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Roads to Kiev: 01 Baptism of Fire [IFA3,CSA38,WW2]
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Roads to Kiev: 01 Baptism of Fire [IFA3,CSA38,WW2]

The campaig is available for download here:

Ukraine 1941: Take control of Rolf Steiner, a german Fallschirmjäger who takes part in Operation Barbarossa. You're part of "Sturmgruppe Stahl" with orders to secure strategic positions in a region south of Kiev. Support the attack with supplies and Stuka Airstrikes.

Approx. 20-40 Min gameplay - depending on your skills.

Germany has launched Operation Barbarossa. The troops have crossed the boarder of Ukraine. The strategic goal is to encircle and trap the enemy in Kiev. Capturing the roads to Kiev southeast of the capital will enable the mobile forces to perform a fast advance towards Kiev.

I've worked around 200 hours for that mission including self developed scripts and user testing. I've tried to combine some historical accuracy with some gameplay and scripting ideas. So please bare in mind not everything is historical correct - it's still a game and should be entertaining. I hope you like it.

German and English

If you LIKE this mission please let me know. I plan to release a whole mini campaign "ROADS TO KIEV" in the future. This will contain some more infantry and tank based combat in the early days of "Operation Barbarossa".

Feel free to give me some helpful feedback on the mission in the comments below. You're also welcome to report any bugs.


VALERYRIDER for beeing amazingly supportive
KRFABIAN for beeing my test user
WHISMASTERSPIKE for motivation speech
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ᴘᴀʀᴀʙᴇʟʟᴜᴍ Jul 20 @ 3:09pm 
Nevermind, figured it out- it's complicated but I got it.
ᴘᴀʀᴀʙᴇʟʟᴜᴍ Jul 20 @ 3:03pm 
How do I tow the AT gun with the sapper truck?
buckaroo Jul 2 @ 6:12am 

Thanks man! I found a couple of them, I just dont know how to pick em up lol, will keep trying
BURNS  [author] Jul 2 @ 12:46am 

Sorry mate, i've just seen you post now. This is only the demo mission - i think you thread belongs to the actual campaign here:

The fuel thing is a small riddle:

You should always be able to find fuel. There are empty and filled canisters you can pick up. If you've found an empty one you can pick it up and refuel it at one of the Theatre of Wars.
But you're also able to finde a filled one at one of the ToW. Let me know if you need more help - i'll try not to spoiler to much ;-)
buckaroo Jun 28 @ 2:36pm 
i got problems finding fuel (ive investigated every theater) is there a possibility of just not finding fuel whatsoever? other than that, great mission making! real inspiring work, keep it up!
Maxghiro16 Jun 21 @ 3:46am 
Excellent mission. Thank you!
Herr Hund Jun 12 @ 9:35am 
@BURNS i disabled all mods except the ones i needed and it worked. Thank you.
BURNS  [author] Jun 12 @ 8:04am 
@Herr Hund,

Okay tried it again still works here. What it could be:

Are you using any additional mods which influences you keyboard controls? If so turn them off and try again.

"Toogle Raise Weapon" is not "0" by default as far as i know. The "0" opens the "Menu Reply" as
Check your Keyboard Controls in the Tab "Command" and search for the Entry "Open Menu (Reply). Does it say "0" ?

Maybe for you it's a different key so it should be "your key - 8 -1".

Given you open the menu with backspace you should see two entries "5 Status" and "0 Reply". Choose "0 Reply" Then "8 Supports" and then "1 Airstike" However you can also use your mouse wheel to select these entries.

And last but not least:

Do you see the "support icon" on the left side of your screen?
Herr Hund Jun 12 @ 7:33am 
when i press 0 for the menu it just puts away all weapons and tools and if pressed again it grabs my primary weapon. i can only open the menu with backspace and at no point i can select 8, i can select fire support but there's nothing under that tab. I would love some help.
BURNS  [author] Jun 10 @ 11:00am 
Thank you for the nice feedback.

You're right i decided in favor of the gameplay instead of historical accuracy. I felt that ARMA makes more fun when fighting against different weapon classes. AI is not very well in shooting bolt action rifles. For the germans i wanted to give a wider variety of submachineguns just for the players to have fun with.