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Life Freezes Over [Version 1.0.1]
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Jan 25 @ 1:58pm
Jan 28 @ 11:45am
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Life Freezes Over [Version 1.0.1]

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This mod was created for the Frictional Games Winter Modding Jam of 2019, in the span of one month.


Emergency broadcasts flash as a crewmember awakes in a cryo chamber, buried in the depths of a research facility.

A nuclear threat has been detected and a counterattack has been scheduled. The threat was later concluded to be a false alarm. However, due to unknown circumstances the counterattack hasn't been terminated.

Somebody has to traverse through the snowed-in corridors of the facility and terminate the launch...


Playtime: 20-40 minutes


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Axl Dread Feb 2 @ 1:27pm 
The Discord invitation link validity has expired.

BTW, just downloaded your mod. I'll try it ASAP.
.ו\[ Kevin ~ Loondren ]/ו. Jan 28 @ 11:20am 
I'll be looking forward for your next mods,
And for the HPL3 we still have Penumbra Prisoner of Fate coming up hopefully soon.
TiMan  [author] Jan 28 @ 11:13am 

This is my last SOMA mod. I am looking forward to mod Frictional's next game, though!
.ו\[ Kevin ~ Loondren ]/ו. Jan 28 @ 11:12am 
Hey, Thanks for the fast reply.
I hope you'll be able to fix this issues before the deadline, You and your team did an amazing job, Especially with changing the attacking style. Who knows, Maybe one day you guys will make Amnesia monsters in SOMA.
TiMan  [author] Jan 28 @ 9:33am 
@.ו\[ Kevin ~ Loondren ]/ו. I thought I fixed this issue! Good thing you noticed it. Me and my team decided we will use the construct music because we thought it fitted the character the most, considering it's a droid. We wanted to make custom music for it but we didn't have the time because of the deadline of the mod.

I agree the chairs and the area with the sofa aren't really fitting - but again it was made for a modding jam in just about a month, and I think it does the job well enough.

I'm happy to hear you didn't find the puzzles too difficult, as some people had an issue with the catwalk puzzle in the second map.
Also about the Broadcaster, After he attacks, If you managed to get out of his sight quickly he'll change from Hunt State to Search State, I don't know if it supposed to be like that if it is then nevermind I guess
I was amazed when I encountered the Broadcaster, but there are some problems you might wanna look into:

1) Broadcaster is walking while choking the player,
You might wanna stop his pathfinder when playing the "death_choke animation" because while doing that he goes to Patrol State which is a problem because he's moving while playing the animation which looks weird because his legs does not walk in the animation.

2) The Broadcaster got some weird squares near his "flare" light effect...

3) The Broadcaster gets stuck a lot in his encountering area:
got to say he doesn't fit very well with the area, sometimes he'll get stuck between chairs and stuff and it ruined a bit...

4) It kind of sad that the Broadcaster uses the same music that the Construct uses, I mean SOMA got tons of unused hunt, stalk and ambient music, I'm sure you guys can make a nice mix of these.

Other than that everything is fine with him I think

About the gameplay itself:

The gameplay, The map design and the scripting were absolutely amazing! the only problem was that the puzzles where too easy to understand but who cares XD