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Project Genesis: World Overhaul Alpha
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Project Genesis: World Overhaul Alpha

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Project Genesis - World Overhaul Alpha Version 4

Our Mission Statement
Our community overhaul can be better described as a “KenshiPlus”, more content, more choices, more fun. The goal is to offer a deeper and more challenging Kenshi experience without straying too far from the original game's theme.

If you are aware of smaller DLC like mods such as Hook and East Coast Expanded or Avalon Isles and Deadman's Island, its the same as that, but instead of just aiming to overhaul a single region of the map, we’ve decided to do this for the entire continent.

Nearly all cities have been recreated with better layouts and interesting architecture. Which in turn has increased the appearance, size, and functionality of the city.

Most Factions have been given an identity, to distinguish them from others and increase player immersion.

We're aiming to increase the amount of player quests that the player can partake in to give it that traditional RPG feel.

Well over a hundred some new locations, with planned factions and quests to accommodate them!

We are making the world livelier and are utilizing more world states and town overrides to help simulate an immersive and realistic world where player choices could drastically affect the game. You can expect these features coming in Version 4 of our overhaul.

Renowned modders from all over the world have pooled their resources into the overhaul with the sole purpose of improving the game we all know and love.

Version 4 was released including all kinds of stuff, check change notes.

Interview with Nexus Mods

OPTIONAL: Designed and Compatible with Tsuki - A ReShade preset for Kenshi

This Alpha version is marketed as an EXPLORATION mod, for all those curious with what we have been working on in the past few months. We've released an earlier build on our Discord server which you should join (link above) and this is different in that it is the current developer build made stable for this Lunar New Year!

Please be aware that as this is an alpha in its current state there is likely to be many incompatibilities with other mods. Mods that are likely to be incompatible at the moment are Overhaul mods, new town additions, animation mods for included mods, new faction additions or changes, town or building changes.

Like any overhaul mod this mod should be placed below most other mods but before economy and patch mods


Do not play with foliage/rock mods.

If you are using the previous alpha version please go to your Kenshi mods folder and delete it. Please also unsubscribe from the hotfix on steam. Then import your game.
Please note we will be using our discord server for bug reports and suggestions as we already have methods set up for users to do so through there. Please use the above link to report bugs or suggest feature additions.

This mod has been in development since August of 2019, on that note this mod is still very far from finished. At this point in time, we are still in the world-building state. This means some quests, dialogue, and other features are far from fleshed out.

Gameplay, Utility, & Mechanical Changes:
  • Max Faction Size: 256
  • Max Squad Size: 50
  • Max Number Attack Slots: 5
  • Days Per Year: 365
  • Sunrise: 4
  • Sunset: 22 (Does not affect shops)
  • Custom Map Included
  • Light visuals have been changed. Intensity scaled-down & radius increased. This provides much more natural blending of light sources.

Mod features.
  • Current world state change number : 222
  • Armor: 250+ New additions.
  • Weapons: 40+ New additions.
  • Dialogue: 5000+ New additions.

Region Spotlight:
  • There are already over a hundred or so new locations and far too many to count, still not done adding more.
  • The Northern Region of the map: (WIP)
  • The Border Zone: A couple new cities
  • The Holy Nation: All their cities, villages, and forts have been named and overhauled. (Mines are still WIP)
  • Avalon Isles: The entire region has been overhauled
  • The East Coast: The entire region has been overhauled
  • Cheaters Run: (WIP) Overhauled robot faction
  • Shun: Overhauled the entire region, kill bug cultists to recapture cities.
  • The Swamp: Overhauled Shark and added a ton of new dungeons

Mods included:
Steam Collection With All Mods (Best Not to Activate These Mods w/ Genesis Enabled)

Custom assets & variations:
  • Re-enabled or added many of the legacy buildings
  • Re-enabled or added many of the legacy animals and added new hybrids
  • Added more mechanical variants for skeletons and old machines
  • Weaponized existing assets and added to the range of available weapons to NPC and Player.
  • Added custom faction armor and weapons to Hive, Screeching bandits, Cannibals, Flotsam,
  • Rebel farmers and various other new and existing factions.
  • Added custom assets for the improved identity of various factions including but not limited to furniture, buildings, and lore.
  • Started adding custom assets to better define world states through visual changes and improve player immersion.

New Factions
  • Aurora
  • Avalon Free City
  • Bazaar thieves
  • Brethren of the Coast
  • Brigand Shipwrights
  • Clan Dreadhaven
  • Corsair Crafters
  • Cult of Narko
  • Cyberhunters
  • Dalerly
  • Fish Islanders
  • Flamebloods
  • Forsaken
  • Southern Trade Union
  • Howler Hunters
  • Hydraulic Knights
  • Knights - Errant, of Okran, Doctors
  • Metal bone Pirates
  • Raspini's trade Union
  • Rizzo's Rats
  • Scholar Guild
  • Shadowstalkers
  • Sohei
  • Swamp cannibals
  • Black Beards
  • Clowns
  • Crimson Rogues
  • The Kingdom
  • Tin Men
  • Slummers

And finally while not exclusively on the team a big thank you to Mechanica and Camelspyder for supporting us by helping out with building inclusions and working with us on modelling fixes and helping push our ideas for new buildings and features to their limits.

Media Links


ATTENTION: We had to change the Character folder to lower case 'c' character in version 3 so AGO animations would work, workshop is being stupid and didn't pick up the change I made.

TO FIX: Go to Steam > steamapps > workshop > content > 233860 > 1980348818
Change the "Character" folder name to "character"

OR: Resubscribe


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Koolgool Mar 27 @ 2:27pm 
Is there another mod that re-enables the ability to purchase property? I'm not sure the reasoning behind limiting each settlement to only 1 building, but as I have no interest in building my own settlement for the game I'm playing I'd prefer to be able to have the property options the base game offered.
ENVY Mar 27 @ 1:30pm 
Are there any plans of implementing "GenMod" into this marvelous modpack? :yay:
It has a lot of good features that makes Kenshi more fulfilling, such as more resources, buildings ect.
As I see it now, they are not very compatible, as launching them together causes multiple errors.
CromX Mar 27 @ 1:24pm 
So my guys dont seem to attack with this mod. I think it might be the fact that this thing is adding attack slots and bugging things out. The characters seem like they want to attack but just bug out and shake a little. Rarely if ever attacking while some low life bandit just wails on me despite being less skilled.
Knaggo Mar 27 @ 3:49am 
fixed it.. it was the loadorder ^^
Knaggo Mar 27 @ 3:36am 
I love this mod so far!!
everything works fine till i start a new game:
now 1/2 half of the towns are loaded with the original buildings and the genesis buildings.
i googled a lot but cant find a solution
B-banana Mar 27 @ 3:19am 
I cant build a stone mine or refinery. It does not appear anywhere in the build list with this mod on. Where did it go? There is a tab just for outposts and ruins which doesn't make any sense. Any ideas?
The Angel of Death Mar 26 @ 10:44pm 
@necrolord I've used recruit prisoners and recruit anyone with the project gen patch.
They both work fine HOWVER you have to remember that those mods were designed for vanilla kenshi. Trying to recruit an NPC added by ANY mod wont work.
Lastly, don't install 256 recruit mod as project gen already has it.
kochanie Mar 26 @ 9:01pm 
Does this work with Reactive World?
Moose Knuckles Mar 26 @ 12:25pm 
Anyone else having issues entering the faction hq in swordan? when climbing up the stairs, character just dunks into the water. tried importing but hasnt fixed the issue. is swordan still in development?
NecroLord Mar 25 @ 6:56pm 
I don't want to break my game as i am very much enjoying this mod, although in the past i have NEVER had conflicts with mods...

but can i use any recruitable prisoner mods with this?
the one i use needs 256 recruit limit, but this mod contains that, so im not sure how well it will co-operate?