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SPUK emergency fix for S+
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Feb 9 @ 4:52pm
Feb 9 @ 6:19pm
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SPUK emergency fix for S+

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This is a fast fix for the potencial abuse of the pull system. It adds a small delay between pull requests, so people can't overflood the server causing lags and server crashs.

This mod must be loaded before S+ !!!
Singleplayer don't need this, obviously.
You also don't need this if you just disable the hole pull system.

As this is a very quick patch without a proper failsafe (meaning shutting of pull system if the fixed file isn't loaded), please check if it is really working on your server. Just try to pull multiple times very fast. You should see an error message pop up, telling you to wait.If you see this, it is working. Make sure to check again after server restart, to make sure the files are still loaded the right way.

You can also see that the mod is loaded by checking the pull icon, it should be more white then blue.

This is a hacky temp fix not intended to be used forever. Please make yourself comfortable with the idea to switch to one of the upcoming S+ forgs/replacments or make your own if you don't want to disable the pulling system.

By request there is now also a version with a 5 second delay instead of the 1 second of this one.
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Harley Quinn  [author] Mar 14 @ 7:28am 
Super Structures is not end of life, the mod autor should fix this in it's mod.
123 Mar 13 @ 8:01pm 
Does Super Structures work?
123 Feb 23 @ 10:25pm 
or use 10k stack mod and lower the S+ storage slots and disable the engram of dedicated storage both standart and s+
Harley Quinn  [author] Feb 23 @ 2:36am 
Yes, there was a video showing people how to easily crash avery server that has s+ installed via the pull system. The video was deleted, but the problem is still there. You can disable the pull system, that will protect you best. But if you don't want that, this is another soution.
Anric Feb 22 @ 11:39pm 
So am I to understand then that something in the original S+ mod is broke and this is temp fix for it?
123 Feb 21 @ 10:50pm 
yeah you're right thx for solution
Harley Quinn  [author] Feb 21 @ 9:02am 
It is working fine for over 5000 subscribers. please reread the description.

Yes that is true, it is a temp fix, like I wrote in the description. But better then nothing or the need to diable pulling all together. You should switch to a mod that is still maintained in the future.

Well sure, this is possible, but theer are other stuff that can bring down a server if enough people do it at the same time. But at least it needs more then 1 kid to bring down your server. I will see if I come up with something more reliable for my own s+ mod.
123 Feb 20 @ 8:01pm 
and sadly this is not a real solution. for example a crowded tribe or with allies they can easily make this thing at the same time together even if they have a delay per user.
123 Feb 20 @ 7:58pm 
it doesnt work
Typhon Perun Feb 14 @ 7:05pm 
You can leave it on, and such.. I was just noting examples for what to look for.