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The CnC Collection: Nod Edition
Want to play chess with Kane, blow up villages, and fire nuclear missiles, but don't have the time/patience/miscellanous reason to build the base? This Nod Prefab set will set you down the path to the noble rank of base commander!

I release these prefabs on the following condition:

If you make a map with my prefabs, give me credit.

*GDI and Civie Collections are seperate.
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Nod ConYard
Created by Don Trump 4
Nod ConYards are more magestic than its GDI counterparts. In addition to their useless box-creating skills, they additionally sport a computer interface in the building AND more concrete! This is a great example of Nod architectural innovation....
Nod Power Plant
Created by Don Trump 4
Nod Power plant interiors are generally not well lit. This is ironic considering they're in a power plant. Oh well, at least Nod technicians get their own offices and lockers. Such are the sacrifices in life....
Nod Hand of Nod
Created by Don Trump 4
Nod architecture is superior to GDI structures. The Hand of Nod has 2 stories plus an accessible rooftop, an awesome hand statue, and an elevator. Computer terminals are availible as well. What does GDI have, a flag, some barbed wire, and a concrete yard? ...
Nod Refinery
Created by Don Trump 4
As Nod supporters we deeply care about 3rd world countries that we rely on for GDI resistance. Because of this we lock up all the tiberium for our own selfish base-building expenditures and local village burnings. Our superiors would be proud....
Nod C Center
Created by Don Trump 4
In case you haven't noticed, Nod absolutely loves maps. So much that they replaced a lot of their floor with a walk-on map, which uses up most of the Comm Center's power with it's light-up "Tiberium" green Christmas lights. Did I mention everybody gets the...
Nod Airstrip
Created by Don Trump 4
"Nod Engineering is an efficient vehicle manufacturing plant. Instead of spread out inefficient factories like the GDI, we get all our vehicles from one concentrated area. Our airlines are so cheap, vehicle costs are less than a on-base factory. Come get a...
Nod Advanced PP
Created by Don Trump 4
Congrats, your engineers snapped a power cable between the power plant and a newly-errected reactor, and called it an "Advanced Power Plant, charging more than double the original cost. It doesn't help your plant workers, though: lighting still hasn't been...
Nod Turret
Created by Don Trump 4
It's a well known fact that turret's are just light tanks stuck in the ground.

Don't believe me? Let's look at the facts.

1. A turret and a light tank cost the same.
2. Both fire a tank shell projectile.
3. Both have a revolving barrel.
4. Both can be re...
Nod Silo
Created by Don Trump 4
Tiberium is a valuable resource. To protect it from the 3rd world countries we love we must collect it and put it in anti-theft containers that only $500 engineers can hack into. But that's not going to happen, because we usually put it behind an Obelisk o...
Nod Obelisk
Created by Don Trump 4
What is in the Obelisk of Light? No one knows for sure, because everyone is too afraid of being blasted by the laser to go in. One favorite theory is that Hal 3000 resides in there and we are at the mercy of a computer program....

You: "I'm going to repla...
Nod Helipad
Created by Don Trump 4
In the 1950s Apaches carried 10 anti-tank missiles. Somewhere between then and the 1990s someone decided to switch out for machine guns.

It was a good call.

These Helipads will usually have helicopters on them for air support....
Nod SAM Site
Created by Don Trump 4
Back in the 1950s SAM sites constantly stayed out in the elements of the world, constantly watching the skies for Allied helicopters. 40 years later the SAMs were drastically improvide using new technology that lowered the SAM underground, preventing usefu...
Temple of Nod
Created by Don Trump 4
Kane loves Tiberium. Kane loves nuclear missiles. As a result we built a Temple of, Nod-that has both Tiberium and Nuclear missiles. Perhaps through our devout worship and zeal can Kane turn his attention on your base....
Nod Repair Bay
Created by Don Trump 4
One advantage of becoming a base commander is that you automatically become a wizard. In other words, you can turn money into magic to repair buildings and vehicles.

The repair bay is where you use that magic to repair your broken vehicles. Sounds simple,...
Nod Tech Center
Created by Don Trump 4
Nod Scientists enjoy Tiberium so much they decided to make a litle garden in the Tech Center's courtyard. Aside from that they dabble in Laser research, Radiation Tests, and Tiberium Research.

Unfortunately, this research does not assist you or your base ...
Nod Hovercraft
Created by Don Trump 4
Officially the Hovercraft was based on plans "stolen" from the GDI. But you know the real story: naval "aquisitioning" is so popular among the GDI that it was picked up by Nod engineers, who used retired Apaches to create the rotors on their transport craf...
Chain Link Fence
Created by Don Trump 4
This 1x5x3 chain link fence will keep out even the most determined of enemies... who am I kidding? Anyone can just blow a hole in the wall without even trying, it's almost like Nod wants angry neighbors in their base.

Oh wait......
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Don Trump 4  [author] Mar 10, 2014 @ 7:06pm 
When you build a map, press Q to use prefabs, use your mouse wheel to scroll through them.

This may or may not work in a multiplayer match, due to reasons I've never found out.
Scout Mar 10, 2014 @ 6:16pm 
WOWCH how does we use em?