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Creating Maps and Challenges in the "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor"
By NeoRider7 and 1 collaborators
Program Description "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor"[]
The ability to create missions and maps in a few clicks of the mouse!
The fastest and easiest way!
Without programming, editing files and reading documentation.
"PBCE PlanetBase Challenge (Mission) Editor"
The figure shows the interface view of program version 1.0
This is an approximate view of the interface.
Download the latest version[] of the program to see the updated interface.
What the PBCE does
- creates new missions for the game Planetbase in a few clicks of the mouse!
- This is the fastest and easiest way.
- without programming, editing files or reading documentation.
- creates a terrain landscape (maps) according to given wishes. (height of mountains, area of ​​lakes, flat plains, etc.).
- creates conditions on the planet according to wishes (storms, solar flares, etc.).
- The color characteristics of everything in the game are edited here, like never before, clearly and conveniently.
- sets mission goals and descriptions and textual information about the mission are written in a convenient interface.
- sets all possible initial conditions in the game.
- sets all possible conditions for the mission in the game.

- It is possible to create your mission entirely in one program in just a few minutes! And then see your new mission in the Planetbase game menu.

- just run the program file anywhere and on any system. In the program interface, specify the desired number of desired parameters for your new mission.
How PBCE works
Just run the program file anywhere and on any system.

In the program interface, specify the desired number of desired parameters for your new mission.

Everything is very simple and convenient. Use the mouse to select the item you want to edit and use the numbers to set the desired value.
No editing text files or programming.
Video List:

1) [Eng] "Planetbase in 2020", Author: gearldc717

2) [Rus] "What's New in 2020? OWN CARDS AND MISSIONS!", Author: "Cabalos Channel"
PBCE Development Phase
- The "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor" program was created at the end of 2019. In 2020, active testing takes place and user feedback is collected for the subsequent improvement of the program.
- Now (for 2020) the program is actively improving. The author quickly answers and works with the wishes of users.
Language support
By default, the program has an interface with English.
The author is ready to add support for other languages ​​if someone needs it.
From my point of view, in the program everything is intuitively clear, a minimum of text. But if someone wants to, then just let the author know.
Or, if you are good at programming, help improve the program[]!

P.S.: Stay tuned for program updates[]. Perhaps your language has already been added to the program.
Internet resources PBCE
Resources of the program "PBCE PlanetBase Challenge (Mission) Editor":

a.1) Web page on NexusMods, download -

a.2) Web page on NexusMods, discussions and suggestions -

b) Page on Steam -
c.1) GitHub page - source code:

c.2) download directly from GitHub -

c.3) Report problems / wishes on GitHub - (If you find errors / problems, do not hesitate to send them directly to this editor repository).
Support program development
If you are good at programming, it will be great if you help a little to improve the "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor" program.

There is a vision and tasks to make the program even better.
It is planned to introduce additional features.

Discussions on improving the program are conducted mainly here:
a) on NexusMods
b) on GitHub

The source code for the "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor" is located on GitHub[]
You can modify the code with other programmers!

Thank you for your help in developing the game and the Planetbase community!
Contact with the author
Program author: Matthew Piekarski

You can write your questions and suggestions about improving the program here:

1) GitHub
(If you find any bugs/issues, feel free to submit it directly to the editor repo).

2) NexusMod
A convenient communication interface in the form of a forum. Planetbase users here discuss the development of various mods for the game and also, of course, this is the "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor" program.

3) Steam

4) Developer mail: Matthew dot Piekarski at gmail dot com
Interface PBCE
Interface of the program "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor"
Below are screenshots of the interface of the version "1.Beta.a".
Perhaps now is a newer version.
In-game Challenge interface
What does the created challenge look like inside the Planetbase game?

After you created your challenge (mission) in the "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor" program, files with your challenge are created in the mission folder which looks something like this:
"C: \ Users \ "NameUser" \ Documents \ Planetbase \ Challenges \"
where "NameUsers" is the name of your operating system account.
(Please note that this is not the folder in which the Planetbase game is installed, but another).

Challenges (missions) created in the "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor" program inside the game interface will be located in the сhallenge (mission) menu, next to all other Challenges.

Your challenges created in the program will be merged into one company under the name "jPBCE Beta".

The screenshot below shows how the challenge created in the program (mission) can look like. The text of the description of the challenge here is written as an example.
Type of sites with version "1.Beta.a"
Appearance of sites where it is possible to download the program and discuss issues / suggestions with the developer.
Screenshots were taken in February 2020 for the version "1.Beta.a".
Perhaps now is a newer version.
Maps of Planetbase Users
Post your work with challenges and terrain maps created in the program "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor" to the Steam Workshop or just send links to files with your missions[].

Share screenshots of what terrain maps you created!
Share feedback and your experiences with the PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor.
(In the comments on this guide, write and post links to screenshots).

Thank you for developing the Planetbase community!
WITHOUT STEAM use of Missions
If you are not on Steam, you can also download and upload new missions for the game Planetbase.
The fact is that, in their format, missions are small text files.
You can send these text files to other players without Steam and players can download your missions without using Steam.
To download a custom mission for Planetbase, you just need to place the files with the mission in a special folder for missions located at:
The address where the Planetbase game loads custom missions is: "% HOME% \ Documents \ Planetbase \ Challenges".

An example of how it is possible to upload and download missions without using Steam:
Mission: "Small mountain island":
a) download through Steam Workshop:
b) download directly from the link:
A) INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for the "Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor":

A1) detailed instructions

A2) short instruction "ReadMe"

A3) In very short:
1. Unpack the file,
2. Run it
3. Set up game parameters you want
4. Click Save Challenge
5. Run game, your challenge will be on the list under "jPBCE Interstellar"

Every parameter in editor UI should have a tooltip if you hover over it. It was based on the xml creation guid so if you are stuck in what which param means please refer to that: Guide "Creating Challenges".
Helpful information
Useful information on Planetbase in other manuals on creating challenges:

1) [Eng] "Creating Challenges" - instructions from the creators of the game
(MadrugaWorks) how to create challenges and upload them to the Steam Workshop

2) [Eng] "Blank XML for challenges with instructions"
Some parts might be missing but i've got most of it. I omitted some of the components and strucutres as I have not tested them yet. I made this to make designing challenges easy for myself because I enjoy re-inventing the rules of a game. So here's the fruit of my labor. Just move stuff out of the commented areas to turn them on.

2.2) Creating Planetbase challanges, Base Invaders

3) [Eng] Create an island map for challenge

4) [Rus] All About Challenges (Missions)

5) [Rus] How to create a mission with an unusual map?

6) [Rus] Alignment of landscapes with a cheat mod

7) [Eng] Where to find ANSWERS and INFORMATION on Planetbase?

8) [Rus] List of Mods

9) [Rus] ALL VIDEOS on Planetbase. Walkthrough Challenges

10) What would you like to improve in the game?

Please inform me in the comments to this manual if:

a) any information written in this manual is outdated, is no longer relevant, you know more correct information.
b) you have found typos or inconsistencies.
c) you know how to supplement the manual on this topic.

d) you are good at writing code and can write a new mod, improve the work of the "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor" program.

e) you create new challenges and create maps for the game Planetbase.

We share experience and useful information with each other and the community!

Thanks to everyone for helping to develop the Planetbase community!
Success in conquering new planets!
Share your work with challendes (missions) and maps created in the program "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor"!

Put it in the Steam Workshop or just share links to the files of your missions[].
For example, as here the mission "Small mountain island - 1" is posted here[].

Share screenshots of what you managed to create!
Share feedback and your experiences with the "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor".
In the comments to this guide, write and post links to screenshots.

Thank you for developing the Planetbase community!
Manual Translation
This manual is also presented in translation into the languages:

1) Russian

You can translate this manual into other languages.
Links to manuals in other languages under the "PBCE Planetbase Challenge (Mission) Editor" program will be added to this list.

Thank you for helping to develop the community and the Planetbase game!
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