Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Graveyard (Bomb/Defuse)
Game Mode: Classic, Deathmatch
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Jan 31 @ 6:51am
Feb 2 @ 6:49am
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Graveyard (Bomb/Defuse)

...time has past since the events that drought Suez Canal in 2026, stranded under the scorching sun on a sea of sand lies the remains of the CVN-class warship "Carry". A place the locals named the Graveyard.

Another humble attempt to create something different, if you are into typical 3-lane layouts this map is probably not for you.

- A unorthodox non-typical layout
- A unique theme, easy to learn but hard to master
- Tactical choices that caters for different playstyles

Enjoy and remember to be nice to each other!
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burNout Feb 17 @ 12:11pm 
awesome map
Sir Bongo Cat Feb 14 @ 7:16am 
theme reminds me of turbine from bo2, cool map and keep it going!
Neox Feb 13 @ 6:31pm 
Beautiful map but where is csgo
ƎVIŦƎƦƉƎ Feb 10 @ 4:12pm 
Can't believe how refined this map looks since me and my friends play tested it in September of 2019. Great progress, wish the best to ya.
egglord Feb 5 @ 4:58pm 
Absolutely nailed the theme. Just everything goes together in such a perfect way, like the transitions to outside, it's just so good. The bombsites could probably be a little bit more complex, but other than that this map is beautiful
GUNSM♿KE45 Feb 4 @ 9:29am 
Really nice map, but bombsites looks kinda easy on this complex map
Rapid - LS NYN Feb 3 @ 11:24pm 
I love the layout. Very interesting and unique.
Meurglis3 Feb 3 @ 9:23am 
The setting is simply a masterpiece! Thank you for an unforgettable experience :-)
blaze @ new setup Feb 2 @ 4:36am 
what means "Tactical choices that caters for all weapons and equipment" ?
Dolgrin ☿ Feb 2 @ 2:17am 
Props man. this map is gorgeous! :LIS_pixel_heart: