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How the Bandits Stole Christmas
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Jan 27 @ 2:21pm
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How the Bandits Stole Christmas

Under the cover of the night, and with the costumes to fool the denizens of the hamlet, thieves have stolen all the toys from the hamlet's children. Go after them and reclaim what is ours!

Hello and welcome to the (kinda late) "How the Bandits Stole Christmas" mod! It's a mod that adds enemies (with their own questline) and a bunch of rewards for beating them, including special trinkets and a new district!

Sounds are still being tweaked, so for now only the basic ones are implemented. Please stay tuned for the updates!

The mod has not gotten much playtesting, so we'd love to get feedback from everyone about balance, "fun" factor and any bugs you might encounter on your adventure.

As of now, mod's only available in English. If you'd like to help out translating it, please contact Snorlaxxo either here or on discord (Snorlaxxo#5067).

Kaxen: Design, art & animation
Snorlaxxo: Code, gameplay design (& soon sounds)

The "how the Bandits Stole Christmas" mod is not an official Red Hook Studios product or product modification, and Red Hook Studios Inc. is not responsible in any way for changes or damages that may result from using the mod. Furthermore, “Darkest Dungeon” and the Darkest Dungeon logo are trademarks of Red Hook Studios Inc. All content in the game is Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc. All rights reserved.
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snorlaxxo  [author] Feb 6 @ 12:03pm 
you can find the boss in any dungeon after beating the quest. they'll drop remaining trinkets.
foodmonster847 Feb 6 @ 11:34am 
Also I only got the carrot, elf hat and bottomless bag from the mission. Is that a glitch or are there more missions?
snorlaxxo  [author] Feb 6 @ 11:23am 
no, they always apply just once per use of skill, regardless of amount of times they're used, for the sake of balance.
foodmonster847 Feb 6 @ 11:14am 
I assumed that it would only affect aoe effects once and then they would be unaffected for the rest of the battle
snorlaxxo  [author] Feb 6 @ 9:02am 
both dolls and a sword are supposed to apply their effects only once, I've just forgotten to add the the tooltip to the sword (and angry doll should have it already?)
foodmonster847 Feb 6 @ 6:12am 
I may have found a glitch, when using the wodden sword (yes that’s what it’s called you might want to fix that too) with aoe skills it only applies the Debuff to rank 1, this also happens with the angry doll even when you use it more than once
Anti | Cow Feb 1 @ 11:34pm 
Really my favorite of this winter contest ! Cheers
plechu Jan 30 @ 11:06am 
Bit late but still awsome!!!
Rosy Muscovy Jan 29 @ 11:46pm 
Niku "Tora" Miko Jan 28 @ 1:47am 
damnit this would awesome if you release it in chirstmass