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Jan 30 @ 9:34pm
Nov 22 @ 2:56am
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Adds a menu that allows you to select and place unlimited building pieces without needing them in your inventory.

Press the N key to open the build menu. By default, you must be an admin to access it. This can be changed once you are in the menu.

Middle click while targeting a built item to start building more of that item. Only works if you have build menu access and are targeting a building piece that you own.

In the build menu:
  • Left click an item to start building immediately.
  • Hold right mouse button and move to scroll (or use mouse wheel, but that can be finicky at times).
  • Enter text into the search box at the top if you want to filter the items based on their names.
  • (Admin only) Hold shift and left click an item to spawn a copy of it into your inventory.
  • (Admin only) You can toggle free build mode using the checkbox at the top. This is the same as pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F10.

Having the items in your inventory is not necessary. However, you may want to setup your hotbar with commonly used pieces so that you don't have to keep opening the build menu. Combine this with the admin free build mode so that you can build from your hotbar without consuming the items.

Key Bindings
Some of the mod's hotkeys can be changed, but it takes a bit of setup to get them to show up in the key bindings menu. For more information, see the discussion thread.

Server Settings
In the build menu, press the "Server Settings" button to access server settings for the mod (only available to admins). In the settings, you can turn off "admin only" access if you want to allow all players access to the mod on your server.

Items are roughly categorized based on feat with similar feats grouped together.

You will only be able to build DLC objects if you have the corresponding DLC.

Mod settings will be lost if you wipe the server or start a fresh save.

For items added by mods:
  1. If the items are added to an existing vanilla feat that is already listed in the Creative menu, then they will show up in that location in the menu.
  2. If the items are referenced by some feat not currently listed, such as a custom feat added by the mod, they will show up at the bottom of the menu.
  3. If the items are not referenced by any feat, they will not show up at all.

This mod modifies the following assets and will not work if any mod after it modifies the same assets.
  • Systems/Building/BP_BuildSystem_v2.uasset

This mod is just a side project of mine that I created so I could experiment with different building styles. I am sharing it in case other people would like to use it. Support for this mod is limited.
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Nov 22 @ 2:55am
Key Bindings
< >
AllesFAM Nov 19 @ 8:19am 
Modid isn´t needed``??
OctoberGamer Nov 10 @ 7:10pm 
I can only think of a few things that may be the issue, either mod order or possibly landclaim. We do have lower landclaim than vanilla on the server I'm on in order for things to be able to be built closer together, so it may be related to that in a way?
Krump Von Spitzhacke Nov 10 @ 12:07pm 
Great mod, thank you for your work.
However, the last update added copying using the middle button.
Great, but i use middle mouse as a locktarget, and now I can't use it for that.
is it possible to make any hotkey options?
Anyway, great mod :)
Crystal  [author] Nov 7 @ 3:07pm 
I have not been able to reproduce the pickup bug at all since the update. 99% of my testing is done on dedicated servers and everything works fine except that items which were already bugged remain bugged. Newly placed items can be picked up just fine. If you can provide more details about how to make the issue happen, please let me know. With the information I currently have, I cannot get it to happen.
OctoberGamer Nov 6 @ 10:38pm 
It does seem as though the issue with picking up items persists even after this funcom update, though I have noticed it seems to differ between Dedicated server and single player. There was a player before who said they were able to get the pickup to work in single player with landclaim raised to .5 though when the server attempted this the problem persisted despite that. I just thought I'd let you know is all, no pressure :steamhappy:
Whisperill Oct 29 @ 4:03am 
Tyvm for update!
Crystal  [author] Oct 28 @ 5:19pm 
Ok simply building the mod again with the latest dev kit seemed to fix the pickup issue for me. Hopefully it fixes it for everyone else too. Note that items already placed which have the bug will not be fixed, but newly placed items should now be able to be picked up properly.
Whisperill Oct 11 @ 11:32pm 
Very useful mod. Thank you!
Minojohn Oct 8 @ 7:59pm 
is there a virsion like this where it's armor and weapons?
Domingini Oct 8 @ 7:30am 
This mod is super useful! Thanks for all the work you have put in it really helps for when I want to just experiment with building. Sad to hear about the hotfix breaking the mod. Ill keep checking back to see when its fixed!
When it broke it did cause a bunch of confusion in my server as it would intermittently work or not.