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Shadowrun Modular Equipment
What is a SME module ?

SME modules are data only content packs adding features to the game like abilities and items ; though they're following a specific philosophy:

1/ Compatibility: each SME modules are compatible with each others. This means they will each have a dedicated theme. Also, they won't overwritte anything yet in the game, nor they shall use limited ressources (like blanck status conditions).

2/ Simplicity: thanks to the already available "SME: vanilla merchants" mod, SME module can be seen as bricks to be added or removed at the user's own convenience. Meaning that when a UGC is build with the Vanilla merchant mod, anyone can, afterwards, add SME modules to it from the Content pack dependencies screen, in the game's editor.

3/ Open Source and No Monopoly: each SME module's txt files will be published somewhere (Nexus sounds good), as a shared ressource for further modifications. So anyone can take those files, modify them (completely or even slighty, it doesn't matter) and re-publish it under their name (Eg: Myname's SME Chi Casting). This is totally fair since the goal of SME modules is to offer as much options as possible to the users ... variety and choices are good !
Items (7)
SME Patch: Tracker's SSC
Created by Utna
This patch enables the use of Tracker's SCC in SME campaigns, through the way of content pack dependencies.
Of course, it requires the original SSC module....
SME: Dead Man's Switch
Created by Utna
Requires SME: Vanilla Merchants.

This campaign is actually the same as HBS's Dead Man's Switch, save for one detail : it is a proof of concept about what can be done thanks to the SME equipment sheets. The main idea of this concept is to give the player...
SME Melee Weapons (Utna's)
Created by Utna
SME: Melee Weapons is a data only mod featuring 30 new or remade melee weapons, and 14 unique abilities for Shadowrun Returns. It also includes the concealability/legality mechanic from Tracker's SSC, and a weapon slot management, which should give the pla...
SME: Unarmed abilities (Utna's)
Created by Utna
This modulable data content pack overwrite the basic unarmed combat abilities and adds 6 new special abilities, to be unlocked with your character's attributes.

Normally I should avoid any overwriting in the SME modules, but the...
Shadowrun Modular Equipment : Merchants
Created by Utna
SME Vanilla Merchants 1.2

This modest contribution has been made to save time for moders who would like to manage their merchants with more flexibility.

Those equipments sheet are following the core game's logic toward tiered...
SME: Gojira's Seattle Blues
Created by Utna
This is a SME compatible version of Seattle Blues.
You can now modify this campaign content's thanks to one or more SME data only modules available on Steam Workshop.

Requires: SME: Vanilla Merchants.

Original story and design by -Gojira 1000 [Po...
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Utna  [author] Jan 30, 2014 @ 2:46pm 
That's not on my tab. For now I'm waiting Dragonfall (30 days, again), to see how the game balance is going ... next I'll update my mods (Chi Casting and Melee).

But there are a lot of guns, in Tracker's Street Samurai Catalog. And you can use his mod as a SME module thanks to the SSC patch.
Nyumitoni Jan 30, 2014 @ 7:56am 
Can you make guns?