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[VJ] Gmod of the Dead Reanimated
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Feb 9, 2020 @ 12:07am
Jul 17 @ 4:23am
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[VJ] Gmod of the Dead Reanimated

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Gmod of the Dead Reanimated 🖐️
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Welcome to my Gmod of the Dead Reanimated!
This long lost addon has finally been risen back from the grave and it's here to stay for good. I'm very sure almost everyone knows what happened to GOTD before by King of Pootis so I don't need to explain it really since he already discussed it. I had the original VJ Base addon of GOTD for a longtime, so I decided to rework on it using features from LNR while keeping it as close as possible to the original GOTD. I don't plan to put too much time or effort into this due to LNR being my main priority. I may update this whenever there's improvements I've done etc. I decided to make this because I want people to have nostalgia of what GOTD was like back then as well make some fans happy and such that this lost addon is back and it's here to stay until the very end, so please, enjoy. Thank you, King of Pootis for making this legendary Zombie mod, LNR wouldn't exist if it weren't for the predecessor series.

Disclaimer: This does not require LNR as it has it's own content.
No, I will not be adding the eating corpse feature back, it had too many issues etc. Anymore requests or asks about it will get you blocked or ignored.

You need VJ Base for this to work!
Found a bug or issue? Report it in the Bugs/Errors Discussion
  • Zombies
  • Children
  • Hell Zombie
  • Tank
  • Zomboy
  • Random Spawners
  • Single Spawners
  • Horde
  • Random Spawns
  • Map Spawners
  • Fully customizable with the Configure Settings menu! (Same as LNR)
  • SNPCs only perform biting animations as well with a leap biting attack!
  • Huge Variety of models and skins.(Over 50+, even more!)
  • Infected Players/NPCs will retain their assets!
  • Hell Zombie has a chance to spawn with fire effects!
  • Hell Zombie can set enemies on fire, Recommended to use vFire for full potential!
  • Zomboy plays electronic sounds instead of zombie sounds!
  • Remaining misc Zombies.
  • Any Bug fixes.
  • Me(Darkborn) Making addon, fixing models, textures etc.
  • Valve - Original assets.
  • DrVrej - VJ Base.
  • King of Pootis - Original GOTD addons, custom models/textures.
  • George A. Romero - For the zombies we know in love, RIP you will be not be forgotten.
  • Treyarch - BO3 Animations.
  • Zet0r - BO3 animation ports.
  • NMRiH Team - Sounds, some anims, music, etc.
  • Epicplayer40 - Helping with Infection System improvements.
  • ArsenicCatnip :33 - Providing with additional .gma files.
  • Drunk Headcrab - Providing some improvements in Infection system, etc.
    Anyone else where credit is due!
    Huge thanks to MrDeadlyMatt for showcasing this mod!
Copyright © 2018-20XX by Darkborn, All rights reserved.
All trademarks belong to their respective owners.
All content not owned or claimed by Darkborn belong to their respective owners.
Nothing in these files or/and code may be reproduced, copied, adapted, merged or modified without prior written consent of the original author, Darkborn.
Doing so would be violating Valves Terms and Conditions and the Steam Workshop Rules[][].
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Jul 15 @ 12:25am
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Jul 31 @ 12:58pm
[FIXED (Kinda)] All walker zombies just broke
< >
Darkborn  [author] Jul 24 @ 10:31pm 
@Obsidian Plague - Source engine bug where it causes SNPCs sharing the exact same models being able to damage each other and other issues, so the individual zombies have a chance to spawn as Runners or Walkers.
Obsidian Plague Jul 24 @ 2:47pm 
Was there any specific reason why the running zombies were removed?
SOTILASPOLIISI Jul 20 @ 4:19pm 
So Zomboy uses electronic sounds instead of Zombie sounds, are the sounds from some dubstep songs, or are they just made particularly for this addon?
Awesomepug965 Jul 19 @ 9:29pm 
Wonder why the original got deleted
Sunny Jul 17 @ 6:17am 
Oh okay thanks for informing me
Darkborn  [author] Jul 17 @ 4:13am 
@Sunny - Apparently I forgot to fix the player infection part, will be fixed in the next update that's currently in the process.
Sunny Jul 17 @ 3:18am 
Hey im not sure if this is a problem on my end but both me and my friend are getting the same error, The infection system isn't working for me, not sure if im doing something wrong though.
Sunny Jul 16 @ 4:52am 
Okay not to annoy or anything but, is there any addons you know that conflict?
Sunny Jul 16 @ 4:34am 
Oh thanks man,
Darkborn  [author] Jul 16 @ 4:33am 
@Sunny - Make sure you have the option enabled from the configure menu.