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TTT Zombie Mode mini game - BETA
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Feb 2 @ 3:01am
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TTT Zombie Mode mini game - BETA

TTT Zombie Mode (Mini Game)
A mini gamemode-in-round for Garry's Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT)

How this Works
This addon does not require Power-Rounds/ULX yet. This feature will be added in future!

The mechanics is pretty simple. The gameplay is either can be triggered during active normal ttt round or queued proper round. It can also to be triggered at any rounds as you desired (it also repeat too!)
Or perhaps admin can control the Event by using special commands.

With this addon enabled, this will allows Any Traitor to become Zombies with Extra HP, Speed, (and possibly armor (coming soon)) and Limited weapons. Limited Weapons by default only contain Crowbar and Knife. Also, credits will be removed as well.
Innocent and detective will also do their works to helping each other & working together to kill those Spooky Zombies!

More Zombies = More Challenge + More Extra HP for Zombies will be earned!

The number Extra HP for zombies will be determined on how many players that presents in the server. By Default, Their base HP is 150 and if your server has 10 players in it, it will be multiplied by totalling 1500 HP on each single zombies.

Use with your Custom Weapons/Addons!

Have many addons that seems kinda Powerful? This one will helps! :)


*Please note that this version is currently under BETA stage. Some unproper balance, or other issues may comes up unexpectedly unless you manage this addon right.*

*Please also note that this has already containing Anti-Karma Reducer which may caused by RDM between same team. The karma points will be stay locked and will be reset
following from Previous Round or follows from ttt_karma_max's ConVar.*

Suggestion are welcomed! Feel free to put your feed back on Steam Workshop Discussion/Comment. You can also support this addon by donating: !

Console Variable, Commands & Configurations
If you'd like to know the Console Variable, Commands, and Configurations Visit to the GitHub here:

To avoid (confusion) that the mini game isn't running, Be sure to specify your Minimum Players Needed (by using ttt_zmode_minply) ConVar to make the event available! By default, Minimum 10 players are needed in the server in order to get the mini game running. If you are running a multiplayer/server less than10 players present you need to change the ConVar 'ttt_zmode_minply' to your corresponding total players in server.

For server owners you may need a GitHub Version instead of Workshop version in order to able configure this addon!
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Wolvindra-Vinzuerio  [author] Feb 2 @ 3:43am 
Please note that if you think you have the addon installed and the mini game isnt working (and playing with less than 10 people in the server), please make sure to change the convar 'ttt_zmode_minply' to the corresponding total players you are playing with.