Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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(RWY-N) Railway Narrow: Network Collection
Narrow Gauge (1067mm) Network Collection for Railway ecosystem.

Railway: Manual
Must read: User guide for Railway and Railway Narrow.

Railway: Main Collection
Collection that has style props, universal deco networks, signals.

Track standards for vehicle creators
Contains fbx file for RWY and RWY-N, which has tracks, wheels and respective pivot points.
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Railway Replacer
Created by Ronyx69
Station track and prop replacement. Developed by Simon Royer with help from Egi.

Read description of the Railway collection:
Railway Props
Created by Ronyx69
Basic set of props used for all Railway releases.

Read description of the Railway collection:
Railway Narrow - Props
Created by REV0
Prop pack that is being used by Railway Narrow.

Check collection for details....
Network Tiling
Created by Ronyx69
Loads custom tiling values for network segment and node textures.

The mod is required for people who want to use networks which depend on this mod.

Makes it easier for asset creators to texture networks (roads, walls canals etc.) by allowing to contr...
PropRotating Params
Created by Ronyx69
While previously created rotating props still require the PropRotating Params mod, a new method for saving shader parameters by boformer has removed the requirement for a mod.

See the PropRotating Shader article:
Move It
Created by Quboid
Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.14.1-f2

This mod allows you to select, move and align various things.

Railway Narrow - Eglisau Truss Bridge
Created by REV0
Narrow Gauge Network - Eglisau, Switzerland
Railway Narrow - Bare Networks
Created by REV0
Narrow Gauge Network Package - Bare Networks
Railway Narrow - Rural tracks
Created by YODOH
Railway Narrow - Rural tracks is an extension of Railway Narrow, featuring 1067mm narrow gauge with custom tunnel, viaduct, bridge, and sleepers.
Gravel texture depends on the map theme.
memo: Do not make junction in Tunnel. In the front and back of the ...
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