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Oath Official Scripted
Type: Game
Complexity: High Complexity
Number of Players: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
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Jan 28, 2020 @ 10:03am
Jul 1, 2021 @ 2:14pm
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Oath Official Scripted

This is the official public scripted mod for Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile. Oath is an evolving strategy game with multiple victory conditions. The result of each game determines the ruler, default victory condition, and starting game state of the next, producing a game world with a continuous history.

Oath was designed by Cole Wehrle -- designer of John Company, Root, and Pax Pamir.

PDF rules and reference material[]
Kickstarter campaign (ended, late pledge available).
BoardGameGeek page[]
BoardGameGeek forum[]


Please make a save state when prompted after clicking "Declare Winner" in case any problems occur.

You can drop cards from the bottom of a deck by holding the deck, then pressing alt-right click.
However, be careful not to shake the mouse when doing so, since this may shuffle the deck.
If desired, you can essentially disable shake-to-shuffle by using the Configuration -> Interface -> Misc... -> Mouse Shake Threshold = 20 slider.
Be aware that this will also disable dice shaking, so you will need to drag to highlight dice with the mouse, then tap 'R' several times to roll.

Known Issues:

* If any image errors occur when loading, try reloading the mod.

* DO NOT load a save (autosave or otherwise) created during the Chronicle phase. Only save before or after the Chronicle phase.
* DO NOT use undo / redo during the Chronicle phase, since this involves save and load.

* Solo / clockwork prince setup is not scripted.


* My wife for her incredible patience during this module's development.
* Cole Wehrle and Leder Games for sponsoring this module.
* TTS playtesters: Rover, Mandos, Leder playtesters, and members of the Pax Pamir Discord.
* Felt table image used by permission of buddingmonkey.
* CC0 background image by HDRI Haven[].

This mod was created in association with Leder Games. Their trademark(s) and copyrighted content are used with permission.

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Maksim May 10 @ 10:22pm 
Here's a Clockwork Prince scripted app for you, guys
Maksim May 10 @ 10:20pm 
Can we have top seat players' boards facing the same direction as the bottom ones?
It's quite annoying switching camera to follow the game.
I believe cards removed for edifices are supposed to go to the world deck, but seem to be discarded and can end up in dispossessed.
Zothen Apr 4 @ 3:33pm 
We noticed that Vision: Conspiracy and the Ranger denizen still has toggle "hide face down" deactivated, so its tooltip spoils the card when its turned over (e.g. when played as facedown advisor)!
Fix possible?
Zothen Mar 30 @ 6:22am 
"Improved Clockwork Prince support" when?
JordanHoffmann Mar 20 @ 9:26pm 
tons of "WWW Image Error: Cannot resolve destination host" errors when you load this mod. I uninstalled and reinstalled it several times with the same result
Konquerwang Mar 20 @ 5:49am 
Loading the game seems to get stuck at 17% (14/81).
Old Man who lost his Hat Jan 31 @ 7:22pm 
Ran into an error during the chronicle phase playing solo with Clockwork Prince as chancellor.

When I chose the suit to "add three" to the world deck (which was a choice between *ALL* factions, since the Clockwork Prince has no advisers), it returned an error and then crashed.
wonkonpac Jan 20 @ 8:54pm 
Any chance of scripting clockwork prince? you mention it as planned below, but there haven't been any updates in 6 mo.
bad63rfx Dec 29, 2021 @ 4:22pm 
Clockwork Prince +1