
- Notes/Paper don't place flush on surfaces (if anyone could help me out with making this better, please contact me!)
- Same animation is used for reading/writting notes when a pen is in hand.
- The UI scales to resolution, which means text can get out of line if viewing notes from someone who is using a different resolution. The UI was built for 1080p and up, any lower might result in cramming and text going off the UI.
- Minor sync issues with notes/paper in community offline mode (singleplayer).

I don't have time currently to fix these solvable issues, in admist to the current pandemic, but I will try to get them fixed sometime soon™

Special Thanks
NiiRoZz - a bit of scripting help and singleplayer compatibility
Cleetus - general ideas, motivation, and scripting help
liquid - his amazing debugging tools
Steve aka Salutesh - motivation and ideas
Bohemia Interactive - for the base scripting for notes (vanilla)
Thank you all who participated in the initial poll and to those who donated prematurely!

Usage & Terms
This item is NOT authorized (strictly forbidden) for any of these conditions:
- posting on Steam, except under the Steam account officialwardog.
- hosting on any download server other than Notes' current workshop download.
- hosting on any launcher for distribution other than Notes' current workshop download.
- to be packaged in any form other than Notes' current workshop download.
- to create derivative works.


Use a Collection if you want to include this mod on your server for your users.

Monetization while using this mod is approved.
Copyright 2019-2021 Wardog.

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14 hours ago
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ROBATRON3000 15 hours ago 
Hi @nemsi Just add this to your types.xml (Works no my server)...

<!-- Notes -->
<type name="WrittenNote">
<flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="0" crafted="0" deloot="0" />
<category name="tools" />
<usage name="Village" />
Monk3y_Busin3ss Apr 9 @ 5:28am 
Hello, ExistenceRp has been approved for monetization and we would love to still be able to use your mod on our server. In no way would your mod be used in making any profit. We just love leaving each other lil notes on much ado about nothing. Please let me know if we have your permission to continue using your very cool mod. Thank you and I await your response.
LeanSalmon Apr 9 @ 3:14am 
@Wardog I want to commission a mod from you, similar to the planned feature admin notes, but I am wanting just some written notes to behave like normal notes and maybe to name it slightly different from other notes, can I add you to talk details or a discord?
neмѕi Apr 8 @ 5:00am 
Hey there. Great mod you created, but making every piece of paper persistent even if not written on means stacks over stacks of papers players drop casucally all around the map. Is it possible to get another itemtyp to write on like a "Note" Item, which players could only obtain via types.xml or trader and not by unpacking stuff like ammo? that would greatly reduce trash around the map... Maybe even with a changeable skin for like ID-cards on RP-Servers? Cheers
LeanSalmon Apr 7 @ 1:14am 
hi, im wanting to cause one note with a written message to spawn at a location, is this possible?
fredskaut57 Apr 3 @ 9:07am 
hi ! how to install this mod ? did i need to add some code in types.xml ? if yes, where it is please ?
_ExluX_ Mar 28 @ 3:53pm 
@PistonHips What exactly do you mean? I'm having the problem of despawning Notes on DeerIsle, also with its classname in the Types.xml.
PistonHips Mar 28 @ 11:56am 
Are there any known issues for compatibility using this Mod on Deerisle?
Wardog  [author] Mar 27 @ 1:23pm 
I'll fix the notes not sticking, seems like something was changed in vanilla where an additional check for collision was added. Notes is getting a complete redux, so they won't totally break when BI decides to add them back into vanilla. The text scaling issue will also be resolved, for the most part, it's an overly complicated solution but it works.
michifalkenberg Mar 18 @ 5:23am 
Hi. is it allowed to unzip and texture this mod? :)