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Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Multiplayer Helper
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Multiplayer Helper

Multiplayer Helper:

Originally built for Civilization esports event (e.g. CWC tournaments), this mod initial objective was to limit the amount of game re-lobbying by preventing the AI from taking over players unit during on disconnect. It has grown to include numerous MP & SP quality of like improvements for competitive players such as well as new gameplay modes.

Check the install video guide made by Auguthy

In-game improvements:
  • AI will not automatically takeover humans unit on disconnection. Allowing player to reconnect and then move their units. Host can decide if the AI is taking over if it is a legitimate quit.
  • Players can vote in-game to restart on a new map seed.
  • Host can directly remap in-game
  • New lua-based turn timers with most popular tournament settings, also available in SP for training.
Note: New functionalities available from the in-game (Esc) menu under "Multiplayer Helper"

Frontend improvements:
  • Players can rename themselves directly from the lobby
  • Game is now supporting up to 50 players
  • Players can vote to select their map settings ("Voting Draft")
  • Players can do esports style draft with Map Bans, Leaders Ban, and timed pick ("Tournament Draft")
  • Players can be restricted to pick from a randomly allocated leaders only ("Restricted Draft")
Note: Due to some restrictions to Firaxis mod hotloading, some new functionalities such as drafting are requiring the mod to be subscribed and the game to be restarted in-order to be available. Host would not be able to select those functionalities unless all players have subscribed.

New game modes:
  • Anonymous mode: all players are anonymous in game
  • Last Move First Move mode: limits Multiplayer abuses when an unit both attack at the very end of a turn and at the start of the new turn
  • Sudden Death mode: players are slowly eliminated 1 by 1 looking based on their ranking
  • One City Challenge mode: can only hold one city and can build watchtowers to claim land outside your capital.
Note: Like Firaxis New Frontier Pass "Apocalypse mode", you can only select the modes when creating the game. Game would have to be recreated if you decide to add another mode after creating your lobby. Some modes would be activated mid-June after the CCC IV tournament announcement. These modes are also available in Single-Player for training.

CPL is a league of players who love civ6 and would do anything for one more turn.
Come join the fun if you are up for the challenge. New players are always welcome.

Discord :

Support Development: Paypal link[]

(Everything is done for free, but if you put anything in the jar it will go toward a pizza night with the kids and help support family acceptance ;-) )

Join our Steam chat here : steam://friends/joinchat/103582791431089902

Compatible with other CPL mods:

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Jun 21 @ 1:23am
Can it be split ?
< >
Black Monkey Nov 19 @ 6:56am 
There are no problems in networking with people - I played on cwc everything was ok
Black Monkey Nov 19 @ 6:55am 
comment below about one city challenge
Black Monkey Nov 19 @ 6:54am 
I have a problem with this mod, if I start a game with bots, it doesn't matter single or multiplayer, then for about 40-50 turns my game breaks
the same error every game

Unhandled Exception
Error reading address 0xffffffff

Call Stack
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
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??? ! ??? ???, line 0
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??? ! ??? ???, line 0
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Truwl Nov 16 @ 12:00pm 
Hi, is there a Linux version, with lower cased folders name in the code ?
p0kiehl Nov 1 @ 5:48pm 
Wonderful mod. My MP games have been so much more stable since using this.

One request if possible...Right now, the player renaming only works on starting a brand new game. If you're loading up a saved MP session, you can no longer change names. Can this be enabled?
Daku Oct 17 @ 3:32am 
very buggy. the map keeps revealing and unrevealing itself and the civ showcase at the top keeps glitching out.
FleshMechanic Sep 6 @ 3:12pm 
Is there a way to turn off the colour weirdness? I'm honestly only using this to stop the AI from being dicks and using the restart thing. I just play with my partner, not with rando's so all the "COMPETITIVE" stuff isn't really a concern, but having all the units coloured weird with bare script showing is kind of janky and uncomfortable
@Katyuha yep same
Sauhund Aug 16 @ 5:01am 
Is there a way to switch the turn timer off?
Katyucha Aug 12 @ 12:21pm 
hi.. cant play with it. When this mod is active, i cant "end turn".