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Deadtime Defenders

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Getting Started Guide
By Ravenous Games
This short guide will explain the key features for Deadtime Defenders in a bit more depth.
Getting Started
Welcome to Deadtime Defenders. We hope this guide will help you get started on the right foot by explaining some of the core features in the game.
You perform runs in Deadtime Defenders looking for new loot. Loot comes in the form of weapons, costumes, weapon skins, weapon mods, and two currencies: Salvage and Crystals.

You will use Salvage to buy items from Diesel (a merchant vendor) in the HQ. You use Crystals to unlock new zones, respec your perks, and pay for Void Runs when you reach the End-Game.

When you begin a run you will have to defeat a certain amount of enemies to complete the wave. After you complete the wave, you will have some crates you can choose to break open for rewards. You move right to enter the next section and the next wave will start. Complete all the waves and you will find the portal and a steel crate that rewards a new piece of loot. Enter the portal to complete the run. You will be able to replay the same zone to grind for loot or you can return to HQ and interact with NPCs.

Pro-tip: Power Level
You want to hit level 30 as soon as possible so you can perform Void Runs looking for Legendary loot. There are few ways to fast track this progress. First, add the Quick Learner perk to get the XP boost while killing enemies. Second, make sure you are redeeming bounties in the HQ as soon as possible.
You can have up to 3 perks, 3 weapons, and 1 costume equipped forming your character's loadout.

It's important to pick perks that compliment your play style. Do you play as a tank and want to be able to take as much damage as possible? Do you prefer to play more defensive and favor agility? There are 40 perks to mix and match that will help you play to your style. It's also important to choose perks that compliment the firepower you are bringing on runs with you.

Perks help even the odds on the battlefield. There are 40 perks spread over 4 categories: Health, Combat, Agility, and Other. They range from damage boosts when using specific types of weapons, regenerating health, movement speed boost, revive ability, XP boost, and so many more.

We can't wait to hear what combination you choose to create your character build.

Don't worry about picking the wrong ones. You can always respec and redistribute your skill points.

There are a variety of weapon categories in Deadtime Defenders. We have pistols, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and more. All weapons have pros and cons to using them. Machine guns have really heavy kickback making them hard to control but they do lots of damage. Sniper rifles have piercing bullets that can go through multiple enemies. Shotguns absolutely destroy enemies up close, but do hardly any damage long range. It's important to chose weapons that compliment your play-style but also compliment each other. Choose wisely to help with different gameplay scenarios. You don't want to get caught in a long reload with fast enemies approaching!

Rare, Epic, and Legendary weapons can be improved by equipping weapon mods. They have 1, 2 and 3 weapon mod slots respectively. Common weapons are unable to have mods equipped. You can use weapon mods to increase the damage, increase the firing rate, add critical hit chance, and more. These help balance out the weaknesses of most weapons and give you some deadly firepower on your runs.

Weapon Sprays
Once you have some weapons you really like, there is no better way to personalize them than by applying a weapon spray. Find a spray-can in the game, take it to Ace in the HQ, and he'll help you apply it to your weapon! Sweet!

You have 4 bounties slots that track secondary objectives. You complete these bounties to earn extra rewards. After redeeming a bounty a new one will be assigned to you. You will earn XP, Salvage, and/or Crystals for completing them. These bounties add some variety to the looting and shooting. If you complete these quickly and redeem them early, it will really help you level up faster.

Void Runs
Void Runs are restricted to those who have reached the End-Game. Once you reach level 30, you unlock the End-Game. Void Runs are where you'll find the best content in Deadtime Defenders. Legendary weapons, costumes, and weapon mods await you here. You will need to spend crystals to perform a run in the Void.

When you complete a run without dying you will be rewarded with some of the best loot the game has to offer! Legendary weapons come with 3 mod slots and a random weapon talent that is bound to to the item. Legendary costumes come with 3 stat buffs and a random talent. Legendary weapon mods roll with the highest bonuses.

Community / Getting Help
Our Discord community would love to share strategy and answer any questions you may have. Be sure to join the conversation!

It's the best place to report bugs, suggest new features, and communicate directly with the developers.